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Dec 4, 2023

"Gateway idiot" cleared path for Trump

Alaska; TUBS, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Two Potential Birth Times for Former Candidate Palin

by Jude Cowell, partisan for American democracy

The great state of Alaska's former governor, the know-nothing presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is featured in an Andy Borowitz clip which may provide a tickle for your funny bone. In the clip, Andy labels Ms. Palin the "gateway idiot that lead to Donald Trump." Chosen in 2008 as VP pick of John McCain, Palin gained national notoriety for standing next to John McCain onstage and for having only a threadbare knowledge base necessary for success and longevity upon the top rungs of US politics.

Well, knowledge was once a virtue for US politicians

Admittedly, there may be more information than anyone could possibly need concerning Sarah Palin on her Wikipedia page but do check it out if you wish. Meanwhile, if Andy Borowitz's assessment of Ms. Palin's influence is correct, her off-the-wall 2008 candidacy opened the door and cleared the path to the current threat of neo-fascism now promised for America by a second term of reality TV "star", Herr Trump, a man determined to take revenge for his grievances upon the American people (his rising Mars in Leo opposes 1776 US Moon in late Aquarius: conflict, attack, aggression).

And yes, prior to Palin in 2008, B-actor Ronald Reagan (Sun AQ-Moon Taurus) rang the Republican doorbell for the ill-governing politicians who followed.

Here's a quote from an archived Robert Parry article: "In the early 1980s, Reagan also credentialed a young generation of neocon intellectuals, who pioneered a concept called “perception management,” the shaping of how Americans saw, understood and were frightened by threats from abroad." And for a percentage of the population, this tactic has been successful, hasn't it? Yet nowadays with fantasist Trump, the threat is coming from inside the house.

The Lady From Wasilla

So no matter which of the two birth times we use for Sarah Palin's natal chart, she was born with an airy, quirky, eccentric Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend which is good for politics, but can also indicate one who overidentifies with causes (obessession is suggested). And curiously enough, this is also the double-Air personality blend of President William McKinley!

Now to close this fussy post, here's something for those who remember former beauty queen Sarah Palin's not-ready-for-prime-time foray into politics - the classic SNL Cold Open skit, Sarah Palin and Hillary Address the Nation, a brilliant parody of both candidates by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Jul 18, 2012

Romney-McCain-Palin and Those Dag Dabbit Tax Returns

by Jude Cowell

Well, I almost titled this post: Cheater-Geezer-Quitter but I'd better not...

John McCain "personally vouches" for Mitt Romney's tax returns! Even though in 2008, McCain wasn't actually involved in the vetting process for his Vice Presidential pick, one of which was Mitt The Bainster Romney who, it is said, released years of his tax returns to the McCain team.

And you know who McCain's VP choice turned out to be: the awesomely unqualified for the White House, Sarah Palin, who would have been a mere wheeze'n'sneeze away from the presidency had the Older One expired while in office. Unfathomable! Why, it's as if the GOP wanted to lose in 2008, then saddle a Democratic president with the financial and military messes they'd made through eight years of Bush-Cheney---knowing he'd be hamstrung in so many ways! Especially since Republican obstructionism could easily make a Democratic White House look bad--a perfect ploy to counter a landslide vote.

Well, the above NY Magazine article makes some great points with quotes from John McCain on the topic of Romney's tax returns, yet one thing I expected was missing: that in 2008, as the Democrats and the public were coming off a Mile High Stadium high topped by the electrifying acceptance speech of Apollo--er, Barack Obama--the entire news and blogging cycle was promptly commandeered by the GOP's announcement of John McCain's running mate, the lovely yet virtually unknown, Sarah Palin.

Now does anyone think that Mr. Romney, with his lackluster 'charisma', secretive religious practices, dodgy financial baggage, condescending attitude, and awkward rhetorical style could have come anywhere near capturing the public's attention and imagination as did a VP choice on the scale of former beauty queen Sarah Palin, the lady who (the very next day) stole the thunder from DNC 2008 and its fascinating orator, Barack Obama?

Then you and I must not think along the same lines at all!

A few posts which may be related to the above topic:

Mitt Romney March 12, 1947; with Mercury, Mars, and Sun in murky, secretive Pisces, Mittens thinks, acts, and is just as fishy and mystical as you might suspect him to be! Picture a fish flip-flopping on a pier...

Obama's Natal Chiron and The Bridge

John McCain August 29, 1936 (horoscope shown)

Quick Notes on Sarah Palin's Natal Chart

Ayn Rand natal chart

(Rep. Paul Ryan's current idol and former amour of Alan Greenspan)

And last, but definitely not least, Julie Demboski on the current transit of Mercury Retrograde and more!

Jun 8, 2012

Astro-Update on Pres Obama's economy speech 6.8.12

Update June 8, 2012 2:00 pm edt: my previous post this morning as President Obama began speaking at or about 10:15 am edt on the US economy mentions Mr. Obama's natal Neptune (8Sco36 in n 9th H) at the IC (Foundation; Basis) of the horoscope and thus of his speech. I wondered aloud if truth (not usually the province of Neptune) would be told but didn't know then that John McCain had made related accusations recently against the President.

As it turns out, Obama Accuses Republicans of Pursuing Policies to Weaken Economy which ties in Neptunian weakening and accusations with Scorpio, sign of Big Business, secrets, and what I consider to be betrayal of the American people by those in Washington (and elsewhere) who work to undermine Mr. Obama even though it means taking our economy, credit rating, families' futures, reputation, and homeland (IC) down with him--as long as neocon freaks reclaim the White House in November.

Check out the earlier pre-speech post if you wish. My direct Neptune in Libra promises you that what I said this morning has not been altered since I posted it

. ~:~

Update 2: my plan to publish a 3-month subscription newsletter Stars Over Washington Monthly proceeds apace if laboriously so if all goes well, June will bring an announcement of Issue 1 so please stay tuned if you're curious! jc

Sep 25, 2008

What Bush didn't say

The way he said it was very familiar.

What Bush didn't say in his '9/11 revisited' speech on the economic crisis Wednesday night would fill several Wall Street ledgers.

All this suspend talk - the debate Friday night, the VP debate - reminds me of what some of we-astrologers were saying months ago about how McCain might not have the steam to make it to November.

And that lazy left eye of his is being remarked on here and there. Have you noticed it? Apparently it's been in evidence since April.

One of his melanoma surgeries was under it, I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong.

What if McCain spent some hours on Wednesday at a doctor's appointment? I'm just wondering aloud.

And when McCain finally moseys to Washington to "help" with the financial crisis (hasn't he done enough already?) after playing about with Katie Couric which was after he blew off his appearance on Letterman's show Wed night - the agreement on the Hill may be completed so he'll be a like a fourth wheel on a tricycle.

Guess the wheels are fallen off his wagon. And here I am in Georgia - my wagon's stuck without enough gasoline to leave the state and I am about to miss my son's wedding apparently.

And all I get from government are threats and more threats.

As Craig Ferguson said tonight, AWH! rich people are losing money!

McCain is on the case though. So they'll be okay.

Sep 24, 2008

Sep 15, 2008

Biden on McCain's economics

Here's Biden on McCain's economic proposals - just think of George Bush's policies and what they've led to this very day and you may be able to guess much of the script of Biden's speech.

More reasons why a vote for John McCain is like a vote for Karl Rove - and how much more of that ughiness can we afford?

And Senator Biden didn't even mention McCain's culpability in the Keating Five scandal of 1987! (hint for the youngsters: McCain was one of the Five.)

Sep 13, 2008

Sep 12 video: Obama on Tax Relief

Did you catch what Barack Obama said on Sept 12 about tax relief for the middle class? He'd better hurry while we still have shreds of one!

Of course all presidential candidates say glowing things while campaigning, but John McCain's idea to tax health care benefits/premiums is aglow with out-of-touch craziness.

Still, if McCain intends to include paying taxes on his and his colleagues' state-of-the-art health insurance benefits, his proffered plan might be worth some big dough to the US Treasury (aka neocon war coffers.)

Sep 7, 2008

Obama win will give largest Dem majority in years

Watching the Sunday political shows this morning and on This Week with George Stephanopolous George Will says that if Obama wins the White House it will be the largest Democratic majority since 1937.

So how angry against the Republicans ARE the American people? Angry enough?

Not that Dems with the upper hand are to be trusted either - 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' and all that.

And David Brooks observed that if McCain wins, he'll have trouble finding enough Republicans to put on staff because the Rs are so rode-hard-put-up-wet (my phrase - I'm paraphrasing here) from 8 years of Bush. McSame will have to resort to Dems.


Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg, in their current Visual Astrology Newsletter discuss US elections being based on the 8 year cycle of Venus, who radiates her favor upon certain planets in any given election as the Morning Star or Evening Star.

They state that Obama's nemesis - his downfall - is hubris, while McCain's nemesis is sympathy. If I understand their meaning, it is that an Obama presidency would be in danger of kingly arrogance while McCain, the soldier, would be in danger of being viewed as a sympathetic figure rather than as a strong leader.

This reminds me of the feeling I had watching the RNC's constant tributes to McCain's POW status, including his own mentions of it - so if you vote for McCain, are you voting in sympathy with his still-carried wounds from 5 years of torture?

Do you believe McCain's sudden embrace of the 'CHANGE' slogan means anything different from Bush's policies? Were Bush policies and doctrine put in place only to be abandoned by the next president - and a Republican one at that?

And: is it possible for any US president to govern without falling into the hubris brigade?

Your reasons for voting Republican are your own - my answers to the last 3 questions are: no, no, and no.

Sep 6, 2008

link to Palin's RNC speech + LOE on McCain

The Washington Post website has about 9 minutes of Sara Palin's acceptance speech at the 2008 RNC in case you've been totally and completely out of touch.

Living On Earth is featuring the GOP-McCain-Palin stance on the environment with MP3s and transcripts of today's show. Check out Drill Baby Drill and more at one of my top three favorite radio programs, LOE.

Since Sara Palin doesn't believe human beings affect the environment, and McCain mysteriously disappears when important environmental votes come up in the Senate, I have to ask: these are 'conservatives'?

Conservatives should conserve! And we are to be, as Palin's Bible must surely say, stewards of the earth.

LOE's feature covers the GOP energy platform, Alaska and ANWR issues, McCain-supported cap and trade possibilities, alternative energies, James Woolsey's stint as energy and foreign policy advisor to John McCain+...this is the most comprehensive information on the GOP candidates and the environment you're likely to find anywhere.

Bravo, LOE!

Sep 4, 2008

The Sagittarian Jupiter of John McCain

Some notes on the natal Jupiter of John McCain have been published on my WordPress blog, if you're interested...

And since Jupiter is the planet of actors, it will be interesting this evening to see how candidate and political thespian McCain expresses himself as he touts his aspirations for the White House.

Sep 3, 2008

RNC 2008 horoscope 9.3.08

The horoscope for this evening's Republican National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota set for 10:00 pm cdt is being used here due to its correspondence with the US Inaugural Ascendant (Jan 20, DC, noon) for as you see, 14Tau59 rises in this chart as it does for US inaugurations.

Midheaven is approximately three degrees behind the Inaugural Midheaven, however, but as you see, tonight's positions of the Pluto/Chiron and the Pluto/NN midpoints are conjunct Mc, the point which represents The Goal of the chart.

The global elitist pair, Pluto/Chiron, has been much discussed on this blog and on Jude's Threshold so I'll not go into it's plutocratic/corporatism/oppression flavors; Pluto/NN = connections with the powerful; karmic links; exerting powerful influence upon the masses.

Pluto/NN = Mc: dependence of one's future upon associations which influence objectives and may cause setbacks.

The 10:00 pm chart represents the culmination of the R-Party's evening although speeches may continue past the hour, and VP nom Sara Palin is scheduled to speak this evening in her first major national shout-out.

I believe the trio of Venus, Mercury (young person = baby?), and Mars signify Palin's expectant daughter, baby, and her future son-in-law who is to be in attendance tonight. Venus/Mars is, of course, passion and love. Palin may make some mention of her family's situation (Mercury is also communications, oration.) However, this trio conjuncts a difficult star, Vindemiatrix.

An Earth Grand Trine between the 10:00 pm Asc (which is, as noted, the US Inaugural Asc, the office of the president), Jupiter at his Direct Station degree 12Cap34 Rx, and the Sun/Saturn conjunction (which perfects today), shows benefits to the Republican Party's plea to be returned to the White House.

Four More Years! Crazy!

Jupiter's Direct Station on Sep 8 (12:17 am edt, White House) will be squared, as Jupiter is here, by the Venus, Mercury, Mars trio, indicating the 'obstacle' nature of the Palin family's revelation of the pregnancy and the issues of abortion, personal responsibility, and values voting which the circumstances have brought forward in the 2008 campaign.

Around the chart, some of John McCain's natal placements have been highlighted (red) with Palin's in green.

That McCain's health may be or become an issue within his presidency seems possible and although we may use Sun-Saturn to indicate a highlighting of authority (which it is - and asteroid Apollo is with them as well, the hero, sun god, colony founder, etc) I believe McCain's health is or will be involved partially because the Sun-Saturn conj is bracketed by McCain's natal Sun 6Vir02 and his n Neptune 16Vir03 so we have:

Sun/Neptune = Saturn: unhealthy or impeded blood circulation; an emotional affliction; inhibitions through illness or physical debility.

Of course, McCain can't lift his arms above his head due to POW torture and his skin cancer bouts are well known, so perhaps that's all there is going forward, but given his advanced age (Sun-Saturn) his past and present health issues may crop up sooner than expected.

But not to worry, says the GOP - we've got Pluto/Chironians on our side - and there's the Uranus/Pluto lady, Sara Palin ready to take the reins of control and continue the revolution and its radical reforms!

Palin's natal Uranus 8Vir43 and Pluto 13Vir28 are actually being triggered by tonight's Sun-Saturn conj as well...

Uranus/Pluto = Sun: making the highest demands upon one's physical energy; over excitement; a breakdown; strong emotional tensions; revolution; the urge for independence and freedom. (There are questions about Palin and her husband's past connections to Alaska's Independence Party who'd like to secede from the state!)

Uranus/Pluto = Saturn egotism; tendency toward autocratic leadership; pressure from others; toppled from position.

(You know of the probes into Palin's leadership style in Alaska, and she's been described as 'brittle' when 'crossed' and as one who governs by the GOP-honed "loyalty test" model of firing and, one assumes, hiring.

Palin's natal Sun, Mars are being veiled by Neptune 22AQ20 Rx, although it isn't noted in my chart scribbles here (it's been previously discussed) and perhaps more importantly tonight is the Moon (a woman; publicity) 3Sco36 which is conjunct transiting asteroids, Demeter (the mother), and Atlantis (misuse or abuse of power; where one feels doomed. ) Atlantis also relates as a stand-in for America herself.

Atlantis's power issues are spotlighted by Palin's speech tonight - perhaps not by the lady herself, but by commentators, bloggers, and others.

Demeter, is the more spirtualized mother archetype (than Ceres) so religious concerns about her daughter's pregnancy are part of the RNC delegates' and operatives' conversations and concerns, as well as in the media (although as I've stated before: leave the babies alone!)

I wonder if Rovian strategists are somewhat disappointed that Barack Obama and other Dems didn't come out with guns blazing on the mother-daughter issue, but Rs are making as much lemonade out of it as possible with their base and melding it with abortion issues.

If you click to enlarge you can see quite a pile-up of midpoints upon Palin's natal Neptune 17Sco49 including zealous Mars/Pluto...

Mars/Pluto = Neptune: cunning strategies; plotting rebellion; subterfuge. (all midpt pics: Tyl; Ebertin.)

There's much more to say about tonight and about this chart but I must mosey for drop by Jude's Threshold later on and on Thursday where I'll be posting more Political Astrology and where there's already some interesting Palin/RNC threads winding their way amongst the RNC nationalist slogans!

Aug 29, 2008

McCain VP pick revealed on 72nd birthday

This morning the VP cat was let out of John McCain's political strategy bag with the announcement of Alaska Gov Sara Palin as his running mate.

Today we remember Hurricane Katrina with New Orleans now under threat of another storm, perhaps by Monday. I want to send out best wishes to the people of this great American city for their safety and protection in the coming days.

That we're in stormy times no one would deny, yet McCain's VP choice seems to indicate harmony as this morning's Leo Moon triggered asteroid Cupido whose keywords include:

corporations and corporatism.

Since the Moon is often used to time events in Astrology, please click above link to check out today's Moon/Cupido significance.

So it's Happy 72nd Birthday to venerable Senator John McCain! Sara Palin may turn out to be quite a gift for the GOP ticket.

Here are some notes with natal chart image on John McCain, born Aug 29, 1936 which you'll find over at Jude's Threshold.

~:~ all apologies are due! my posts on Obama's acceptance speech at last evening's DNC have had to be put into Draft mode due to Astrology software glitches plus the loss of my most recent Draft (thanks to Blogger.) Time zones switched back and forth, my animated chart feature crashed twice, and the uncorrected Draft is what I mistakenly published. Mea culpa! Seems 3 naughty monkeys were after me. Hope they stay away today...

Aug 23, 2008

Sun-Moon phases and presidential electability

Using Progressed Moon Phases to determine a candidate's electability describes some background influences just as our own Secondary Progressed Moon Phase tells us where we are in life.

If you're familiar with the book, Passages, from some years ago, that word perfectly describes the astrological Moon's influence on, and description of, the stages of our lives.

Ex: it's most easy to see with New Moon personalities, (Sun/Moon conjunct), which 'start the clock' on the Moon's monthly progress through the zodiac in Progressions, and represent the beginning of a cycle - similar to Tarot's The Fool card of new possibilities not yet fully realized, but eager and enthusiastic to get started down the path of life.

Time and experience must bring enlightment and knowledge to New Moon types, and that's where Secondary Progressions chime in astrologically...kind of a "you are here" heads-up for whatever period of time you wish to consider...evolutionary progress on the march!

And so the Secondary Progressed Moon moves forward about one degree per month of life; the Sec Sun moves appr one degree per year based on the Bible's a-day-for-a-year concept, a natural law.

The above-linked article considers the time frame of 2009 - especially January 2009 - for obvious reasons. Obama and McCain are, of course, included.

When combined with the natal phase - the degrees between Sun and Moon at birth - a method develops which may elucidate a candidate's chances for success in office and what issues determine his/her opponents' basic strategies against him/ keep the candidate from winning or, if necessary, to undermine his days in office.

We saw this effect in action with Bill Clinton's presidency which amounted to an endless parade of character attacks the entire 8 years. This shows up in the Sun-Moon phasal relationship for Clinton and is included in the article...remember Slick Willy ?

My own thoughts lean toward the "they're all culpable" model as we watched 1990s Beltway ego games and power-tripping-as-usual in Washington DC, my former and still-missed abode.

And what about The People's Business? You know that fell by Washington's wayside years ago!

Aug 20, 2008

McCain's hard-hearted cake gone stale

It's not easy to sum up my loathing for the idea of a John McCain White House residency (not a typo.)

But if there were one thing to call attention to, it would have to be the TV pics of McCain feeding birthday cake to George Bush on
the day New Orleans flooded - and McCain's birthday celebrations apparently continued for days before well-studied and purposefully inept responses to the disaster showed the world just how little neocon freaks care for the American people in general and for New Orleanians in particular.

(Click link to speed thee over to YouTube for a view of the party. Were they grinning like cheeky monkeys because they were secretly celebrating the future McCain White House?!?)

Can any voter have faith in McCain's future responses to any kind of disaster, natural or otherwise, which life will surely bring the unwary and wary alike? Failed levees had been expected there for years - are McCain and Bush stoopid beyond belief?

Would you float on a housetop with the neocon hothead now asking for your vote?

Are you friggin' crazy?

Now you may think hubristically that you'll never need such assistance, that time and money are on your side.

That's only because McCain hasn't got all his claws into you or yours as of yet. Why, John McSame may be on the Bilderberg Group's board for all I know, but the next globalist shill mouthing for the power elite has more 'ineptitude' in store - Bush policies will continue in their "the power position is clear: very little option to do otherwise" vein.

I had to howl recently when Senator McCain pointed out Senator Obama's preference for success when he, McCain, joined the success-at-all-costs club so many moons ago! A pot calls kettle moment and politics is full of 'em.

So after Katrina wrought her devastation, McCain proceeded to vote against every aid bill he could find for the very refugees, survivors, and elderly victims whose demise and despair his birthday had marked on Aug 29, 2005! Happy Birthday indeed.

But would a Barack Obama tenure make a diff?

I have no idea, but America's chances could be better with Obama who has, at least, a more measured approach than an emotionally unstable Moon-opposite-Pluto McCain could ever imagine within his wildest dreams of world domination and retaliation at all costs...and as with Bush-Cheney, the direst costs will be all ours to shoulder on Bush-weakened backs. And yet...

Please Vote in November - don't let them keep you home from the polls. Or they've won without firing a shot.

Aug 17, 2008

Astrologer calls Bush-McCain 'poopy puppies' in blog post

Blogosphere soon recovers, however, and balance is restored!

In an effort to find astrological evidence of the reputed sameness between George Bush and John McCain, this reluctant astrologer has crossed the line of decency and called them 'poopy puppies' out loud in a blog post.

Why resort to such vicious name-calling - don't we have politicians for that? Why, yes, we do!

And they do it very well, but sometimes the stars have a little something to say about planetary pups and old dogs who use the same tired tricks to bamboozle us unawares.

See what the secretive Neptunes of Bush-McCain are up to by clicking above link...

Aug 10, 2008

Bush's term: credit crisis and loss for America

Credit Crisis Triggers Unprecedented Response

Worst debt turmoil since Depression sparks government action

By David Cho and Neil Irwin

Since the credit crisis erupted a year ago, the Bush administration has presided over one of the broadest expansions of the government into private lending in US history, risking public money to prop up financial firms both large and small.

Read article at ICH #


Currently George Bush's natal Mars 9Vir18 is being squelched by transiting Saturn...well, for most of us this transit would be a squelching by old man Saturn, planet of grim reality, of our action and energy. That Bush's cushy life will feel the effects of Saturn's authority and his tendency to bring things to account is debateable.

Ordinarily this would be a transit of head colds, loss, and other restrictions yet Bush is livin' large in Beijing and schmoozin' with Vladdie and the boys - while elsewhere on the planet aggression causes loss to others.

If anything, perhaps the outbreak of aggression (authority) between Georgia and Russia may be considered somehow part of the Saturn-to-Mars transit of Bush whose Mars has certainly made itself apparent on the world stage and who now plays a part due to US backing of Georgia.

Firm determination to succeed no matter what is right up Dubya's alley and may be enough to use this transit to accomplish goals, along with more focus (uh oh - the raptor's gaze) and better organization is needed now as well.

Saturn to n Mars may indicate difficulties within male relationships which may be broken off at this time. Seriousness permeates the air around Bush, but that's nothing new for a man accustomed to sending people to their deaths and following along with NWO plans to dominate the world.

And with Bush's elite connections, who always pull his bacon out of the fire when he messes up, perhaps a tooth ache (quite common with Saturn's visit to Mars) may be too much to expect for a man who loves to authoritate all over the place.

This is a good example of Astrology's ability to describe life on many levels - and that Bush obviously has other transits and chart factors softening the effects of what would be a difficult transit of loss and restriction for anyone else.

Come to think of it, this transit of our learless feader seems to manifest more as restrictions on cash and credit-strapped Americans than for him and is a fairly good example of the Bush/US natal Suns being conjunct...where he goes, we as a nation go. For eight long years.

Hopefully the situation with Russia and Georgia will not tempt Bush and the hawks into another war now that "Georgia's territorial integrity" is said to be on the table.

But for this crowd, it all returns to Politics, doesn't it? So if they can, the unfortunate conflagration abroad will be used by neocons to bolster the flacid, lackluster candidacy of John McBush.

Let's wait and see if it does.

Aug 8, 2008

To know is to loathe: John McCain in Arizona

The Phoenix New Times has an enlightening article by Amy Silverman, who has covered John McCain for years, which brings the man into clear focus as something of a mountebank, opportunist extraordinaire, and a liar to boot.

Sounds like qualifications for political office (I know!) but read Silverman's insights if you haven't already.

What McCain did to sabotage Arizona's Rose Mofford during her testimony before the Senate Energy and Water Development Subcommittee on Appropriations on the topic of the Central Arizona Project on April 12, 1988 should be known by anyone considering voting for one of the most manipulative Moon/Pluto individuals you'd ever want to avoid.

And descriptively enough, on that April day, 1988, guess which asteroid was conjunct McCain's natal Sun 6Vir+ and thus triggering his considerable ego needs for recognition?

Nemesis, whose keyphrases are: the unbeatable foe; divine retribution.

When afterwards a friend asked the Senator why he sabotaged Mofford's testimony, McCain replied: "I'll embarrass a Democrat any time I get a chance."

To know him is to loathe him. How well do you know John McCain?


See my article on the natal chart of John geezer McCain at Jude's Threshold if you're interested in his particulars.

And here's a linky trail to a few details on the progressed chart, April 2008 of John McCain, the leading neocon of the moment and apparently the best the GOP can offer for continuing and promoting plans for the New World Order chaos now ruining the other words: the third term of George W. Bush.

Aug 6, 2008

Is Obama a hawk in sheep's clothing?

In a persuasive article John Pilger asserts that Barack Obama is a hawk and an expansionist in the Democratic Party tradition - and Pilger gives examples with dates and expansionist statements from the Democratic candidate.

As I've blabbed previously, Obama wouldn't be in the prez race at all or have a much-hyped 'candidacy' if he weren't playing the game by Washington's rules.

But just whose tune Washington dances to is anyone's guess.

Even so, I'll be voting for him because I'd barf if I had to pull a lever for any Republican, yet we may as well know what we're about to be disappointed by...a hawk in sheep's clothing, as I term it.

And if the Obama campaign's recent surfacing of his birth certificate with its "7:24 pm" birth time is correct (and some say it's a forgery - I presume to hide his true birth place, as the argument goes) then his natal Ascendant (which represents his nibs himself - his rising sign and degree) is 18AQ03 which is the February Solar Eclipse degree just past, the "A Man Unmasked" degree.

Well, his opponents keep trying to unmask him but so far not much has stuck, esp with mainstream media's collusion, of course!

And perhaps the candidate or one of his handlers knew enough about Astrology's uses to keep his birth data veiled for privacy or other reasons.

Ronald Reagan did much the same, yet all the while keeping an astrologer on the payroll.

Then there's our current Solar Eclipse of August 1 at 9Leo32 which affects his natal chart (or supposed natal chart) as well with its "finding a space to more options - the cosmos shows a solution" flavor.

Actually, Eclipse degrees may in the end be a small part of confirming his birth date and time as more chart rectification takes place using event-timing and so forth. Use of appropriate Sabian Symbols is very helpful with rectification work, too.

Whatever the truth about Barack Obama, he certainly seems to be the man of the hour with John McCain looking pale and tired by comparison. Plus, the recent biopsy Band-aid on McCain's face was untimely and didn't help the old white-haired dude in the least.

Sheesh! maybe I'll just write-in for Paris Hilton after all, now that McCain has given her candidacy a grand boost.

Our 'elections' are all about image anyway - and Paris does assure us she's ready to lead!

Obama - McCain: two peas in a global pod

Here's what I've been trying to say for years concerning the course America is on: no matter who inhabits the White House come January 20, 2009, it's all of a Trilateral Commission piece.

Let The August Review connect the global elitist dots better than my blog-as-blog-can approach ever could:

Obama and McCain: pawns of the global elite

As stated previously using astrologese, America's natal Neptune 22Vir+ conjunct *Barack Obama's natal Mars (rockstar illusions) will have old man Saturn for a visit whether Obama is ensconced within the Oval Office or not. And McCain's natal planets aren't doing much better these days, so the fix is in for whoever the global elite select to do their bidding.

Do I like being so negative about the campaign and our "hopes" for America? Nope. Actually I'm not sure it should be called a 'campaign' at all unless it's a campaign to see which shill can make the one-word-government medicine go down our gobs with the least amount of gagging and fuss.

Our strength in numbers is the only thing they fear, you know...part of the reason they've engineered us into such dire straits financially with loss of homes, scrounging for supper, and so forth - because you see...

A hungry man is not a free man...I've forgotten who said it but he told the truth at least once in his life, didn't he?

Back on New Years Day 2006, I posted a blurb with a telling excerpt from FDR's Jan 20, 1937 Inauguration speech on the test of our progress which contrasted with what I perceived to be the class warfare stance of George W. Bush.

In 2006, some readers thought I was overstating this issue, but they can't and don't say that now - their tunes have changed key.

Ans when the elite Rockefellers and their ilk put FDR in the White House they were fooled in thinking he was 'one of them.'

Quelle surprise! The New Deal aided America out of the dumps, with its programs only now being handidly and finally dismantled 2008. FDR's presidency was not what they bargained for at all!

Still, as a class, they've done okay for themselves through the years, haven't they? Much of their success through fraud is due to Congress' collusion, of course, and Senator McCain has been in the game for 26 years...he has much more "experience" than Senator Obama (at pocket-lining.)

And the McCain campaign wants us to think that that's 'a positive!'

So why not stay home on election day, you ask, if you feel this grumpy about it all?

Because that's one of the few days of the year politicians actually notice that I - that WE - exist. No matter how long and drawn out the vote tallying may be, I'll be in the booth with bells on, they just won't be ringing a decent tune for America as I'd prefer.

So as Walter Cronkite used to say, m'peops: and that's the way it is.

Not how it should be in "democracy spreading" America but sadly, the way it really is and we, in our apathy, have many elitists to thank for it - along with our uninvolved selves.

Now where's that soup line Washington politicians are stirring up for our din din? Because I think I smell what they're cookin'. Do you?

Aug 2, 2008

Bugliosi video on limits of executive power

"The Terrible Reality"

Bush Guilty Of Murder

A Must-Watch 6 Minute Video of Vincent Bugliosi's opening statements during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the constitutional limits of executive power.

To view go to: Information Clearing House.


But of course George Bush would may wish to read McCain's rocker on the subject of the Bush presidency and the continuation of its policies and tactics.