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Aug 11, 2012

Aug 11-13, 2012: Perseids peak and Paul Ryan chosen!

After publishing my earlier post on Mitt Romney's pick of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his VP running mate (with Ryan's natal chart shown), I got to thinking (a rare occurrence, not to worry) about how August 11, 12, and 13 is when the Perseid Meteor Shower peaks and there's a lovely Moon-Jupiter glow added to the proceedings, plus Venus. Plus, the Perseids are linked into the ancient mythology and star lore of Perseus the Prince so is Mr. Romney (who intro'd Paul Ryan as "the next president" just as Pres. Obama 'mistakenly' did with his VP pick, Joe Biden in 2008) and Rep. Ryan attempting to link the erstwhile 'royal prince' archetype of Perseus with 'young gun' turned 'top gun' Paul Ryan by slipping it surreptiously and sublimally into the Collective Unconscious?

Remember that in 2008, Barack Obama was linked to the archetype of Apollo, the Sun god! Yet as you know, this sort of propagandistic trick doesn't work nearly as well once and if people become consciously aware of them!

Oh well. It's the weekend so let's just settle in and watch this nice video of the Perseid Meteor Shower and leave varmint-y politicians to do, as usual, their darndest for their success always depends on who can sway the public mood the best...

Here's a previous post with a few details on 'young male warrior' Perseus the Prince (and Paul Ryan was born with Mars in Aries conjunct Chiron which together is the 'sacred warrior' archetype.)

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