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Aug 14, 2012

Nikola Tesla: Sun Cancer-Moon Libra w a rare film on video!

Update September 5, 2015: the following text is being retained so that the post title makes sense however, the video referred to gives a message, "this video no longer exists." My original post begins here and includes a few astro-notes concerning the natal planets of inventor (and possible murder victim) Nikola Tesla:

A message has arrived from Alexandra Bruce which sets up the following rare film about the intriguing Uranian, Nikola Tesla:

"This is a rare English-Language film produced in the former Yugoslavia that tells the story of Nikola Tesla's arrival in America and his encounters with Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and the mighty financier J.P. Morgan, played by Orson Welles.

It portrays one of the most pivotal periods of modern history, during Tesla's development of alternative current, as the global standard for electrification, and the tragedy of this great inventor who aspired to change the world for the better."

-Alexandra Bruce

This is where the Tesla video was embedded before it was mysteriously 'disappeared'.

A Sprinkling of Astrology upon Nikola Tesla

by Jude Cowell

Horoscope: Nikola Tesla July 10, 1856 (NS) 12:00 am -1:01 LMT Smiljan, Yugoslavia 14N35 015E19

Sun 18Can17 (conj Castor and Venus 15Can27--transit Moon 18Can41 conj his n Sun as I opened his chart in my file for the first time in years--such synchronicity is common when a name from the past resurfaces via a reference or a memory which inspires an astrologer to view the natal chart); n Mercury 28Gem26; n Mars 19Lib11 conj n Moon -- he's recently had a Mars Return (with Mars today @24Lib28) but with no activity of his own--he died on or about Jan 7, 1943, NYC; n Jupiter 8Ari37 with today's tr Uranus, The Inventor/The Genius/Electricity, conjunct at 8Ari06; n Saturn 5Can38; n Uranus 23Tau57--Taurus, the intelligent sign of The Architect, Builder, Grower, and Preserver, ruled by Venus; n Neptune Rx @20Pis22 (strong in its own mystical sign); dragon planet Pluto 5Tau33 (some say Tesla's family lineage included the Order of the Dragon as was Count Dracula--that he was a member of the Dragon family line as were John and son John Quincy Adams); Chiron 3AQ48; NN 20Ari06.

Tesla's Sun Cancer-Moon Libra is a Water-Air combo of energies (Sun = conscious mind, Moon = the unconscious), a very creative, misty, and ethereal blend (he was not a practical man especially with finances). With Sun ruled by the Moon and Moon ruled by Venus, Tesla's personality was socially aware, perceptive and super-sensitive yet challenged in the realm of relationships (plus, Venus square Mars). He was a shrewd Cancer who preferred to isolate himself within his protective emotional shell. And with wily old financier J. P. Morgan around (played in the film formerly embedded above by Orson Welles), Tesla was out-foxed in the financial realm which may gave been easy since Tesla was highly focused on his own thoughts and ideas and was largely uninterested in money.

Sun Cancer-Moon Libra: "Images for Integration: Mother Goose recites a poem, surrounded by adoring fairy-tale creatures...A family holds a lucrative sale of its artistic heirlooms to the neighborhood." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Oddly enough this ethereal personality blend is found in the natal charts of George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Bruce Springsteen, and Angela Lansbury.

And to the Sun Cancer-Moon Libra blend, master astrologer Noel Tyl adds that "the emphasis will be on the romantic" (not for Tesla!) and that planet "Venus will be especially important in the horoscope." In Tesla's case, Venus is spotlighted by first squaring Mars (3A44), then NN (4A39), and finally trines Neptune (4A55). Venus trine Neptune added inspiration to his pioneering (Aries) Jupiter (broadened horizons; science; discoveries; breakthroughs) and was greatly activated by the innovative spirit of speedy Mercury in its own sign of Gemini, The Messenger to the gods.

Birth data: Rodden Rating: B; source: bio/autobiography, The Life of Nikola Tesla by John J. O'Neill..."midnight between July 9/10, 1856"; O'Neill was a personal friend of Tesla who was said to have been born during a thunderstorm," astrodatabank; "at the stroke midnight," according to his biography.

And with transformer Pluto rising we see his magnetic charisma and--aided by visionary Neptune in its own creative sign of Pisces, Tesla's extraordinary visualization ability because Pluto rising gives a sort of x-ray vision into the workings of the Cosmos, into the deepest layers of the Universe. And of course, Saturn is the traditional planet of Science, along with Mercury, and add Uranus for lightening, electricity, flashes of brilliance, innovation, inventiveness, and pure genius.

This page updated May 3, 2016. jc

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