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Aug 11, 2012

Romney names Paul Ryan as his VP pick w US Neptune Rising

Romney Picks Ryan as VP Nominee with Denebola and US Neptune Rising

by Jude Cowell

Themes of Fixed Star, Denebola: out of the mainstream; to go against society.

Political Astrology Blog is where I first noticed the birth time of Rep. Paul Ryan who, as you undoubtedly know, was named VP nominee by presidential candidate Mitt Romney this morning at or about 9:00 am edt in Norfolk, VA with the USS Wisconsin as backdrop, as a shout-out to Paul Ryan's home state.

ASC 21Vir02 = Denebola and US natal Neptune with US natal Mars @22Gemini at MC (The Goal = perpetual war?) This puts America's tiresomely confused, misguided, and fog-of-war Mars-Neptune square from 1776 on the VP announcement chart's angles which gives them places to express themselves--tiresomely. Hidden (Neptune) motivations (Mars) may also be indicated by Romney's VP choice.

Of course, Neptune Rising is an indicator of acting and pretending, creativity and inspiration, lies and deceptions, and/or potentials for instability and fraudulent activities. This morning's horoscope with US natal Neptune Rising echoes Paul Ryan's natal Neptune Rising and signifies that a masking is on the rise--one example may be fishy Mitt--born with Sun, Mercury, Mars in Pisces--announced his VP pick today in an attempt to hide from the media glare and the toll from critical campaign ads of his opponent. See midpoint pictures below for a more clues...

At Midheaven (MC; the Goal) is 19Gem59 and Romney's natal Uranus 17Gem51 so I infer that shaking things up politically was naturally one of the aims of this morning's VP announcement and pick. And with Moon 8Gem17 (the public) conj US natal Uranus, people were excited and surprised, especially with happy Jupiter @11Gem58 nearby. Actually, the Moon-Jupiter combo in light-hearted Gemini will repeat on January 21, 2013, Inauguration Day so perhaps someone expects the trillions of dollars that corporations have been sitting on during President Obama's administration to be released in a flood of job creation which will bolster Romney's approval ratings with the public and turn the GOP back into ole' Santa Claus, for a while at least.

Below you see Paul Ryan's natal horoscope with a few notes added relating to today's big announcement (see upper right) such as the powerful pile-up at his natal Ascendant 00Sag38 ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" in Sabian Symbols--guess that's where the money is to go that his "Path to Prosperity" purloins from our nation's social safety net programs--Ryan's Throw Granny Under the Bus and Wage More War plan for America and a one world government that requires chaos before a 'new economic order' is completely and finally established.

Image above: Paul Ryan January 29, 1970 2:37 am CST Janesville, Wisconsin (from B.C.); Hour Venus 10AQ06 conjunct Sun 9AQ01 (charming yet self-satisfied); a very close conjunction of Mars 3Ari17 in 4th house with Chiron 3:19 identifies Rep. Ryan as a 'sacred warrior'; Jupiter (expansion, growth) opposes Saturn (restriction, contraction) showing that half his life was ruled by Saturn (the first half obviously) while the second half is now ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of Corporatism, Big Business, and Hidden Things such as Occult studies or shady practices. A Jupiter-Saturn opposition person needs approval from others and must be praised for their contributions. But he doesn't understand how his Scorpionic behavior can hurt others for there is a streak of indifference within his psyche (Jupiter-Saturn are separating from opposition and thus affecting him unconsciously.) Conservatism, narrow-mindedness, and religious hypocrisy are typical expressions of the opposition between our Solar System's two societal planets and issues of growth v austerity typical, as we see in his budget and financial committee work.

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Jupiter is involved in an applying quincunx (150 degr) with Mars 3Ari17 denoting one who willingly offers his services to others in an assumption that they cannot do for themselves. Perhaps the slippery Mitt fish will benefit from the more rigid Mr. Ryan's firm principles, however anti-societal they may be. For now that Rep. Ryan is about to breathe the even more rarified political air of Washington DC, he'll be anxious to maintain company with the global power elite since he has styled himself as one of them (Neptune conj ASC is a bit of a slippery fish, too--a thespian.) Yet he must be cautious of others taking credit for his ideas though perhaps this only describes Politics in general where connivers always seem to thrive at the expense of others.

The only other applying aspect of his natal Jupiter is a trine to North Node showing ease of opportunity (trine) connecting (NN) with wealthy and/or religious people (Jupiter), and rewards gained from contacts with the public.

Plus, there is no applying aspect to his natal Sun so we may have to be satisfied with his separating conjunction from charming Venus (photogenic!)--that, and the Sun's sign and house position: 2nd house of the National Treasury, and Aquarius for those far-seeing eyes of his. Note that restrictive Capricorn is on his 2nd cusp.

Now there are many factors in Paul Ryan 's natal chart which deserve discussion and many astrologers have analysed his chart brilliantly (ex: Political Astrology Blog linked above.) But let's focus on a few correspndances now in progress:

Ryan was named Romney's VP pick today during Ryan's midlife crisis (tr Uranus 8Ari12 Rx opposing natal Uranus 8Lib40 Rx in n 10th H of Career and Public Status!), a time of new directions and possibly uncharacteristic behavior (from Libran behavior to Arian--Uranus in Aries = radical Utopians, says R. Ebertin--and they want to remake civilization even if it kills us!) As you know, this is often a 'buy a red sports car' period of life but here, a fabulous new job and high class residence may be in his picture. In today's announcement chart, Uranus is posited in 7th H which keys the Partnership axis (1/7) with Mitt Romney's natal Sun 21Pis11 setting at Descendant (The Partner.)

Comparing both men's natal planets, however, shows reciprocal aspects between both Suns and Plutos indicating that ego dominance will become an issue in their relationship if it isn't already, and that use and misuse of power is on their shared menu.

Another interesting facet is how Ryan's natal Neptune/ASC conjunction is keyed today by the transiting midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, and by tr NN 1Sag54. Midpoint pictures are thus formed...

Tr Saturn-Pluto = n Neptune: falsehoods, frauds, lies; a desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; danger through water, poison, or gas; shattered nerves. (Ebertin.)

Tr Saturn-Pluto = n ASC: giving an impression of silent power (Munkasey); placed in cumbersome or difficult circumstances (Ebertin.)

Plus, let's consider a transiting midpoint picture in the announcement chart formed by the Venus-Pluto opposition (with Venus conj US natal Venus in Cancer so the T-Square, which points to Uranus in Aries, also involves the current oppositions tr Pluto is in process of making to US natal planets in Cancer which denote financial stalemates such as debt ceiling 'debates', threatened government defaults, bankruptcy, missing trillions, and powerful plutonian forces abroad engaged in a terrific power struggle with American bankers and politicians.)

Venus-Pluto = Uranus: fanaticism in relationships (Ebertin): indifference to the destructive powers available for personal and politicial uses; compromises involving extreme uses of power; friends who enjoy unusual types of punishment. (Munkasey.) And I doubt we're talking scratchy underwear here!

What personalizes the above noted T-Square to Paul Ryan's natal horoscope is that his natal Uranus which opposes today's Uranus, thus forms the fourth point of a Grand Cross (Venus-Pluto-Uranus-Uranus)--kind of a double T-Square which becomes more even more dynamic with Paul Ryan's involvement.

The combo of Venus-Pluto denotes such things as bankruptcy, wealth hidden in secret places, attracting elements of organized crime, destruction of financial institutions, and the breakdown of the social fabric.

Last is the transit of serious Saturn to Ryan's natal Moon @24Lib11 in n 11th H of Groups, Associations, Wishes and Hopes. Therefore, it looks as if Rep. Ryan has been dreaming of taking on more responsibility, and, though his family life may suffer from it, his long-term efforts and career ambitions are now being rewarded by an older associate, Mitt Romney...whether their union is good for the prospects of the American Middle Class or not.


You note that Paul Ryan's natal Descendant 00Gem38 was 'hit' by the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @00Gem20 showing the distinct possibility that "an obsessive idea may finally be accepted" which is what keeps me awake at night: the outrageousness of another round of deceptive trickle-down economics--such as other Republicans adminstrations have scammed us with before--will befall our nation and our Treasury, and will continue the decimation of our childrens' futures as political operatives work against US sovereignty on behalf of global domination. Okay, I'll hush for now and get back to writing Issue 2 of Stars Over Washington Monthly! jc

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