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Sep 3, 2012

Astro-Notes on DNC's opening Sep 4, 2012

Taking a peek at the DNC 2012 opening chart for September 4, 2012 @2:00 pm edt Charlotte, NC the Goal Point (MC) shows an Angular constellation which 'keeps on giving' when it comes to the relationship between the American people and President Barack Obama and one which he uses to good effect: Obama's natal Mars conjunct and veiled by US natal Neptune, our 'rockstar' combination.

Yet as you know, this planetary synchronicity may also hide his true motivations and actions and cause us confusion and disappointment especially since our expectations were set overly high for one president to satisfy--especially when half of Washington's politicians were/are determined to see him fail and have no compunction about allowing America to fail with him--as long as they win. Yet is Mr. Obama's tarnished pedestal now too dull to allow him to continue his administration's goals for a second term? Can fours years possibly be enough time for a president to repair 8 long years of Republican heisting, greed, and wars fought on credit card?

Or will voters abandon Pres. Obama in a snit of impatient miffdom and take an even more plutocratic-oppressive course with the Saturnian Romney-Ryan platform of austerity, disenfranchisement, and hardship? (More WAR will be in the mix with Romney-Ryan, too: RNC 2012's opening chart reveals ASC = Mars-Pluto...'a coercive demeanor that intimidates', says Munkasey.)

Of course the conjunction between the president's motivation-action-desire planet, Mars, and our national planet of dreams, visions, and ideals, Neptune--in the sign of Virgo (Work and Dedicated Service; employment) is significant at MC in relation to our aspirations and for what we may expect from the 2012 Democratic Convention as it proceeds and its platform of investment in the America is spotlighted.

A culmination will be reached the evening of September 6th when the President accepts his party's nomination for a second term after being nominated by former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday night, Sept 5th. Mention must be made of the Sept 6th transit of Mars 9Sco+ to the president's natal Neptune, a time when actions may be creatively inspired but also secretive, unwise decisions may be made, and caution around gas, chemicals, and water is advised. Or perhaps this Mars-Neptune transit simply underscores our shared Mars-Neptune connection for his speech should be quite an uplifting experience expressing compassionate idealism!

Now some say that on Sept 5th, Mr. Clinton may pull a 'Chris Christie' and talk mainly about himself and his accomplishments rather than of Barack Obama but I doubt the Comeback Kid would be that tone deaf to what We the People are wishing to hear. Do you? Unless you tend to revel in the Clinton mystique, that is.

DNC 2012 opens Sept 4, 2012 Charlotte NC

Now I'm looking at the DNC opening's horoscope set for 2:00 pm edt (with no time to search for more timely info!) because that's the hour that RNC 2012 opened on August 28, 2012. This makes for a fair comparison of charts even if the DNC opening hour isn't precisely 2:00 pm. And delegates are already descended upon Charlotte as I type along with protesters against the Ds' use of corporate money (campaign contributions, DNC in corporate venues, which I decry as well but where else is large enough for expected crowds?)

Well, tomorrow at 2:00 pm Sept 4, 2012 Charlotte, NC, we find 8Sag45b Rising which makes Jupiter *14Gem57 the chart-ruler and which emphasizes the polarity of Fixed Stars Aldebaran and Antares--success through integrity, and obsessed with success These stars were emphasized in the RNC 2012 chart as well (2:00 pm) and I leave it for you to place the emphasis on which party expresses which archetype most closely though naturally Politics in general is constantly influenced in these ways. But with a Fixed Star, its 'caution' or flaw to avoid will at some point bring loss of success if tempering advice is neglected or ignored.

A Notable Difference: RNC v DNC

On August 28, RNC 2012's opening (with Jupiter as chart-ruler and ruler of NN 00Sag14 rising which conjoins Paul Ryan's natal Neptune--contact with and possibly deception toward the masses) and that of DNC 2012 with 8Sag45 rising is that for the GOP (a Jupiter-named entity--'grand' yet with Saturn's 'old'), there were no major applying aspects to or from Jupiter; for DNC 2012, Jupiter and the Sun (leadership) are applying to a dynamic square (2A21) indicating that goals can be achieved but over-promising is a no-no for future success. '2:00 pm' on both Aug 28 and Sep 4 rises during an Hour of Jupiter, planet of vision, ideals, religion, and ideology, including political ideology.

This week, transit Venus (evaluations; national treasury; relationships; the attraction principle) has come to opposition with US natal Pluto suggesting a time of cut-throat competition, underhanded manipulations, passionate power struggles, jealously, and past slights which have no real connection to present circumtances.

And while the American people may be gripped by forebodings over the entiure political process and what any of them intend to visit upon us--some of which are irrational fears instilled by propagandists--a hint of RNC 2012's Lunar occultation of mystical Neptune (@1Pis+) as Mitt Romney accepted his party's nomination reverberates in the DNC 2012 chart from a Moon-Neptune sextile (Tau-Pis) which forms a YOD (crisis; crossroads; special task; spiritual opportunity; karmic decisions) that points toward US natal MC (The Goal; US n MC = 1Lib in Sibly chart) which lends DNC 2012 a midpoint picture any, all, or none of which may apply:

Moon-Neptune = MC: imagination can pay off significantly (Tyl); gaining notoriety by explaining visions of the future; personal guarantees which may be unfulfillable (Munkasey); a sensitive and inspired character; being gripped by forebodings (Ebertin.)

If DNC 2012 opens after lunch tomorrow, the Moon (we the people) will have left Martian Aries (protests?) and entered Venus-ruled Taurus where Luna is exalted.

This gives DNC 2012 a financially savvy, kindhearted Sun Vir-Moon Tau flavor which is shared natally by actor Peter Sellers who advised us that, "There are some satisfactions you can only find in work."

Blog Note: If all goes well, I plan to return here later in the week to post on further events at DNC 2012, in particular President Obama's acceptance speech the evening of September 6th so please stay tuned if you can. And...

Happy DNC 2012, Everyone!

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*Sabian Symbol for the chart's 7th house soon-to-Station-Rx, investing Jupiter @'15Gem' = "Two Dutch Children Talking"...CLARIFICATION and self-confidence! (M.E. Jones); are someone's secretive campaign funds from abroad sent from the Netherlands? Just a wild guess! jc

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