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Sep 4, 2012

DNC Sep 4, 2012: Michelle Obama Rises with Tonight's Taurean Moon

by Jude Cowell

If only I had time now to post on the speech/introduction by Michelle Obama tonight at DNC 2012 in the TIME-Warner Cable arena in Charlotte, NC with a comforting Taurean Moon precisely on the horizon at 10:00 pm edt (as I have been told by Current TV this morning.) Perhaps the hour will be changed or be delayed, plus, in yesterday's post about the gaveling in of DNC 2012 I used '2:00 pm edt' to 'match' the time that RNC 2012 opened Aug 28 in Tampa, FL, as I was told.

Busy day here today! and I'm certain that you your very self can set up a horoscope for Mrs. Obama's speech tonight and view Moon 5Tau11 = ASC 5Tau46 which emphasizes the unconsicous (karmic) degree of '5Tau' and of '6Tau.'

Our First Lady will focus on Home, Family, Children, Security, Domestic Conditions, all 4th house stuff (supported by a 4th H Venus in Cancer but opposing US natal Pluto, the plutocrats and Underworld elements), and the nurturance of the Taurean Moon (the public; publicity; a woman; womens's issues; the public feeling comfy with Michelle Obama as she talks about societal conditions including nutrition and soldiers' families, gardening, our mood: earthy, building), and re-introduces her community worker husband to the American people.

'6Tau' = "A Bridge Being Built Across a Gorge" emotional appeal for popularity and recognition; Pres. Obama may be said to be signified by Chiron, the Priest and Healer, for he is in the midst of his 5-fer Chiron Return and has natal Chiron 5Pis19 Rx in 1st house of Self, a signature of a healer or guru or one who follows a guru. Tell me it isn't Ayn Rand. Probably Joe Biden.

What we must judge is: is his the path across the 'bridge' to the future that we wish to trod? We for the most part followed Bill Clinton.

Or should we accept Romney-Ryabn's Austerity Path ('plan' they won't fully divulge until the trap srings shut on Jan 21, 2013 noon est Cap Bldg) to what they misname "Properity" which intends prosperity and more perks for the upper class and penury and loss for anyone who gets in their warmongering way.

Update 4:55 pm edt: a keen reader informed me earlier that DNC 2012 gavels in today at 5:00 pm edt...thanks for the info! In Charlotte, NC that means that critical-crisis degrees ('20Cap-20Can') are rising/setting which denotes a last-minute glitch perhaps and definitely the vise in which politicians and international bankers have placed the people, both here and abroad.

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