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Sep 30, 2012

Suppressed Footage of Atomic Bomb damage (video) w Jon Stewart video and Mars-Uranus

Shhh! President Truman Lost No Sleep Over A-Bomb Drops

by Jude Cowell

And here is an excerpt from the suppressed footage of the damage done to the Japanese people. The horrific death and suffering of women and children failed to keep the culpable Mr. Truman from his slumbers but the annihilation of Hirsohima and Nagasaki has always seemed to me to be one (only one!) of America's greatest sins for the US government roared like a dragon in heat and millions paid the price of Truman's Abomination Extravaganza:

Here is a view of the natal chart of the Hiroshima Bombing, August 6, 1945 8:15 am JST and among other things, you'll notice that on that date warring Mars conjoined US natal Uranus 8Gem55 (taking a non-traditional approach, new techniques, explosions, danger in the environment) and expansive adventurer Jupiter had recently transited US natal Neptune (illusion, pretense, paranoia, fanaticism.)

Plus, today's position of Jupiter conjoins the Uranus position of August 6, 1945 @16Gem29 (unpredictable inspirations, group causes taken up, financial investments prosper, and Astrology is beneficial) and the Bombing's Midheaven (The Goal--objectives take a major new direction, significant alteration of lifestyle.)

There are a few midpoint pictures in the Hiroshima Bombing horoscope which cry out to be mentioned while we're on the topic so I'll close this fuss with them and a Jon Stewart video.

The first involves the Uranus-Neptune pair, planets of The Enlightenment (well, they certainly lit up Japan, didn't they?), which last met in Great Conjunction/s three times on or around '18Cap' in 1993 and their Oct 24 meeting times a natal chart of the New World Order (which is actually what we're discussing here like a silent, sinister program running in the background.) The Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER; neg: smug or strong-armed paternalism--MEJ.

Another midpoint picture spotlights President Truman (because he was US president at the time) by its degree--13Can13 (conj US natal Sun)--and because Uranus conjoined MC as the Bomb dropped (within a 1-minute orb), so there's another midpoint of plutonian power @13Can13 as well:

Uranus-Neptune = Pluto @9Leo57: the big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise; great losses, calamities, catastrophes.

Uranus-Pluto = US natal Sun: revolution; urge for independence (by the Man From Independence); breakdown; catastrophe.

Pluto-MC = US n Sun: wanting to spread one's wings and fly; eager for excitement; major life change is illuminated; desire for power and authority.

And of course there are revelations shown by the MC-Uranus-Mars trio at The Goal Point of the chart involving the hotheaded, rebellious, forceful pair of Mars-Uranus:

Mars-Uranus = MC: an inflexible character with a desire for independence (peep-eye, Give 'Em Hell Harry!); putting a gun (or bomb) to someone's head; taking drastic measures.

Mars-MC = Uranus: the big push, the quick advance; winning right away; rash; argumentative; inflamed.

Uranus-MC = Mars: rash action; upping the tempo; argumentative and challenging; temperamental drive for ego recognition.

(All midpt pics from Tyl and Ebertin with my italics and bold added; any, all, or none may apply though perhaps you agree that they all do apply.)

And now, speaking of draconian war crimes, perhaps you remember The Daily Show the night that Jon Stewart apologized for calling the culpable Harry Truman "a war criminal":


Is this a lighter topic? Hmmm...uncertain.....

What to expect from the first of four debates this Wednesday night (Oct 3, 2012 9:00 pm edt)? Mr. Romney must "instigate" while President Obama is determined to hold onto the ball!

During the debate I'll be watching planets rise, set, culminate and enter/leave houses as the brouhaha goes on and if anything curious or interesting occurs (as particular topics are addressed or incidents happen) I'll write about it on this seven-years-old-on-Oct-17th blog for your consideration. Of course, more astro-details concerning the October debates are found in the just-published issue of Stars Over Washington Monthly newsletter for those who sign up for a one-time electronic delivery at a Special Holiday Price of $15 for 3 months of info! And as you would expect, the two November eclipses and Winter Solstice 2012 are included along with the First Vote on November 6 at Dixville Notch N.H. jc

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