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Oct 1, 2012

Stephen Colbert on Romney's poll numbers (video) and his Pisces Planets

Last week Stephen Colbert reported on the Romney campaign's lack of oomph in the polls and I'm just now posting the video to cheer up my two Romney-supporting friends who are admittedly down in the dumps. I'm not certain which stage of grief they've entered (they'd rather not talk about it) but I'm sure this will help them deal:

Right away astrologers recognize Mr. Colbert's 'Aqua Romney' as a (perhaps unconscious?) reference to Mitt's natal Sun, Mercury, and Mars in watery, diversionary Pisces! Just when you think you've 'caught' a Pisces, he swims away.

And it seems curious to me that Romney's assumption that it's now his "turn" to be president (added to the regressive GOP platform meant to roll back progressive programs from FDR's New Deal, Civil Rights advances, women's reproductive rights, and more) shows an interesting synchronicity with the Inaugural Sun positions prior to the change from early March (Sun 13Pis+) to January 20 (00 AQ+) for noon Inaugurations, a switch which took place between FDR's Inaugurations of 1933 and 1937--and Romney's natal Mercury Rx = 13Pis55!

Don't know about you, dear reader, but I do Not want to live under 1930s conditions any more than we already are, either with or without Mr. Romney playing the role of president!


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