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Mar 21, 2018

Beyond Cambridge Analytica! How Your Private Information is Weaponized

From the March 20, 2018 Thom Hartmann call-in program:


And with another GOP government shutdown looming this Friday night, remember the shutdown of 2011 which caused a first-ever credit rating downgrade of the US government? Here's the fussy post I published then which included the crisis-turning point-special task YOD pattern in Secondary Progressions of the Republican Party with the YOD pointing toward the GOP's SP Ascendant at the degree of Bankruptcy--and their 'special task' is ongoing (with aid from Democratic enablers, financiers, corporatists, and gullible Trump voters) for if a shutdown occurs now it will be the third since Trump crept into the White House.

So under Donald Trump, the collapsing of America continues which is one reason I fret over the August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse @19Leo with its theme of towers collapsing and subsequent rebuilding after the dust settles (Predictive Astrology, B. Brady). And this is the Prenatal Eclipse of the 2018 Midterm Elections!

Mar 19, 2018

Bannon's Psychological Warfare: Cambridge Analytica

Monday March 19, 2018: Anyone who wonders at the astounding "win" of Donald Trump in the November 2016 Presidential Election must also wonder, how many ways Trump and his minions used to cheat their way into the White House. That's my personal opinion which you, dear reader, may or may not share but that's okay because this is America where citizens have the right to their own opinions and where dissent is considered patriotic especially if it's based on concern for the common good.

So is it time for yours truly once again to abandon my Facebook account? Well, it's tempting for several reasons but also because alarm bells should have loudly sounded for Facebook staff when data miner Cambridge Analytica spirited away the personal information of 60 million or more FB users for the purposes of skewing the 2016 election (and who knows what else). Trump and company are the sort of people who will do anything to 'win' and we all know how important 'winning' is to Mr. Trump who simply cannot stomach 'losers'. We also know how important his image is to him so apparently looking as if you won an election qualifies him to boast and beat his chest over what appears to be the truth even when it's false. Yes, it's lies and illusions as Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square just keeps on giving!

A peek at Trump's current progressed aspects reveals a Moon-Pluto conjunction (12Leo+) in SP 10th house and his fear of secrets being uncovered is one thing real about him these days as evidenced by his panicked tweets. Well, it's understandable for Moon-Pluto denotes panic and paranoia--and a potential for illegitimate children which may be one secret he desperately wants to keep hidden (if one or more children exist).

As for Steve Bannon, his steering of Cambridge Analytica reveals one of the primary factors in his relationship with Donald Trump and Bannon;s touted role in the 'election' of Trump. Of interest in this saga is The Guardian's ongoing feature The Cambridge Analytica Files. From March 18, 2018, here's a notable entry: 'I made Steve Bannon's psychological warfare tool': meet the data war whistleblower, Christopher Wylie.

Then on December 15, 2017, the Wall Street Journal informed us that Mueller Sought Emails of Trump Campaign Data Firm...Cambridge Analytica. Excellent.

Yes, some people will do anything to 'win', even if they have to use underhanded tricks. So if you haven't, please check out a previous post concerning Steve Bannon's natal Jupiter, a post in which we discover Bannon's total lack of conscience thanks to an unaspected Saturn.

Nov 24, 2016

Google & Facebook Target "Fake News"- Ignore Establishment News Even Worse - video

Here is a favorite commentator of mine, Jimmy Dore, talking 'bout fake news and the newly invented fight against such fakery that Google and Facebook say they're about to wage (have they started yet? I can't tell). How pathetic (and difficult to believe) that companies that trade on information have to be outed on supplying what is basically propaganda. Google and FB say they will change their policies--which is good since falsehoods can never be considered news at all! Their change comes, of course, after Election 2016 and the rigged 'victory' of Mr. Trump. Think websites will clean up their act before the 2018 midterms?

You'll find more commentary on The Jimmy Dore Show YouTube channel.

Apr 21, 2016

Where US Politics Came From: Crash Course US History #9 - video

Do you wonder why Campaign 2016 is such a hot mess? Are you dreading or perhaps hankering for July to arrive when both political parties will convene at their national conventions in order to nominate their 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential candidates? Need inspiration?

Well, to get in the mood there's a whole bunch of American History stuffed into the following Crash Course video with actors and topics such as Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, political parties, the electoral college, tariffs, women's equality, and more!

And why not check out Crash Course on Facebook.

Jan 29, 2013

Are social networking sites CIA fronts? (video) w Mercury-Pluto

The 'Social' Duping of America

by Jude Cowell

Though I gave up Facebook years ago (but do realize that FB is like sticky flypaper stuck to my cyber shoe), it seems more difficult to give up using Twitter. Plus, I have several blogs on Google's Blogger and a Gmail account so...

No doubt about it! The energies of America's natal *Mercury-Pluto opposition have been actively developed for spying on US citizens since the beginning and indicates a total obsession with doing so. And with FB and other social networking sites, the CIA has our full cooperation as we identify our own friends and acquaintances to whatever security forces are looking in, no matter their true motivations.

Suggested: a few notes on Benjamin Franklin, America's first postmaster (spymaster.)

Blog Note: out of pure cussedness, this post will not be tweeted by yours truly! Not that it will make any difference.

*Mercury = senses including sight, information, details, tricksters, etc; Pluto = spies and spymasters, intelligence agencies, invisibility, the power elite, the secret hand, betrayers, assassins, rapists, tunnels, underground bunkers, the Pope, the Underworld, the Syndicate, etc.

A variety of videos on many topics await you at Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Nov 30, 2012

Assange: Entire nations intercepted online (video interview)

In this interview conducted inside the Equadorian embassy, whistleblower Julian Assange reveals some disturbing facts about government spying on citizens on the Web. If you're a Facebook fan, you may wish to note his remarks about FB, a social networking site I left about two years ago because it gives me the creeps:

Yes, America was 'born' in 1776 with a problematic Mercry-Pluto opposition and the US government has developed ways of making full use of its surveillance obsessions!

A Note to FB users who read my blogs: Anyone who is tempted to tag me in a photo or mention me on FB--please refrain. For some reason, Stars Over Washington still gets referral links by way of FB though I've posted nothing there in about two years, therefore my previous content (which the site holds onto as if it belongs to Mr. Zuckerberg) should not be accessible to public view. Thanks, JC

Jun 13, 2011

6.15.11 Lunar Eclipse reflects threats to Luna, New Mexico

Evening of June 13, 2011: NPR News has a report on fires natural (and perhaps otherwise?) which began on the Colorado-New Mexico border in May 2011, and now are under unstable control when at all in June 2011. Feeds of NPR's related stories are included.

Earlier today I posted a certain point of view using Mundane Astrology concerning the Wednesday June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse which by namesake resonates with the frequency of the town with the Moon-esque vibe: Luna, NM (there are two, one in Cadron Co., the other in Lincoln Co.) Paradoxically, its moniker was consciously given (perhaps by committee?) which for me conjures images of a Full Moon that can lift arm hairs when the topic of Lunar Eclipses comes up due to their often-documented and 'magical' ability to uncover things hidden or unconscious (see my previous post on Wednesday's eclipse, if you wish) and, in catastrophic cases out West, to also bring troubles apace to our homes and homeland (home = Cancer, the sign ruled by the astrological Moon.)

My thought is that the human race retains its collective memories and an eclipse of the Moon is by design a perfect cosmic vehicle and a trigger or timer for taking that unknown, unconscious, and possibly dangerous path where only the silver rays from a Moon Lantern lights us upon our journey. (Image of Tarot card #18, The Moon.)

>Thunder rumbles as I type and power surges have been off-on for a while now so I must mosey quickly, get my pc off the electricity. Meant to provide you with a link to include an article about Hamburg Iowa reported today to be under flood threat due to oncoming tides from a levee breach. (Storm's over, Tuesday edit: Hamburg Iowa under flood threat.)

Please pray for Luna, the surrounding environs, and Iowa - actually, toss in all of America and the planet if you care to, for watery yet smokey Neptune is active in the world and dissolving moorings of all kinds. (See today's earlier post about this Wednesday's Lunar Eclipse @ 24Sag23.) Even the old "fog of war" from the Vietnam War era is in the news this week with release of unredacted Pentagon Papers! (Lunar Eclipse revelations - see previous post as advised - if you wish, of course!)

If the Vietnam War era were a mere moment in time it might be titled, Flower in Gun Barrel Moment of illusion and the sort of pretending that gets a large number of people killed. The cosmic identity of such a moment is similar to the wrongheaded Splitting of the Atom Moment and, on another level, resembles the truism that a Genie can never fit back into her bottle once released. (Genie = Uranus, bottle = Saturn, of course.

When the atom was split, a perfect form or model was broken by curious human beings who had no clue how to repair the effects of their misguided arrogance while the bossy ones who ordered the project done and possibly helped bankroll it to some smattering degree held no qualms about the unleashing of this abominable power. The power was, after all, to be directed wherever the lucky gened powers-that-be were not.)

Luna, New Mexico; Mystic Rectangle June 2011

So for focusing our positive thoughts and prayers on behalf of those of us facing trials much larger than we must ordinarily withstand, good news is that there's a perfect Mystic Rectangle pattern formed around us tomorrow by 9:32 am edt (between Saturn (Air) and Uranus (Fire) with Moon in fiery Sag and Venus in airy Gemini, Hour of Venus) when high waters may inundate parts of the region even as huge fires challenge fighters across wide swaths of burned property. (Some duplicity may be afoot with Neptune whose archetype now showers us with too grand a performance before re-entering colder Aquarius from oceanic Pisces. Yes, it's that mix of wounding yet shamanic Chiron and Neptune again.

(If only flood water could be piped over to fight wild fires, creating balance between the two elements that together tend to be steamy hot and whose catalytic action may well lead to much soul-searching after searing experiences.)

My hope for protection and safety is being sent cross-country to the good people of the Western US and for the firefighters who risk their all. I do believe that angels of mercy stand ready at your command.


On The Big Picture right now (on LINK TV for me) with Thom Hartmann, General Petraeus is apparently the latest Lunar Eclipse victim...peep-eye!

Seems Gen. Petraeus' reporting on Aghanistan has left much truth to be desired from within the neocon-Zionist-warhawk' stance of 'politics of the national security state' which now strangles our nation and commandeers the top rung of priorities (financial, political nd ideological) for corrupted Washington and the soulless, 5-pointed death star, the Pentagon.

Meanwhile the security state's hierarchy of knaves and thugs can never get enough citizens to send into hellish war ('war is peace')...the 'right' Casio watches notwithstanding. It's up to we-the-people to reign the brigands in, for as we know, "When governments fear the people, there is liberty; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Or words to that effect.

For more on such political topics you may wish, as tonight's Moon rushes to meet the Sun by Wednesday's Lunar Eclipse, to uncover and reveal The Digital Papers of Thomas Jefferson.


Blog Note: to generally answer an emailed Q about the current FaceBook 'facial recognition' controversy, it's my opinion that the top dogs at FB seems to consist of a bunch of sneaks. Yes, I left FB earlier this year and heard today that the number of FB deserters in the US is growing which is perfectly understandable, really. jc

Feb 18, 2011

Dropping the Mask: The Truth About FaceBook (video)

A few weeks ago I put my delete-account-clicking where my mouth was and left behind the warm coziness of FaceBook. The site retains all my content and personal data, however, as evidenced by the email I received next day assuring me that my password will still get me back in whenever I'm ready to rejoin the happy throng.

This is no comfort considering my concerns.

Well, the above video presentation doesn't mention the alleged infusion of mega-bucks into FB by Goldman-Sachs, a deal which has supposedly been nixed, or Russia's investment into FB which is, last I heard, in the works. These are the two camels' noses under the FB tent that caused me to bow out and was spurred by Jon Stewart's example.

Now that I've seen this video, it seems clear to me that the popular tale of the rise of FaceBook (as touted by MSM and seen in the glowing Social Network film) is a front for something more sinister...perhaps something not embedded within Zuckerberg's initial actions of creation, but hey! Turned out there was a mega-fortune to be made and he's making it, having dinner with topcats like President Obama (last evening), and publicly talking up the social aspects of his site. Yet Mr. Zuckerberg has had a lot of 'help' since FB's earliest days.

Of course, what you do with your own privacy-destroying FB account, a spider's web of major globe-spanning proportions and info-gathering, is totally up to you and I know that most people depend on it and refuse to look behind the Friendly mask of FaceBook (while following the Don't Worry Be Happy Model of trusting strangers.) But one quick peek underneath and the site isn't only social, it's surveilling and menacing.

So next time you add content about your personal likes, dislikes, interests, and what you're reading or writing, please give a thought to the shadowy figures who ultimately will become familiar with anything you post - for their own purposes.

They've skulked about for years here on Google.

But why make the implementation of totalitarianism government that easy for them?

Jan 7, 2011

Jon Stewart unFriends Facebook (video) and so will I

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire Blog</a>The Daily Show on Facebook

Here's Jon Stewart's hilarious take on recent FaceBook developments. Personally I had already decided to 'unFriend' FB, too, ever since the news broke of Goldman-Sachs and RUSSIA sticking their camel noses under the FB tent.

It's only a matter of time before I leave FB, so if you want to check out my pages/wall/photos/artwork/astrology, whatever, I suggest you do it very soon! (See sidebar for link: 'Facebook? Really?' from which, perhaps, you can tell I had serious reservations about joining FB from the get-go. My misgivings are now confirmed.)

Of course, my dilemma is: will closing my FB account leave a sticky residue as experienced when I left MySpace a few years ago? Or will it be a clean break?

I suspect shenanigans will be afoot, don't you?

Apr 22, 2010

The Whole World's Real Time Stats!

Happy Earth Day!

A friend just clued me in to a site with all sorts of stats: total world population, births, deaths, illnesses, environmentals, war costs, and more are updated in real even includes how many blog posts are being published today, and it surprised me to see how low the number was on that one!

Guess Twitter and FaceBook have really taken their toll, my fellow bloggers, so I'm doing my part: here's one more. Leave a comment with a link to your post for today, if you may.

The site is quite amazing and may be useful to bloggers and those who read blogs, so you may wish to check out WorldoMeters, if you haven't.

Apr 27, 2009

National Debt has Facebook page!

NPR just reported that our national debt has a Facebook page and so do I but haven't used it much yet because you're not there...