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Dec 6, 2012

Is John Boehner's boozing legendary around Washington?

Political Corruption and the Bartender Blues

by Jude Cowell

A Judy's World article Why Boehner Needs to Go details some things said by Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe Wednesday (12/5) about the Speaker's reputation for drunkeness around town, remarks which I heard with my own ears.

Even from this distance in Georgia (and not being a resident of D.C. for many moons now), I've heard of Speaker Boehner's love of The Juice 'ere this but it seems his current 'fiscal cliff' stalemate performances on Capitol Hill are giving his Neptunian dependency on negative escapism a boost into the spotlight. One may perhaps wonder, Is he up to the task?

Well, maybe you've already checked out Mr. Boehner's natal horoscope with its Moon-Neptune contact, a possible conjunction indicating drinking if not alcohol dependency which often has a self-pitying, crying-in-beer vibe especially when things aren't going his way. (I once had an uncle with this conjunction and the resulting problem of emotional weakness so I know all too well--but who doesn't?)

So if you should hear that President Obama has Speaker Boehner 'over a barrel' it sadly may refer to more than the expiration of the Bush tax cuts at midnight on New Year's Eve 2012.

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