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Jan 23, 2013

2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses w America's Planetary Returns

2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses Listed w US Planetary Returns

by Jude Cowell

Here is a list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2013's dates and degrees, with Saros Series' themes paraphrased from B. Brady; included in order of occurrence are America's 2013 planetary Return dates and degrees with a few Sabian Symbols and their keywords (symbols from M. E. Jones):

1. April 25: Partial Lunar Eclipse @5Sco45; '6Sco' = "A Gold Rush"...AMBITION;

2. May 10: Annular Solar Eclipse @19Tau31; '20Tau' = "Wind Clouds and Haste"...EXALTATION; 15 South Series theme: a lingering situation will clear with a sense of collective grief or loss and a release of tension; 15S last manifested in 1995;

3. May 25: Appulse Lunar Eclipse @4Sag08; '5Sag' = "An Old Owl Up in a Tree"...NORMALITY; this eclipse conjoins the degree of 'voting' Mercury's Rx Station of the November 6, 2012 Elections--will scandalous details be uncovered? Eclipses are known for revealing secrets and Mercury is a known trickster and thief!;

June 5: US Venus Return to 3Can06 (all Returns based on America's natal horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA); '4Can' = "A Cat Arguing with a Mouse"...JUSTIFICATION;

June 30: US Mars Return 21Gem22; '22Gem' = "A Barn Dance"...GREGARIOUSNESS;

July 5 (not a typo!): US Solar Return 13Can19, our nation's 237th birthday as far as declaring independence from Britain goes; '14Can' = "A Very Old Man Facing a Vast Dark Space to the Northeast"...SANCTION; an occult symbol with far-reaching implications that go beyond the scope of today's post so here's a site to check out if you're in the mood for uncovering secrets of early Washington DC as laid out by our Founding Templar Freemasons;

July 22: US Jupiter Return 5Can56 (a 12-year cycle of what should be 'rewards'); '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" (as toffs will do--jc)...METICULOUSNESS;

August 4: US Mercury Return 24Can12 (Rx natally); '25Can' = "A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder"...DESTINY; (an occult symbol which may relate to ORION's shoulder and the 'Great' Plan for America's destiny--jc); August 4th is President Obama's day of birth and this year, transit Mars @14Can51 conjoins SIRIUS, an important star in the secretly shared 'District of Columbia/pyramids of Giza' mythology;

4. Oct 18: Appulse Lunar Eclipse @25Ari45; '26Ari' = "A Man Possessed of More Gifts Than He Can Hold"...EQUIPMENT;

5. Nov 3: Hybrid Solar Eclipse @11Sco16; '12Sco' = "An Embassy Ball"...DISPLAY; this eclipse falls in the 16 North Saros Series which is denoted by Bernadette Brady to be a "gentle family of eclipses' which 'brings a sense of inspiration or the illumination of good ideas' through a "sudden release of material from the unconscious" and a "great deal of insight"; 16N last manifested in 1995 making that year a 'time link' with year 2013 as is the May eclipse, above;

However, since 16N's initial eclipse of Feb 15, 1599 (@6Pis02) contains unconscious Uranus-Neptune content by way of a trine aspect, and considering the way the world is being marched toward global governance (aka a new world order, or, new economic order), I'm calling this the 'Illuminati Eclipse' and unfortunately must consider its "illumination" to be part of the constant subliminal propaganda we Americans and others across the globe are drenched in and permeated by...based on an ancient illuminized plan to undermine all civil institutions including governments. How I wish I could feel and think otherwise but I don't, so there it is.

Yes, 2013 is a pivotal year for global movers and shakers and it was ushered in by Winter Solstice 2012 and that crisis-laden YOD pattern of Saturn sextile Pluto pointing toward apex Jupiter Rx = social fanaticism/trouble with authority. My prayer is that 'ordinary', decent people won't fall for too many of their cynical political and social scams and fancy 'tricks of light and sound' as 2013 plows on. May we of good faith use the combined Uranus-Neptune energies to Awaken the Masses!

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