Jan 9, 2013

An Ode to Dick Nixon

An Ode to Dick Nixon

Former President Richard Nixon marred much of the years I spent in Washington DC moons ago when it was my favorite city of residence. Perhaps it still is in spite of how subsequent political and financial crooks and varmints have clouded its much-touted promise. Anyway, the following Ode occurred to me unbidden on this, the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Tricky's birth.

And even though Mr. Nixon is no longer with us, the rippling effects of his presidency will continue to mark our nation, both positively and negatively, until the end of the Republic--and being a 'new world order' promoter himself (click and scroll to 1971/72)--Mr. Nixon will have had something to do with that misguided operation, too:

Dick Nixon would be one-oh-oh if he were walking 'round

"I'm not a crook," or so he said but differently was found

Yet not all bad we must admit politicly astute

still paranoia was his fall which caused him ill repute.

jc 1.9.13

Now! Glad that's done. Here's a post from 2007 concerning President Richard M. Nixon's resignation with a few astro-notes on his personality if you're game. You'll find a link to his letter of resignation therein.

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