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Jun 21, 2013

Experts run the world with theories as 2007 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction triggered

Since the New Millennium, we've seen 'experts' running the world via their long held pet theories which have had no history of success. With this weekend's Full Moon @2Cap09--a 'supermoon' (Nolle) because it is closer to Earth than any Full Moon will be until August 2014--its bright light is precisely what their purposefully inept theories that have debilitating consequences for the masses need:

Here are a few rays of illuminating moonlight: Experts now run the world using their theories. What if they fail, and we lose confidence in them? for your consideration.

And since master astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term 'supermoon' to describe a perigee Moon, you may wish to check out his forecasts for the June 23, 2013 Full Moon and more.

June 2013's Downer DOW and the Fed's Jupiter-Pluto

As for the stock market's plunge this week, my schedule overflowed with real world events and I wasn't able to make time for an article on financial matters. So I'll briefly mention what I noticed about the week's Fed announcement by Ben Bernanke and the NYSE reaction (which won't be comprehensive at all but here goes...)

Besides today's Summer Solstice 2013 triggering the Cardinal World Points (Sun to 00Can00:00, when important events manifest), the Sun-Jupiter conjunction of the week at 28Gem+ (a degree of Bankruptcy in the Sabian Symbols, as noted in a previous post) opposed the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto @28Sag23 on December 11, 2007, also a day of a Fed announcement.

The Jupiter-Pluto pair (big bankers, plutocrats exploiting the masses, organizers of large projects, professors of law, pursuers of fanatical aims, speculators and squanderers, influential criminal elements, extreme depletion of resources) conjoined within 15 minutes of Mr. Bernanke's public remarks that day and of course the coming Bush Depression-Financial Collapse of 2008 was in the wind in December 2007 had many only realized it.

My point is that this week's Sun-Jupiter conjunction was something of a double whammy for the beginning of the current Jupiter-Pluto cycle for Sun and Jupiter both opposed 2007's banking Jupiter and wealth manipulator, power-mad Pluto.

2013 Sun oppo 2007 Jupiter denotes an unfavorable time for religious and political activities (Obama in Europe and at the G8 Summit in Ireland this week has been called disappointing) and people may be all show with little substance (don't get me started on "amateur hour" in Congress+ this week!)

2013 Jupiter oppo 2007 Jupiter is a period when discontent with wealth or status is evident and discouraging comparisons (Speaker Boehner?) are made along with overblown efforts which impress no one.

2013 Sun oppo 2007 Pluto is not a good time for power plays, it's impossible when investigating to get to the bottom of situations, and ego-bruising conditions may abound for those in power.

2013 Jupiter oppo 2007 Pluto denotes a period of gross mismanagement, overrating conditions or people is a hazard that will cause regret, and contests of wills occur involving financial matters including taxes (IRS), debt, insurance (Affordable Care Act?), and inheritances.

Well, not much jolliness for our Full Moon weekend in June with these transits, is there? But of course as with all matters, Astrology brings to the table what no other system of analysis can bring: the element of Time so that we are assured that, after all, This Too Will Pass.


Astro-Note: there's another reason for my busy-ness this week: tomorrow a comprehensive 'Stars Over Washington Report' will be made available for electronic delivery, its topic: America's Solar Return 2013. The SR Report is 'good for' a year and I hope you'll consider ordering yourself a copy of this PDF report, suitable for printing! Watch this blog and my Twitter feed for details.

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend! Jude

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