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Jul 3, 2013

Eric Francis finds Edward Snowden's correct birth time

Here's an update with video on the whereabouts of asylum-seeker Edward Snowden.

July 3, 2013: It's raining frogs, dogs, and felines here (near Atlanta) so this is a quick post to make certain you're seen the article on the natal horoscope of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden who at last check, remains on the lam from the US government for yanking down its frilly underpants of spycraft. With the Moon void-of-course all day today, not much will work out for very many if it occurs at all, and this must include the flight of Edward Snowden who has yet to find a safe place to lay his weary head.

Can't Find The Man But We Find His Birth Hour

Edward Joseph Snowden's birth certificate (or record) shows that he was born at 4:42:00 am EDT (June 21, 1983 Elizabeth City, New Jersey) and in my previous post concerning his natal planets I had used 'noon' for his horoscope. Now I shall be pleased to update my chart files to reflect the improved data for Mr. Snowden, thanks to expert astrologer Eric Francis!

You may wish to check out the elusive Mr. Snowden's natal horoscope at Planet Waves with its 12th house (secrets; Politics; self-undoing; karma--reaping what's been sown) Mercury the Messenger rising in communicating Gemini.

Perhaps Mr. Snowden will be again in flight once flighty Mercury turns Direct on July 20, 2013 @13Can21 (or maybe be brought back to the US to face charges--this Mercury Direct Station conjoins US natal Sun, the president), or, perhaps the Direct Station of Saturn (accountability; authority; control; lawmakers) on July 8, 2013 will trigger action in this situation, legal or otherwise, though before very long, Saturn's forward direction will land the restrictive planet smack dab onto Snowden's natal 6th house Moon @13Sco25.

And as you know, ancient Saturn can play a grim-reality tune on his pan pipes!

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