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Jul 15, 2013

US Jupiter Return 2013 Report now available!

July 17, 2013: Stars Over Washington Reports adds a new listing

by Jude Cowell

If you wish a printable copy in PDF format of my US Jupiter Return 2013 Report, click the PayPal Button at the top of this blog's sidebar and choose Option #2. Yes, a brand new Jupiter Reward Cycle is about to begin for America and with lucky Jupiter's orbit lasting 11.6 years, the Return horoscope and Report are 'good for' almost 12 years--from July 22, 2013 until July 5, 2025!

When Jupiter Returns to natal degree, we find a new cycle of activity begins relating to Jupiterian realms such as honors, material ups-n-downs, spiritual and religious concerns, adventurous enterprises, and much more so I hope you'll order your copy for current and future reference.

Plus, Jupiter Return horoscopes may be progressed by any method we choose and along with Jupiter and others planets transiting the planets, points, houses, and Angles of the Return chart, we may use the horoscope as a timing device over the next 12 years to ascertain when and what type of events are most likely to express on the physical plane.

Now if you've read this blog or Jude's Threshold before, you may be aware of how often I've dissed the financial actions of the US government due to political corruption and mismanagement, yes, but also due to the Sabian Symbol of US natal Jupiter (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) which, rounded up from 5Can56, is:

'6 Cancer': "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", something I believe most people who enter Politics fully intend to do during and after their 'service' to our nation as representatives of The People.

And with faith-filled Jupiter as our national chart-ruler (12Sag rising), we find important information in the Return chart based on our government's over-bounding personality and expansive, expensive traits and habits. In fact, our tradition of Manifest Destiny is a Jupiterian ideal that has inspired constant territorial expansion and conquest (Jupiter the General).

Plus, Jupiter's prominence in America's natal horoscope and psyche also denotes the ego-expanding American Exceptionalism theory made more brash through the influence of our natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer (with self-satisfied Venus nearby.)

Recommended: David Sirota's recent article, Rethinking American Exceptionalism.

Of course, We the People are implicated as well, with jolly Jupiter present wherever there are large groups and big enterprises to engage in, fortunate rewards to receive--or, large meals to be consumed by We the Overweight!

Included in the US Jupiter Return 2013 Report are notes on the Cardinal Grand Cross and the two protective Water Grand Trines shown in the JR 2013 horoscope, all of which have spiritual connotations as does Jupiter in his many roles as the Hierophant, Preacher, and Guru. Why, even the "Birds" in Jupiter's Sabian Symbol signify on the spiritual plane as "spiritual forces".

So do check out America's Jupiter Return 2013 Report, if you dare! And you may always contact me here by posting a Comment, or by convo: jude dot cowell at hotmail dot com, as you wish!


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