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Aug 19, 2013

Was CIA Chief behind Michael Hastings' death? (video)

If you've had your suspicions about the fiery car crash that (conveniently for The Empire) killed journalist Michael Hastings (who is said by his wife to have been working on an article about John Brennan), here's a 5-minute+ video with just such a theme:

And if you haven't seen the 'car crash' horoscope, click here but a warning: video taken just after the crash is included in my post.

You'll notice in the horoscope that America's natal Uranus @8Gem55 is rising as is warring activist Mars in transit. Also, restrictive authority Saturn @5Sco07 Rx conjoins the Vertex, a point of fated encounters which may include death and sudden endings, plus, the Moon @18Lib59 reflects US SP Mars, retrograde by progression since Summer 2006.

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