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Sep 25, 2014

Mother Jones: What's the Matter with Sam Brownback?

Mother Jones asks,

What's the Matter With Sam Brownback?

Sam Brownback was born September 12, 1956 in Parker, Kansas, no hour known so noon is used: view his pages and horoscope if you wish: astro-databank (click natal chart link.) Mr. Brownback's Sun is in Virgo with Moon in either Sagittarius or Capricorn.

His authoritative, conservative Saturn @27Scorpio (money sign of Big Business and Corporatism) will soon experience a Saturn Return (today @20Scorpio), a 28-30-year cycle and a time when reality sets in and one must accept responsibility for past actions that have disrespected Taskmaster Saturn's imperatives of authenticity, honesty, and properly doing one's duty.

Obviously, when a person is in Politics being in breach of the public trust is not honest Saturn's idea of doing one's duty.

Natal Mars is Rx in murky Pisces so his actions may not always be clearly understood or motivated by higher standards. So what is the matter with Sam Brownback? A great question.

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