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Sep 9, 2014

Sep 10, 2014 POTUS on ISIS threat: Moon conjunct Uranus

Oh, Masonic Washington, What Are You Brewing?

by Jude Cowell

Update 8:12 pm EDT: the following post fails to mention that at 8:57 pm Wednesday evening the Moon becomes void-of-course (until Sept 11 at 9:16 pm EDT when Luna enters Taurus) and the usual implication for the beginning of an enterprise under such an influence is to expect no results. However, a VOC Moon period can also indicate that when a difficult or risky undertaking is about to start and there are others who might create problems or interruptions to it, they can do nothing against you. Ex: the 9/11/01 Moon.

Original post starts here:

At 8:57 pm EDT this evening a Moon-Uranus conjunction at 15 Aries manifests with 'excited people-states of fear and anxiety' vibes supported by warrior Mars through its rulership of Aries. Nine pm is often the hour a president takes to the TV airwaves (Uranus) to address the American public (Moon) so that's the horoscope I'm considering until I know a definite hour for the beginning of President Obama's speech.

As noted today in a Washington Post blog written by Katie Zezima, this evening marks exactly one year since POTUS attempted to rev up the American people to support military airstrikes in Syria which failed to get us riled as the ISIS threat seems to be doing. A new WaPo poll cites public support for airstrikes at 65% while MSNBC this morning cited a poll with our support at 71%. Well, perhaps it depends on how is polled and how questions are framed. In 2013 the threat to the US didn't seem imminent or worrisome enough but as we see it has been considerably ramped up by beheadings and other vileness along with outright threats made by the militants against America and Mr. Obama himself.

(Perhaps you remember Osama bin Laden's nickname for our country: 'The Great Satan.' But with war being what it is, I assert that we're watching Satan fighting Satan in the West v East struggle for dominance, ancient as it is. Recently I heard an ISIS reference to the Ottoman Empire which adds much to the conflagration of long-held grievances--including Turkey and old Constantinople--but such interesting topics are way beyond the scope of this post.)

Folks, What We Have Here Is an "ISIS Crisis"

It may interest you to know that in Washington DC at 9:00 pm EDT tonight transit Mars (weaponry, war and warmongering) sits upon President Obama's natal Midheaven, his Goal, Aspiration, and Career Point, so the 'caution' he is said to have shown thus far seems to me to be all about timing not reluctance to enter the fray more directly. For the Global Government script calls for its actors and agents to listen to their masters' voices when it comes to mounting World War III which I sincerely think is being engineered right under our "supportive" noses. And curiously 29Sco45, a critical-crisis degree, is the position of the people's Moon in Obama's first Inauguration horoscope of 2009 as he 'reluctantly' touts war to The People tonight and we are made to feel we must join in with his Mars-MC aims as the will to war is forced upon us through deception and persuasion.

Now when we add the 'L' to ISIL, we add the Levant which includes, of course, Israel, the underlying motivator for this military action Mr. Obama is calling for in the Great Plan to establish a World Capital at Jerusalem. Do I digress from the president's effort tonight to persuade us? I only wish it were so. The threat to the Germanic-sounding "homeland" may be real as can be (false flag ops included) but on another level it is a pretext, a tactic the US government has used to lie us into military action before, as we know. (USS Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9/11/01, and now this. World Wars I, II, and...

So where are other chart factors of certain actors (planets) found in tonight's 9:00 pm horoscope?

Rising is 29Ari09, a critical-crisis 29th degree in the sign of Mars-ruled Aries. Naturally this places 29Lib09 on the Partnership cusp (Descendant) with Aries-Libra one of the military-diplomacy polarities. (Pisces is also a military sign.) "National Security" will be said to be the basis of public support or at least it will be asked to be. The Moon-Uranus pair are in 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals, Large Institutions, Karma, and Self-Undoing--take from that what you will.

The Security axis (MC-IC) shows the same with 16Cancer33 on IC (Foundation, Basis, Endings, the Drain) and Saturn-ruled Capricorn at Midheaven and keying up the enlightenment planets Uranus and Neptune on and near that degree of Capricorn during their three great Conjunctions all through 1993. ('18Cap' = "The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer"...POLITICAL POWER.)

Now at the IC we find two interesting chart factors: the Pentagon's natal Ascendant (not a surprise) and US natal Jupiter's current retrograde degree by Progression, the Station of which occurred in November 1905--just in time to propagandize the American public into entering World War I when the time was considered 'right'. A false flag op had to be mounted as well to stir our emotions and President Wilson had secretly pledged the US to war--on orders from international bankers--before the public ever knew about it. Wilson' famous address to a Joint Session of Congress basically sealed the deal and off we marched.

As you know, one of adventurous, expansive Jupiter's many roles in Mundane Astrology is The General so this paints a rather curious picture, don't you think? It was almost amusing (if not so tragic) how the mainstream media took our minds off important details with their "POTUS has no strategy" ridiculousness when clearly such massive plans for global dominance and the subjugation of anyone in the Middle East who disagrees with the establishment of a 'new world order' cannot be the responsibility of just one man, even one wearing a 'leader of the free world' mantle.

Yes, Globalism marches on, apparently with the American public in tow and powerful puppet master Pluto @11Cap01 Rx near an Angle, the only malefic planet to be so at 9:00 pm tonight in DC, so we may expect the Great Plan to proceed much as global operatives and secret cabals direct the action from afar (Pluto in 9th house of Foreign Lands.) Of course, a 9th house Pluto on another level signifies the Morbid One in his assassin role so ISIS-ISIL comes to mind.

And what of the 6th house of Military Service? North Node (a karmic point of future direction) @20Lib52 is posited there along with the Sun (leadership) @18Vir14 near its degree on 9/11/01. To me this shows that tonight's script is part of a piece, a progression from the WTC attacks which continue to look to many people like a false flag op. Warrign Mars as noted above @28Sco05 has just left the 8th house of Transformation and Corporatism with its 1Sag45 cusp and perhaps you know that in the Sabian Symbols, '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." Transit Mars reaches the zone of 00-1Sag beginning on September 14, 2014 so we'll see if 'he' triggers military action--or, I should say, a more visible military action--and definitely attacks, airstrikes, etc.

Or will the Pentagon become more active after the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse influence fades in October with its themes of 'wasted energy especially when dealing with groups--take no action as it is potentially unfulfilling' (Brady)? Perhaps but there are many other astrological timings going on including the 6th of 7 exact squares of Uranus and Pluto on December 15, 2014 (#7 on March 17, 2015.) Upheavals, war, protests, uprisings--you know the score on Uranus-Pluto and their titanic Cardinal Square which shouts impetuously for action on a global scale.

US natal Neptune in the 6th house of tonight's speech chart shows the propaganda at work as it continues to mask the deeper motivations and actions of President Obama for our national Neptune covers his natal Mars in Virgo. And as always, America's problematic Mars-Neptune square ('fog of war', misdirected or misguided energy, deceptive actions, confused motivations) is in play with our natal Mars in the speech's 2nd house of the National Treasury. The US Congress will be asked for more funds for war and when have they ever failed to provide them--openly and/or surreptitiously?

(You may notice that I have held back from mention of Armageddon for that would send us on a major tangent of Biblical proportions, again beyond the scope of this post.)

Well, there are more chart factors to discuss but my time is limited so I'll only mention again what I've blogged rather loudly about previously--that transit Jupiter @12Leo12 tonight again conjoins Mr. Obama's natal Sun, a period when something begun about 12 years ago must either be raised to the next level or be ended entirely. Now #POTUS has made much of a desire that US troops leave the Middle East and he has seemingly done such yet he'll appear on TV this evening in a rhetorical attempt to persuade the US public to support a new level of war in the Middle East.

Will the justifications President Obama puts forward be enough to sway you?

Further reading: Sept 7, 2014 an Atlanta Journal blog's thoughts with a list of potential topics.

Astro-Note: an exact time for tonight's address has so far remained elusive yet if 9:00 pm isn't the correct hour the Moon-Uranus conjunction retains its implications as do most of the interpretations mentioned above though house positions may vary. Maybe White House astrologers are being careful to study the portents for best results!

Update 1:38 pm EDT: 9:00 pm EDT is indeed the confirmed time for the president's ISIS address.

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