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Feb 23, 2015

Saturn-North Node and The Mystery of the 3 Days

Number 3, Saturn, and the North Node of Encounters with Destiny

by Jude Cowell

There are many associations for the number three. Number 3 is known as "the Light" and is considered a holy number according to many sources and in the 3rd verse of Genesis chapter 1, God said, Let there be light and there was. It is the number of perfection, harmony, and Higher Wisdom and, being Jupiterian, is often thought to be 'lucky'. Plus, on the cosmic level, the Holy Spirit is naturally linked to the number 3 in our solar system which is based upon numbers.

Triangles and pyramids have 3 points and in occult symbols, 3 is linked with goddess Isis Urania, Venus Urania, Horus, the Virgin Diana, and The Empress card in Tarot in which she is shown holding the 'orb of the world'. (Kozminsky.)

One superstitious connection to number 3 is from *Kozminsky who cites Medieval Myths (published February 1869): "There is said to be a tradition of Norman-Monkish origin that the number three is stamped upon the Royal Line of England so that there shall not be more than 3 princes in succession without a revolution..." (his italics). He then provides a list of kings, revolutions, and crown-passings in order to elucidate the point.

Add to all this that in ancient Astrology, the 3rd day after a New Moon was considered the first fortunate day of the month.

Saturn-NN in Astrology

In Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences the pairing of Saturn and the Moon's North Node (NN) relates to isolation, inhibition in associations, lack of adaptability, depression, grief, death of kindred, funerals, contact with elderly persons, the organism affected by shock events or an electric shock, disadvantages through others, teamwork that steadily becomes more difficult, and separation from the astral body (my italics).

In addition, Ebertin gives another potential for the Saturn-NN combo which some may label as occult (hidden): the mystery of the three days.

For those of us in particular who study cycles and days via Astrology, there is an interesting page concerning a very special day in history when the Sun set at noon thus creating 'a day within a day' which turned two days into three and fulfilled prophecy.

And whether you're an astrologer or not, dear reader, you may wish more information concerning The Mystery of the 3 Days and 3 Nights.


*Thanks to a helpful reader, this post cites Isodore Kozminsky's work, The Symbols and Meaning of Numbers.

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