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Aug 7, 2015

Brunch with Bernie: 8/7/15 - Thom Hartmann video

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks with Thom Hartmann about the 2016 election and our loss of voting rights:

Imho, the only way Republicans can reliably 'win' elections these days is to cheat. Someone tell them that cheating isn't winning, it's stealing--though with their 'success at any cost' agenda, they don't care. And yes, I know--the Democratic Party is only about half a rung higher on the ethics ladder than the Republicans - and they're all following the same Corporate Globalism script in the con vs lib Political Theater they perform for public consumption and our diversion.

And yet, when and if We the People join together and make our opinions known in no uncertain terms, the 'ruling class' backs down even if it's only temporarily! Most of them fancy themselves such political thespians able to charm and fool us, don't they? Well, will somebody please pass the rotten tomatoes?!

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