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Oct 9, 2015

Videos: Ted Cruz on John Boehner: "I'm Going to Tell You Why He Resigned' plus, Paul Ryan

In addition to "never trust a man who says, trust me" Mama always told me that those who are quick to call other people liars are usually deflecting attention from their own lies. His Republican colleagues can't stand him so if you can manage a brief diatribe devoid of common sense, here's the smarmy non-governing ham himself crowing away as if his narcissistic maneuvering against his fellow members, undermining of the institution of the US Congress, and disdain for American society will gain him the White House in 2016!

And now from November 2010, a refresher on Paul Ryan by one of the original corporate usurpers of the Tea Party, Dick Armey, discussing Rep. Ryan (R-WI and possibly the new Speaker of the House for 18 months if he decides over the weekend to risk his career and his sanity), plus, debt, Social Security, and Medicare:

Astrology: Can Astrology Describe Ted Cruz?, The Natal Chart of John Boehner, Brief Astro-Notes and "Fun Facts" on Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and Paul Ryan's Sun-Moon personality blend.

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