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Dec 11, 2015

Congress’ Conflict of Interest: Owning Stock In Pharma Companies That They Regulate - clip (w Eclipses)

Yet another outrage perpetrated by congress members in breach of the public trust!

More Than Big Pharma Has Eclipsed America

Now it isn't the US Government or the US Congress this dissenting American has lost trust in, it's the infiltrators, brigands, fraudsters, and corporate bums who've been allowed into the ranks of the US Government (thanks to an ongoing fascist coup) that I take major issue with!

You know a group of fascists attempted to interest General Smedley Butler in taking part in an overthrow of the Franklin Roosevelt administration when it was only a few weeks old (July 1933) as fascism was rising in Germany. General Butler had the integrity and the common sense to turn the traitors away but who will rescue America now that similar villains (both biological and ideological inheritors) are further along in their global government plan than in the 1930s?

So when we look to astrological indicators for societal events one of the basic methods is to consider the 18.6-year cycle of Solar Eclipses and their Lunar counterparts. Which Solar and Lunar Eclipses provided background influences within the Collective in 1933 is one question we could ask with all the 'fascist', 'Hitler', and 'Nazi' references floating up from the Collective Unconscious (where most of us had repressed them) for they are again being used by certain groups of people for their own purposes such as political persuasion. And when did the two Solar Eclipses of 1933 re-occur, and when will they affect us again with similar issues as in 1933?

On February 24, 1933 a Solar Eclipse manifested @5Pisces where transit Neptune has recently activated. This can denote frothy idealism affecting the eclipse themes but also a veiling of the true nature of its themes. Either way, with Neptune we must expect forms of self-deception, fraud, lies, illusion, mysticism, and confusion to be involved. Themes include: great passion which may have been hidden for some time (satanic nazism? ugh), lust (for power?), and procreative drives. This eclipse is part of the 7 North Saros Series and has occurred in the years 1915, (1933), 1951, 1969, 1987, 2005 (April 8 @19Aries), and next in 2023, one year after America's very first Pluto Return/s.

On August 21 the second Solar Eclipse of 1933 manifested @28Leo (near royal star Regulus) in the 7 South Saros Series. Curiously enough, this degree resonates with the natal Ascendant and rising Mars (both of which rise with Regulus, 'the king maker' star with a caution against taking revenge) in the astrology chart of Donald Trump whose rhetoric has recently inspired ugly swastika graffiti with Mr. Trump depicted with a Hitler mustache. Themes of 7 South are closely aligned with the type of events we are now reminded of in the rhetoric of candidate Trump and others of a restrictive, even draconian persuasion for the original 7 South eclipse contained forceful, ruthless Mars-Pluto content--a square influence, in fact, which is a problematic Scorpio signature.

For those who use the Scorpio rising natal horoscope for America, 7 South originated on June 22, 1248 OS with Pluto @8Sco09 Rx (conjunct the Scorpio Ascendant) and Mars @8Leo34, the natal position of the Republican Party's planet of rhetoric, planning, and voting, Mercury. Possible 7S themes include: anger, huge obstacles (Donald?) that suddenly clear, and/or a pending potential crisis suddenly manifesting (a brokered convention for the GOP?!?)

7 South repeated in the same years as 7 North, listed above.

As for 1933 Lunar Eclipses there were two: March 12 @21Virgo which conjoins the current Solar Eclipse degree of 20Vir10 (18 North; September 13, 2015: high stress level, overtaxing of strength) which brings its unconscious lunar energies into 2015-2016 along with starry Denebola (to go against society and where transit Jupiter has recently inflated.) The second Lunar Eclipse of 1933 occurred on September 4 @11Pisces so again murky Pisces with its dreamy, spendthrift, inflationary yet compassionate Jupiter-Neptune vibes is suggested.

So even though the 7 North and 7 South Solar Eclipses of 1933 do not repeat in 2015 or 2016, we have hints and events with definite Republican involvement via the Bush-Cheney regime which lorded over America and dissolved many of our constitutional freedoms in 2005 as they thought themselves to high-handedly rearrange the Middle East to suit their own draconian purposes and further their plundering interests.

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corporatism + statism = fascism

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