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Jan 4, 2016

2016 Saturn-Neptune Square: What Does It Mean? - Barbara Goldsmith

January 2016 Gets Off to Rocky Start w Saturn-Neptune Square Vibes Strengthening

Since 2010 planets Saturn and Neptune have often been mentioned here on Stars Over Washington. Examples include: separately (Saturn = government, law, business and is a societal planet along with Jupiter; austere Saturn (loss) restricts, Jupiter expands (gain) and they alternate their roles in Mundane/Political Astrology as representatives of the Democratic and Republican Parties; Neptune can inspire but also undermine, defraud, and deceive; karmic Saturn and Neptune bracket America's natal Midheaven, the Goal Point, in July 4, 1776 natal charts set for around 5:00 pm LMT (Sag rising), and their midpoint is the 'illness axis'. Together the pair denotes the weaker, poorer, needier people among us so that our social safety net programs are indicated. Their combined energies also represent such societal movements as Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and Capitalism, and our secret/invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn).

In addition, the Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune have been previously considered for the current square between them is a phase of their 36-year cycle which began in 1989 with three conjunctions: March 3 @11Cap55, June 24 @11Cap14, and November 13 @10Cap22. Ah yes, Saturn-ruled Capricorn! Sign of Government, Law, Business, Systems, and the status quo. And as you see, the 10--12 degree area of Capricorn has already been trodded upon by creepy wealthy Pluto, god of Hades and the Dragon Guarding the Hidden Treasure (not to miss the resonance with China, land of the dragon, whose stock market drooped overnight which is affecting global markets today); Pluto remains within a 5-degree orb of the 1989 conjunction/s. Therefore, the Collective is experiencing a 'hangover' from 1989 triggered in the form of the downtrodden and fearful images of Saturn-Neptune = Pluto. And let's note that 'methodical execution of plans with painstaking effort' is also denoted by Saturn-Neptune (The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin).

Now as previously discussed here, bass note Pluto in Capricorn keys such images as 'the dictator' and prescribes a long period when governments are toppled and stable institutions and systems are undermined or dissolved (Neptunian words). As 2016 begins (and with 1776's US Pluto @27Cap33 Rx), Americans are feeling the effects big-time especially since our nation has been held up as a model for the world--of democracy, freedom, independence, humanitarianism, and personal and religious liberty. Yet many of us, self included, feel that anti-American forces have taken over Washington and have and will divert America from such a noble course set upon Enlightenment principles in 1776. The 'new order' has become an outdated 'old order', the ruling elite tell us in so many ways. (Ex: a temporary government shutdown with that particular threat now permanently on the political table; even Grover Norquist's 'shrink the US government small enough to drown it in a bathtub' is a Saturn-Neptune threat!).

Years ago, America's exalted-in-Libra Saturn with its Scales of Justice changed course by progression turning retrograde in corporate/big business Scorpio (3-degrees+) where legal-minded lawmaker Saturn remains paralyzed like a fly in amber. And our national Jupiter in Cancer turned retrograde, too, in 1905 when its change of course aided the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System (SP Jupiter remains in Cancer--@15Cancer, the Pentagon's natal Ascendant showing where most of our money goes.)

Now in 2016, societal concerns affected by their tension-filled square include: Saturn in Sagittarius (foreigners/emigrants leaving their native countries, boundaries and borders, a sense of justice, legalities, asceticism and renunciation) and Neptune in Pisces (fear, paranoia, pessimism, contagions, poisons and toxins, epidemics, oil-gas issues, spiritualism, mysticism, psychism, pathological tendencies, the arts). And of course, Saturn's rigid boundaries are under threat of dissolution by urge-to-merge Neptune so corporate monopolies are under the spotlight as well and the tension of their square suggests weather disasters with earth and tectonic plates (Saturn) and water/floods/fumes (Neptune) needing release.

As Above, So Below: Looking Ahead on Such Difficult Topics

Our nation has its very first Pluto Return/s to natal position in 2022--will a new order be in place by then? Plus, the next Saturn-Neptune conjunction conjoins the Aries Point (a World Point of Manifestation) on February 20, 2026 and these cosmic events are major descriptions of what all the distopian films, TV shows, and dire predictions for global society are intended to prepare society for--you know, the 'entertainment' (propaganda) we're constantly being drenched with to make the plans of the power elite seem inevitable.

All this said, perhaps an informative report on the Saturn-Neptune square from astrologer Barbara Goldsmith is appropriate at this juncture and I hope as 2016 gets more fully underway that we'll all be able to take any Saturn-Neptune lessons learned to heart by embracing Neptunian compassion while upholding Saturnian truthfulness:


Blog Note: if I must watch depressing distopian films or films in general, my preference is the classic films and the stars who appear on Neptune's Silver Screen!

And now, here is Brett Dennen on with David Letterman, singing his song 'Heaven' which lyrically sums up all the Saturn-Neptune loss and despair mentioned in my above text. For those who believe in Eternal Life, just think--there are no politicians or prisons in Heaven!

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