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Aug 9, 2022

Saturn-Neptune and Trump's deep state shadow government

Trump Forms Deep State Shadow Government for 2024

Why? So that Trumpians will be ready to rage and misrule when their orange idol grabs the reins again!

by Jude Cowell

Through the years, when it comes to the form and structure of the US government, many Americans and various politicians have heard or used such terms as secret, invisible, or shadow government, along with the Republican propaganda term, "deep state," so popular in recent years. Such mysterious doings the labels conjure, ably stirring up anxiety within the public! Of course, "deep" relates to oceanic Neptune, while astrological Saturn rules over the realms of government, law, and business, and the extent of an actual "deep state" in the US refers to the large number of career civil servants required to keep our government systems up and running. Not very mysterious - more like dull and everyday.

So now in 2022, the US remains saddled with a former president who imagines himself still in power, and who was "fraudulently" kicked out of the White House in January 2021 by President Joe Biden, he says. But in fact, if we look up "sore loser" in the dictionary, there's an orange-hued mugshot of Donald Trump whose underhanded behavior and love of taking revenge defines the term!

The Dark Shadow of a Shadow Government

Now earlier today, we discussed yesterday's FBI search of Mar-a-Lago so the accusations are flying, with "deep state" showing up already (see above headline - from July). These disturbing circumstances, which include Trump's Lunar and Venus Returns yesterday (!) have put me in a mood to repost what Michael Munksey provides in the form of the Hegelian Dialectic in the realms of Politics and Business (in America, politics is the business) in his book, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets (#ad) concerning the realism-vs-fantasy combination of Saturn and Neptune.

Saturn-Neptune potentials for expression in political and societal realms include:

Thesis: delusions among the real leadership (aka, 'shadow government' and the aims of their misguided ideologies - jc); efficient use of expert advice; mistaken religious leaders; long lasting programs that have no real purpose; misuse of law officers; policies which restrict spies.

Antithesis: leaders deceive about the exercise of control; respected people involved in questionable practices; a leader capitulates; deficient business practices exposed; reliable equipment failures.

Well, I don't know about you, but to me most of the Saturn-Neptune potentials listed here describe perfectly the misguided, loose-cannon style of the orange blighter, his wide girth stuck to the bottom of America's Roman sandal like a big fat wad of sour, smelly bubblegum that only grows more problematic and unsavory with age.

Jun 15, 2016

The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government - video

In 8 minutes 44 seconds, here is John W. Whitehead explaining America's Deep State which is what Astrology has called the Secret, or Invisible (Neptune) Government (Saturn) as seen in US natal charts that are set for late afternoon of July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA.

Personally I tend to use 5:09 pm LMT for America because it places two of the Cardinal World Points on the MC (Goal; Aspirations)/IC (Home; Endings) points. This also places 1776 Saturn (14Libra) and Neptune (22Virgo) on each side of the 00Libra MC which suggests that the now-named 'Deep State' or a Secret/Invisible Government was established from America's founding. And my suspicion has been that the 1776 out-of-bounds Pluto (27Capricorn) was and remains a significator of power elite bosses (then and now) who pull the strings--from abroad:


Of course, the karmic duo of Saturn and Neptune also involves such systems as Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Capitalism--all the oppressive -isms you'd care to name as mentioned in yesterday's (related) post concerning the natal chart and work of H.G. Wells, 'new world order' promoter.

Apr 16, 2016

The Fed's New Moon, Mars Rx Station 2016, and Yellen's Secret Meetings

April 2016: Is a Global Financial Collapse on the Horizon?

As you may have heard, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen this past week called to order a few secret emergency meetings, one with President Obama, as detailed in an article from ZeroHedge: Day After Obama Meeting, Yellen Confirms Fed "Focused on Main Street...Helping All Americans" yet such an altruistic aim is quite a different story compared to the Federal Reserve Bank's usual modus operandi.

So with tomorrow's Mars Retrograde Station @8Sag54 it may be 'profitable' to have a look at the Fed's New Moon horoscope of December 1, 1910 when Senator Nelson Aldrich, German banker Paul Warburg, and the J. P. Morgan agents and other New York bankers masqueraded as "Hunters Starting Out for Ducks" and left New York City by midnight train for a few days in order to hold their secret meetings in private on Jekyll Island, Georgia. While there, a New Moon perfected, as you see below, and this darkened period is when feathers flew as plans were hashed out to form America's central banking system, the one Janet Yellen now heads as 'The Fed'. Of course, at that time the Banking Panic of 1907 was used to justify such desperate and aggressive action:

Also note that there is a T-Square between the Jupiter-Saturn opposition with its energies expressing at Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart. This culmination of Jupiter and Saturn by opposition had begun with their Great Conjunction @14Capricorn on November 28, 1901 so things had been simmering for some time; Jupiter-Saturn relates to government officials (ex: Senator Nelson Aldrich also 'hunted ducks' and his name was placed atop the 'Aldrich Plan' to hide culpable bankers' fingerprints) and to philosophers, to checks and balances, and to issues of expansion vs restriction. Of course, 14Cap opposes US natal Sun (the president) which spotlights Woodrow Wilson 'taking destiny in his hands' with this bankers' charade--one of them was his son-in-law.

Now you know that in Astrology Mars acts as a handy dandy trigger of events. You also know that a planet is extra strong when stationing on a degree as Mars will do Sunday April 17, 2016 @8Sag54 at 8:14 am edt--conjunct the difficult star Antares (good fortune but sudden loss) and the Fed's New Moon of 1910 @8Sag49. Is this significant? Well, there are echoes from 1910 to 2016 since the Fed is now having secret meetings. Especially when we consider that many economists (and astrologers) have been prognosticating financial collapse in 2016. Will this year (or 2017) bring the complete collapse of global markets and currencies that Neoliberal Utopians of the von Mises-Hayek persuasion have long planned in order to fully implement an agenda of World Government via control by money? The US central banking system was implemented in order to control money, the US government, credit, and gold/silver markets. If the Monetary Trust's incremental plans aren't timing out quite right or a bit too soon for their ultimate purposes it won't be for lack of planning.

And yes, Tyler Durden's article linked above includes Janet Yellen's gentler Main Street objective for "helping all Americans" and it would be super to be able to believe that the current threat of collapse is not merely a timing issue. But if you believe her concerning Main Street, it might be good to first consider the above chart in light of the April 17th Mars Rx Station hitting the Fed's New Moon at its inception, plus, the knowledge that testy Mars will Station Direct @28Scorpio at the end of June, re-enter Sagittarius the first week of August, and join this New Moon's meeting and planning Mercury @19Sag28 (in the corporate/big business 8th house of the chart) on or about September 11, 2016.

Significant? Well, both New and Full Moons can behave much like Eclipses with a New Moon acting as a Solar Eclipse, a 'wild card of the Universe' which can cause disruption in similar fashion to bolt-from-the-blue Uranus while uncovering inconvenient secrets no matter how long they've been hidden.

For one reason, 2016 Mars to 1910 Mercury seems significant to me because trickster Mercury is apex planet of a YOD pattern (special task; turning point; crisis) as you see, highlighted in pink--with Mercury in the 8th house of Finance as noted. So before I close this fussy post, I'll add a few midpoint picture potentials below for 1910 Mercury and for 2016 Mars as apex planets of the YOD between secretive, fraudulent dreamer Neptune (@21Cancer, near US natal Mercury Rx--and soon to oppose US natal Pluto in Capricorn, a power-and-resource-eroding transit) sextiling both the 19Taurus Ascendant and North Node, a point of encounter and future direction. These wayward bankers in 1910 redirected America's future direction all right by finessing a central banking system which the American people never wanted--see the cartoon, below. NY bankers and their allies illegally and surreptitiously shoved a bill through Congress on December 23, 1913 and President Woodrow Wilson doltishly signed it. Then they pretended it was law.

(And this illegal banking system is what 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders argues against on the campaign stump though he must be aware that 'breaking up the big banks' will never be enough to stop these crooks who embedded themselves into the US government and took control of our economy decades ago in the shadow of a New Moon when things tend to go bump in the night. Hopefully, transit Mars won't trigger the bump or the night.)

So here are the YOD's midpoint pictures using Ebertin and Tyl for guidance; see if you think any of them applied to circumstances in 1910 or apply now to the big mess they've engineered and which seems to be nearing a major tipping point:

Neptune-NN (lack of community spirit) = 1910 Mercury: making secret arrangements and deceiving others; false expectations; unreliability. With 2016 Mars: inability to adapt to circumstances or conditions; disharmonious working environments.

Neptune-ASC (exploitation, illusion, deceit, abuse or betrayal of confidence; liars and crooks) = 1910 Mercury: malicious scheming; exploitation of others; guided by wrong impressions; misconceptions about other people; taking the wrong path. With 2016 Mars: angry upsets or quarrels; suffering harm or damage; primitive or instinctive urges wrongly expressed; unpleasant teamwork.

And now we could do worse than to close with an often cited statement by Rep. Charles Lindbergh Sr from December 23, 1913, and one of the famous cartoons of the era:

"This Act established the most gigantic trust on earth. When the president signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed..."

For more information you may wish to check out The Fed Octopus.

Jan 31, 2016

Stealthy Pluto Creeps into His Own!

Is a great philosopher turning over in his grave at the news? It is reported that Plato's mythical Ring of Gyges is no longer a myth but reality.

On an astrological level, we have sneaky spy, saboteur, and assassin Pluto continuing its plod through Saturn-ruled Capricorn and approaching America's first-ever Pluto Return in 2022, and now years of research and development are reported to have come to fruition. This draconian scientific breakthrough sounds like worsening levels of mayhem and destruction to me but perhaps you disagree: Quantum Stealth Invisibility Cloak, From Canada's Hyperstealth Biotechnology, Gets Pentagon Backing. Well, of course it's backed by America's Death Star Pentagon, invested in no doubt. After all, the degree of US natal Mercury (July 4, 1776) has a revealing Sabian Symbol full of Pluto's influence: "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" (Jones)...and US Mercury in Cancer opposes natal Pluto in Capricorn across the security axis. Creepy.

Plus, the troubling effects of a US Pluto Return are heightened by the fact that by degree, transit Pluto will first oppose US natal Mercury @24Cancer+, a time of mental manipulation, transformation in our ways of thinking (already on Science's accomplished list), and the misuse and abuse of knowledge, secrets, and confidential information. Transit Pluto will be within a 5-degree orb of opposition to US natal Mercury as soon as March 2017, denoting mind control projects, total awareness technologies, and the evolution of propaganda methods. These Pluto transits wildly activate America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition which has always intruded upon We the People! Unintended consequence or not, this entire Pluto power grab should be a real boost for the criminal underworld--and it has nuclear implications as well.

Meanwhile, Plato's question in The Republic (Book 2), Would people act morally if their actions were undetectable and unaccountable? is automatically answered since acting morally is no consideration for the hidden hand of cave dweller Pluto in governmental Capricorn. Curious that news of Pentagon backing for this project of immoral proportions is revealed under the current Saturn (government, law, business)/Neptune (hidden, secret, invisible) square from seeker Sagittarius to secretive Pisces. Telling, I would say.

So even if a cloak of invisibility 'revolutionizes' the military industrial complex (the war waging industry), it seems an illegitimate way to conduct business. But if announcing 'the cloak' is meant to increase the level of fear, anxiety, and paranoia in the world it's perfect for that along with creating unfair advantage and thus such gains create massive amounts of negative *karma. And now, with draconian flourish, the dream of a Ring of Gyges finally comes to life...ready to steal lives and other treasures without being seen or suspected while acting as an agent of the Deep State. Oh Canada.

Related posts: 2016: the Saturn-Neptune Square - What Does it Mean? includes a Barbara Goldsmith video presentation, and Natal Chart of the Pentagon containing a bi-wheel with the January 2010 Solar Eclipse added to the Death Star's natal chart which makes for quite a messy double horoscope image thanks to my chicken scratch notes. Sorry.


*As a Saturnian astrologer, my preferred definition of the natural law of karma is: reaping what was sown; and in military terms: blow back.


And for readers who prefer lighter fare than heavy Pluto and ancient philosophers, check out my new glamour-drenched blog Neptune's Silver Screen for horoscopes, video clips, movies, documentaries, and bios of your favorite classic film stars! And if you like 'NSS', please encourage me to continue publishing the blog by sharing! Jude

Jan 4, 2016

2016 Saturn-Neptune Square: What Does It Mean? - Barbara Goldsmith

January 2016 Gets Off to Rocky Start w Saturn-Neptune Square Vibes Strengthening

Since 2010 planets Saturn and Neptune have often been mentioned here on Stars Over Washington. Examples include: separately (Saturn = government, law, business and is a societal planet along with Jupiter; austere Saturn (loss) restricts, Jupiter expands (gain) and they alternate their roles in Mundane/Political Astrology as representatives of the Democratic and Republican Parties; Neptune can inspire but also undermine, defraud, and deceive; karmic Saturn and Neptune bracket America's natal Midheaven, the Goal Point, in July 4, 1776 natal charts set for around 5:00 pm LMT (Sag rising), and their midpoint is the 'illness axis'. Together the pair denotes the weaker, poorer, needier people among us so that our social safety net programs are indicated. Their combined energies also represent such societal movements as Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and Capitalism, and our secret/invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn).

In addition, the Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune have been previously considered for the current square between them is a phase of their 36-year cycle which began in 1989 with three conjunctions: March 3 @11Cap55, June 24 @11Cap14, and November 13 @10Cap22. Ah yes, Saturn-ruled Capricorn! Sign of Government, Law, Business, Systems, and the status quo. And as you see, the 10--12 degree area of Capricorn has already been trodded upon by creepy wealthy Pluto, god of Hades and the Dragon Guarding the Hidden Treasure (not to miss the resonance with China, land of the dragon, whose stock market drooped overnight which is affecting global markets today); Pluto remains within a 5-degree orb of the 1989 conjunction/s. Therefore, the Collective is experiencing a 'hangover' from 1989 triggered in the form of the downtrodden and fearful images of Saturn-Neptune = Pluto. And let's note that 'methodical execution of plans with painstaking effort' is also denoted by Saturn-Neptune (The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin).

Now as previously discussed here, bass note Pluto in Capricorn keys such images as 'the dictator' and prescribes a long period when governments are toppled and stable institutions and systems are undermined or dissolved (Neptunian words). As 2016 begins (and with 1776's US Pluto @27Cap33 Rx), Americans are feeling the effects big-time especially since our nation has been held up as a model for the world--of democracy, freedom, independence, humanitarianism, and personal and religious liberty. Yet many of us, self included, feel that anti-American forces have taken over Washington and have and will divert America from such a noble course set upon Enlightenment principles in 1776. The 'new order' has become an outdated 'old order', the ruling elite tell us in so many ways. (Ex: a temporary government shutdown with that particular threat now permanently on the political table; even Grover Norquist's 'shrink the US government small enough to drown it in a bathtub' is a Saturn-Neptune threat!).

Years ago, America's exalted-in-Libra Saturn with its Scales of Justice changed course by progression turning retrograde in corporate/big business Scorpio (3-degrees+) where legal-minded lawmaker Saturn remains paralyzed like a fly in amber. And our national Jupiter in Cancer turned retrograde, too, in 1905 when its change of course aided the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System (SP Jupiter remains in Cancer--@15Cancer, the Pentagon's natal Ascendant showing where most of our money goes.)

Now in 2016, societal concerns affected by their tension-filled square include: Saturn in Sagittarius (foreigners/emigrants leaving their native countries, boundaries and borders, a sense of justice, legalities, asceticism and renunciation) and Neptune in Pisces (fear, paranoia, pessimism, contagions, poisons and toxins, epidemics, oil-gas issues, spiritualism, mysticism, psychism, pathological tendencies, the arts). And of course, Saturn's rigid boundaries are under threat of dissolution by urge-to-merge Neptune so corporate monopolies are under the spotlight as well and the tension of their square suggests weather disasters with earth and tectonic plates (Saturn) and water/floods/fumes (Neptune) needing release.

As Above, So Below: Looking Ahead on Such Difficult Topics

Our nation has its very first Pluto Return/s to natal position in 2022--will a new order be in place by then? Plus, the next Saturn-Neptune conjunction conjoins the Aries Point (a World Point of Manifestation) on February 20, 2026 and these cosmic events are major descriptions of what all the distopian films, TV shows, and dire predictions for global society are intended to prepare society for--you know, the 'entertainment' (propaganda) we're constantly being drenched with to make the plans of the power elite seem inevitable.

All this said, perhaps an informative report on the Saturn-Neptune square from astrologer Barbara Goldsmith is appropriate at this juncture and I hope as 2016 gets more fully underway that we'll all be able to take any Saturn-Neptune lessons learned to heart by embracing Neptunian compassion while upholding Saturnian truthfulness:


Blog Note: if I must watch depressing distopian films or films in general, my preference is the classic films and the stars who appear on Neptune's Silver Screen!

And now, here is Brett Dennen on with David Letterman, singing his song 'Heaven' which lyrically sums up all the Saturn-Neptune loss and despair mentioned in my above text. For those who believe in Eternal Life, just think--there are no politicians or prisons in Heaven!

Dec 23, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt: Invisible Government (Neptune-Saturn) and his Sun-Moon Blend

Invisible government, secret government, whatever we call it, our Saturn (planet of government, business, law) Neptune (invisible, secret, deceptive) psychos have been manipulating strings from behind the scenes since the beginning of this nation (from 'Mother' Britain, I suspect.) Even Teddy Roosevelt, an American aristocrat, admitted it though having him say it may have been a political ploy meant to release some steam building within the public cauldron:

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”

Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906

Perhaps it's somewhat curious that Teddy Roosevelt's natal horoscope shows two dynamic T-Square patterns--one with his 3rd house Saturn in Leo as apex planet, the second with apex Neptune in its own sign of Pisces in his 10th house of Public Status and Career--and there are indications of falsehood and incorrect behavior (Venus-Jupiter = Neptune), and his well known ruthlessness is shown by Sun-Pluto = Saturn (Ebertin.) A Jupiter-Neptune square tends toward maudlin sentimentality, overindulgence, and promising more than can be delivered (politics!)

Of course, his Saturn-Pluto square denotes a dictatorial attitude and a life full of plots and intrigue so you may wish to view his bio and natal horoscope with its Watery (and very secretive) Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer personality blend if you are unfamiliar with it.

Freemason Teddy was quite a doozy with his expansive, boasting, 'bully pulpit' Jupiter in talkative Gemini rising!


Blog Note: if you may, please direct your attention to a new sidebar addition of a video embedded a few minutes ago. It's Senator Bernie Sanders' Social Democracy speech delivered on November 19, 2015 at Georgetown University in case you missed it and are curious. jc

Oct 23, 2015

Papantonio: The Shadow Government That Runs Washington - video (w/ Saturn-Neptune)

Considering the rather frequent mention on Stars Over Washington of the longstanding Saturn (government; management)/Neptune (secret; invisible; shadow) influence upon the July 4, 1776 natal chart and leadership of America you might think that the following video would have been posted here about a year ago so, a year late, here it is:


The Thesis-Antithesis of Saturn-Neptune in Political Astrology

You may find many a close description of our nation within the following potentials for expression of the Saturn-Neptune pair of energies when they combine. And in the country's late afternoon natal chart/s (July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Saturn exalted at 14 Libra in 10th house and Neptune at 22 Virgo in 9th house snug around the Midheaven (MC), the Goal Point of the chart denoting America's aspiration in the world.

An angular midpoint picture is thus formed which perfected in 1778/9--Saturn-Neptune (3 Libra) = MC (00-1 Libra): using shortened, inefficient methods when tough, dedicated, and completed work is needed (*MM); wavering between materialistic and idealistic inclinations; a peculiar character (Ebertin.) The typical old Capitalism vs Socialism vs Communism vs Bolshevikism vs Marxism vs Zionism ideologies are suggested though -isms also fall under the exploitative, violent Pluto-Chiron pair of energies which add and identify Plutocracy vibes.

Saturn-Neptune potentials for expression in political and societal realms include:

Thesis: delusions among the real leadership (aka, the shadow government and the aims of their misguided ideologies); efficient use of expert advice; mistaken religious leaders; long lasting programs that have no real purpose; misuse of law officers; policies which restrict spies.

Antithesis: leaders deceive about the exercise of control; respected people involved in questionable practices; a leader capitulates; deficient business practices exposed; reliable equipment failures (perhaps we should include the US Congress in that last one.)

And perhaps the ultimate goal (MC) of all: control (Saturn) of the masses (Neptune)...the global masses.


*Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets by Michael Munkasey, and The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

Feb 1, 2014

"How You Are Enslaved and Why You Don't Know It"-- Max Igan (video)

There's really only one law: Do no harm. Presenting, "How You Are Enslaved and Why you Don't Know It," by Max Igan:

And here's some unsurprising news as leaked by Edward Snowden which concerns more revelations of NSA spying on Americans if you're up for it.

Plutocracy and Pluto are part of the elusive matrix that gains power via our belief in it and as you know, transit Pluto has been traversing the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn (government, law, and business) for a few years now and we've seen government heads topple, and many institutions (Capricorn) dissolve, break down, or transform (Pluto.)

And one of the watershed moments in the modern history of the so-called 'new world order' that now threatens nation-state sovereignty across the globe is the Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune, planets of the Enlightenment (or, the Age of Reason.) What midpoint picture forms when transit Pluto enters the degree-range of their Great Conjunction/s which occurred 3x through 1993 and which give us an exact hour and date with which to set up a modern-day birth horoscope for the 'new world order'?

The degree-range is 18Cap33 (October 24, 1993, the natal chart I tend to use and the third conjunction of three), and 19Cap34 (February 2, 1993, the first of their conjunctions in the last 171 years.) Of course, it's typical to use a 5-degree orb, either side, for slower moving outer planets like Pluto of the Underworld--here, approximately 13 to 24 degrees of Cap.

Transit Pluto enters this range of influence upon the Uranus-Neptune pair with full intent on or about January 19, 2017 until February 27, 2018 using a one-degree orb though its insidiousness will be felt a year or two earlier by those sensitive to Pluto's underground frequencies and its desperate need for manipulation and control. When blended together, Uranus-Neptune denotes a variety of things such as: an awakened spiritual world, 'reason and faith shake hands', peculiar inclinations, new methods of subversion including drugs, underhandedness, and groups that exploit oil and chemical resources--just think of how many groups (corporations) are actively destroying water tables, oceans, and rivers already.

Uranus-Neptune = Pluto

If a majority of the global population choose to retain our unfortunate state of unawareness and are apathetic about preferring good over evil, the positive and negative potentials which can manifest and relate to the topic of the "paper-based matrix" and the perversion of natural law as mentioned in the video embedded above include: a 'big picture which demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise' (Tyl); 'inspirational ideas that can change the world; disagreement or rebellion causes extreme destruction' (Munkasey); 'those who are easily impressed by others; to remain at the mercy of external conditions and circumstances without trying to make a firm stand; abandoning resistance; the necessity to give in; great losses; calamities; catastrophes' (Ebertin.)

Now I only post this because I want you to know in case you hadn't gotten around to checking out the heavy-handed Uranus-Neptune = Pluto midpoint picture yet and naturally other transits and chart factors will apply. However, transit Pluto is and has been at 13Cap already so time's a-wastin' and if the 13 to 24 degree-range of Capricorn affects one or more of your natal planets or Angles, you may wish to pass on as many of Max Igan's enlightening presentations as you wish because 2014 is definitely Wake Up Time.

Mar 1, 2012

Barack Obama hearts Teddy Roosevelt? Uh-Oh!

March 1, 2012

Just an interesting article link for you today meant especially for those who like to read about historical figures: Contrarian: Teddy Roosevelt Laid Bare from History Today which questions the wisdom of President Obama's hearkening back to Teddy Roosevelt and the early days of Progressivism in America.

Now if I weren't packing for the moving van, I could really get goin' on the Astrology of Teddy R! Instead, here's a bit of Astrology concerning TR's natal chart which includes his intriguing quote about America's invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn).

US natal Neptune 22Vir25 + US natal Saturn 14Lib48 = US natal Midheaven (Goal; Aspiration) in the Sibly horoscope (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA; MC 00Lib53, a World Point of Manifestation...kind of like 'Manifest Destiny', the idea of expansion without end, as we now see--and expansive Jupiter ruling US natal ASC.)

Saturn/Neptune = delusions about the real leadership. (Munkasey.)

Saturn/Neptune = MC: materialism v idealism. (Ebertin.)

Apr 26, 2011

Horoscope USA: Uranus in Gemini Rising

Shown: America's natal horoscope with Uranus in Gemini Rising July 4, 1776 2:22 am LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; it remains a Venus Hour as in the US Sibly chart, and Venus, Mars, and Pluto retain their out-of-bounds status.

Click to enlarge the chart for more details.

The following is one of the several potential birth charts for the founding of America. There are two historical hints as to the potential for this chart's use: Benjamin Franklin's famous image quixotically smiling in front of Independence Hall Clock, the hands of which point to 2:22 (or 2:21, if you prefer) which could be pm or am, plus, a tale of Thomas Jefferson overseeing Mr. Dunlap, printer of the Declaration of Independence, at such a late hour which times the first copy of the Declaration to come off the press. Whether either hint is correct, I do not know. But considering the horoscope which results from using this birth time, it's an interesting chart to investigate.

For one thing, there's the then-recent discovery of a planet which relates to freedom, independence, individualism - yet Aquarian groups - and rebellion, Uranus. Typically associated with our nation and the American Revolution, Uranian traits describe America in a nutshell. Add to that, the of-for-by-government of an Aquarian Moon (Moon = we-the-people) near MC, the Goal Point of the chart, tells of Aspirations and Public Status for a democratic government...yet these days, reptilian brains have taken over what should be our helm and forced our aspiration to go on life support.

Having Uranus rising, the higher octave planet associated with Aquarius (with Saturn ruling AQ) supports our Aquarian Moon at Midheaven and gives the nation a Moon-Saturn-Uranus vibe. (The November 2008 presidential election occurred during a Saturn-Uranus opposition = status quo v progress; the battle goes on.)

Outer: transits for today, April 26, 2011 are penciled in (orange.)

In this chart, three of our natal planets 'back up' one degree in the Zodiac when compared to the usual 'Sibly' version of our national birth chart. These are, in order of rising: Mars ('21Gem' = "A Labor Demonstration"), Venus ('3Can' =
"A Man All Bundled Up in Fur Leading a Shaggy Deer" - Venus precisely conjoins 2nd cusp 2Can21), Sun ('13Can' = "One Hand Slightly Flexed With a Very Prominent Thumb". This picture always reminds me most of former President Bill Clinton who couldn't seem to give a speech without leveling his thumb at us.)

Our telling Sabian Symbol for natal Jupiter ('6Can') remains the same, "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", which refers imho to the nature of the Corporate Venture at the foundation of the New World Atlantis, America, the Colossus which was invented and always intended to straddle the globe in the future, the realm of progressive Uranus.

Naturally, planets are posited in different houses (departments of life) here as opposed to the Sibly chart. And our nation's tendency to go to war based on lies and false reports (duplicitous Gemini) is well-represented by the warring, rebellious, violent, explosive Mars and Uranus pair rising and in 12th H of Karma and Self-Undoing, and Mars in the 1st house of Self.

The Uranus Rising chart contains a Grand Trine of sorts but we must stretch degrees if we wish to include Uranus at ASC, Moon at MC, and our exalted-in-Libra Saturn in 5th H. Our Cancer planets continue to keep us sentimental for the past and how things used to be; the 2/8 Desire Axis of Money, Resources, Credit, Debt, Death, and Transformation is highlighted by Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun (leadership); Venus and Jupiter are associated with money, banking, and evaluation issues. As you see, transit Pluto in early Capricorn is now visiting the 8th house of this chart; the upcoming US Pluto Return will fall in the 9th house of this natal chart...transforming philosophy?

Of course, for conspiracy theorists of the Invisible Government persuasion, there's natal Pluto in olde countrie Capricorn which hints at secret controls and manipulation (Pluto) coming from abroad (9th H) though the Sibly chart (5:10 pm LMT) gives a strong plutonian picture as well: controlling, obscenely wealthy Pluto (global banks, ancient bloodline rulers) in 2nd H of Money and Earning Ability, as The Fed controls the US government by printing its money.

As you know, America's natal horoscope with Uranus Rising gives a different chart-ruler bwo Gemini: our retrograde Mercury in 3rd H (rather than the Sibly's Sag ASC ruled by an exalted Jupiter.) Plus, rising Uranus becomes a higher octave 'ruler' of the chart affecting our nation on a cellular level yet on a higher plane as well (Uranus = genius, creative inspiration, the collective, and how one behaves which here, is like a multi-tasking yet possibly deceptive Gemini, sign of Communications and Trade.)

America's natal planetary aspects which are problematic are retained in this chart: a Sun/Saturn square, a Mars/Neptune square, and our Mercury/Pluto opposition of propaganda, surveillance, spying, and obsessive thinking about wealth.

Besides Moon 18AQ15 rising with SIRIUS, this chart shows two major Fixed Stars - Royal Stars of Persia - one rising and one setting. These stars are not quite angular in the Sibly chart but here we have them prominent.

The Watcher of the East, Aldebaran (Alpha Taurus) indicates 'success through integrity', 'facing moral dilemmas that challenge integrity', 'great honor that will not last', and 'success that will make enemies'.

The Watcher of the West, Antares (Alpha Scorpius) indicates 'toughness and pugnaciousness, 'good for military careers', 'keen mentality and courage with a caution of self-destruction', 'going to extremes either intentionally or unintentionally', 'successful efforts honed through the fires of experience', and 'ruthless and obsessed with success'.

Well, Spring is a busy time around here so my blogging hours have been minimal of late, plus, I always take a little time off for Easter, the most important 'holiday' of the year.

So if you've never viewed America's Uranus Rising natal horoscope, here you go, with my compliments. There are more factors worth mentioning, of course, but my schedule decrees that I ask you to consider this posting of the chart as a reference point for further discussion. Watching transits and progressions that affect this version of America's natal chart may be of some interest and I hope you'll investigate as you wish!

Aug 29, 2009

Invisible government as Octopus: a famous quote round-up

"There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself."

Dan Inouye United States Senator for Hawaii

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as 'international bankers.' This little our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen...[and]seizes...our executive officers...legislative bodies...schools...courts... newspapers and every agency created for the public protection."

John Francis Hylan (April 20, 1868 - January 12, 1936), Mayor of New York City from 1918 to 1925.

"I'm going to be so much better a president for having been at the CIA that you're not going to believe it."

George Bush (41st US President 1989 - 1993, b.1924)


Famous Quote Round-up courtesy of the excellent Information Clearing House Newsletter...subscribe today.

And here's a newspaper article from the past by John Hylan where he blames the greed of big bankers for our nation's being on the verge of bankruptcy! Sounds eerily familiar, yes?

And you know that if you cross your eyes as you gaze at America's natal chart ('Sibly' version; July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA), you see a planetary picture with our Virgoan Neptune and Libran Saturn on either side of Midheaven which gives this word picture to our nation's aspirations (Mc) by way of secret or invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn)...

Sat/Nep = Mc: wavering between materialism and idealism; peculiar loss of ambition; moodiness; capitulating to the demands of the environment totally. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Or to put it more simply: 'invisible' or 'secret' government is the pentacle of aspirations and the path of worldly success for the US government. Argh.

Borry sastards. If this is the case, then we-the-people have been set up from the start as supported by US Pluto positioned in controlling Capricorn and out-of-bounds of the earthly plane, an icy place from whence the Dragon makes his own plans toward his own goals...and devil take the American people - along with the rest of the world, too, come to think of it.

Jun 25, 2009

Bernanke testifies 6.25.09 and Astrology takes note

With Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testifying on Capitol Hill today, I've taken a meander down SO'W's Memory Lane for Bernanke posts and found 11 of them.

Here are two which will remind you, among other things, of the August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse (10 South) which is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the New York Stock Exhange (into which the NYSE was born 1792) and thus is very telling for how things have proceeded within the US financial system since the current manufactured collapse:

NYSE and its Solar Eclipse Series 2008 was written before the financial collapse of summer 2008 and contains many details of a financial nature which Astrology describes quite well (I may not, but Astrology does.)

So if you're tempted to think that astrological cycles have nothing to do with financial cycles, perhaps it's time to change your mind!

Then there's Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed which quotes past NY Mayor John Hylan concerning the "small group of banking houses" being the head of the "invisible government which like a giant octopus" has invaded local and federal governments of the US of A. Only in the New Millennium - more completely, as planned.

So check out these posts if you get a moment, and if you see Ben tell him this blogging gnat of an American said, hello there, we'd like our America back, please.