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Jan 29, 2017

The Astrology of 2017: Year of the Rooster - Gahl Sasson video

2017: The Year of the Rooster Brings a Call to Action!

During my early years of astrological studies, several branches of the ancient craft were investigated but my personal link to Washington DC (twice a resident) and a long term interest in Politics (4 natal planets in governmental Capricorn) made Mundane Astrology, and specifically Political Astrology, a preferred focus of my studies. Yet Chinese Astrology speaks to many people, of course, so when I discovered the following video report by global astrologer and spiritual teacher Gahl Sasson concerning 2017 as the Year of the Rooster, it reminded me of our new president, Mr. Trump, his self-promoting, bombastic ways, and 2017 as his first year in office.

For as you've undoubtedly noticed, our new boaster-in-chief proudly crows of his own greatness at every opportunity (and then some!), and the off-and-on activation by transit Jupiter, planet of expansion and promotion, of the 23rd degree of Libra, plus, the fact that Mr. Trump is in the midst of a three-fer Jupiter Return (his @17Lib27), have all inspired me to embed this 2017 video report and add the Sabian Symbol for 23 Libra, below. First, here's Gahl:

Be sure to visit Gahl Sasson at his Cosmic Navigator website.

For America, 2017's 'Call to Action' Must Work Both Ways

'23 Libra': Chanticleer Salutes the Rising Sun with Exuberant Tones - Keyword: FERVOR; positive expression: a fearless self-affirmation which gains a sympathetic attention and wins immediate allegiance from the hearts and minds of everybody (what Mr. Trump desperately desires from the public and from the press - jc); negative (unconscious--jc) expression: ill-starred conceit and ineffective bombast (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones).

Perhaps such an unconscious expression of the crowing rooster archetype suggests that Mr. Trump has no idea how others actually see him or his actions. He seems to have quite a different view of himself--including physically--than most of the rest of us do and lives in a fantasy world all his own while his Mercury-Neptune square imagines that his policies are more supported by the majority than they are. And so for many reasons, We the People must hear and respond to 2017's call to action with actions of our own!

Now each new president redecorates the White House and the gilded Mr. Trump could never be an exception to this particular tradition. However, it's all too telling that he chose to hang a portrait of Andrew Jackson in his new office as a symbol of their shared 'populism' which brings with it a (perhaps unconscious) nod to their shared preference for ethnic cleansing. That Jackson as president voraciously fought against the establishment of an American central banking system (the vipers!) is apparently and perhaps purposefully lost upon Mr. Trump as he chose his billionaire Cabinet members. So far Mr. Trump's intentions promise to injure, or perhaps paralyze, the US economy (exs: repeal the ACA/'Obamacare'; place up to 20% tariffs on Mexican imports; deport workers which the agricultural and other industries depend upon).

If such executive actions, rubber-stamped by a Republican-led Congress, cause a major downturn in the US economy and cause extreme suffering across the land, no amount of crowing will bring the rooster-esque Mr. Trump the popular approval he so hungrily craves.

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