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Feb 4, 2017

Trump Sets Up Next Great Recession - video report

Feb 3, 2017: you'll remember that Mr. Trump and other of his minions threatened the ruination of the Dodd-Frank legislation and its protections for the American people and the US economy during his campaign and since, and today he's been chipping away at, and will ultimately destroy, its provisions. That seems reckless and irrational because, since having Dodd-Frank in place, the US economy has chugged along under an Obama administration the last eight years while the dandies on Wall Street have been doing just dandy fine. The DOW even broke through the 20,000-point barrier recently and still Mr. Trump is determined to use a sledge hammer where some patching up would do:

Video report courtesy of The Young Turks Network.

But you know those reactionary Republicans--they're attempting the same overkill with Obamacare (the ACA) when it only needs some major patching up in order to be improved--without causing too much strife for those who need its coverage. To this particular Child of the Revolution it seems that the Trumpians are trying their best to send an enraged We the People into the streets with pitchforks raised so the thugs can try out their nifty military style police and other brutal forces against us (not recommended).

There will be more on similar topics soon when my post on the American Revolution's Prenatal Eclipse is published here so please stay tuned, if you so desire. And yes, its themes are curiously synchronous with current events, more's the pity.

America. We're going to miss her when she's gone.

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