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Nov 3, 2017

On Kent State 1970 and Donald Trump

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before the horrid Kent State Massacre and Nixon's criminal abuse of power came up in conversations across America concerning Mr. Trump's perceived and apparent misbehavior and his ham-fisted presidency. Some of his behavior, at least, seems premeditated yet with a heavy sauce of chicanery ladled on and lying on a bed of steamy racketeering.

Note that as transit Uranus in late Aries currently approaches the Midheaven of the Kent State Massacre Horoscope (linked, above) we find Mr. Trump's natal Pluto (10Leo02) rising in the chart. Significant?

Born in Queens NY on June 14, 1946, the well-placed Mr. Trump was about to turn 24 yo on May 4, 1970 so he was of college age, one assumes. Or, out of school and already floatin' get-rich-quick schemes, one imagines. Anyhow, the future mogul must have had some kind of emotional reaction to the outrageous event (even if only make-believe for public consumption) but who can say with a man who expresses so completely the Mercury-Neptune-square energies he was born with. Other planetary aspects might have offset the negative (falsifying) energies of the square with its 'distorted perceptions about others', indiscretion, and deceit (both to and from). Transcendence is possible for human beings of course but ultimately he would have to decide for himself and would really want to change his selfish ways.

Until Mr. Trump shows a willingness and an ability to change, the American people and the world are stuck with his Uranus @17Gemini+ in 10th house of Public Status, Recognition, and Career--leading the rest of his planets in a peculiarly chaotic march through our lives. Those determined to collapse America are well on the way to their goal--or want us to believe they are and can't be stopped (kinda like a Void-Of-Course Moon phase when something nefarious is being carried out). Quirky is as quirky does.

Now many folk say that change for Donald Trump is impossible or, at best, doubtful. And yet I'm placing a topical Poll near the top of the SO'W sidebar in a jiff to see what you think. Please take a moment to respond!

Note: the post linked above shows the "Point! Fire!" Horoscope set for Kent Ohio 12:24 pm on May 4, 1970. Included is a video concerning the event which will be disturbing for some viewers. Please use with caution. jc

Trump Current Lunar Phase and SP New Moon 2019.

The Oriental Planet of Donald Trump (electrifying magnetic Uranus).

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