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Jan 4, 2018

An Astro-Peek at the Furious Trump-Bannon Battle!

With fiery Mars-rising Donald Trump's upcoming medical examination on January 12, he really needs to keep his blood pressure under control by avoiding furious rage-outs. But what are the chances of that for Mr. Retaliation, the resident-in-chief, born not only with Mars rising in proud Leo but asteroid Tisiphone--retaliation--at his MC 24Taurus along with enraged star of violent fury Algol?

Well, expert astrologer Marjorie Orr has just published a piece on the Fire and Fury controversy of Mr. Bannon's criticism of Trump and Family that the book reveals if you wish to read her assessment (scroll past the Prince Harry-Meghan Markle charts which you may also wish to check out). An Amazon link to Michael Wollfe's book is linked, below.

Now previously, I've posted on Steve Bannon's natal Jupiter (with a nod to his conscience-free Saturn) and today I'll add a link to a previous post showing the natal chart of Julian Assange with Bannon's 'noon' natal chart around it. (And note Bannon's natal Venus (vengeful when scorned) is @19Scorpio which is traditionally an 'evil degree' and has two nasty fixed stars there. Devore says it's "the crucial point between the Ego and the Supreme Will".)

Transit Mars to Natal Mercury: Time for a Fuss

Looking at Mr. Bannon's planets, you can see that the current position of transit Mars (quarrels, fights, fires, activism, motives) conjoins Bannon's natal Mercury, planet of quotes and opinions, in mid-degrees of Scorpio, sign of betrayal and the need for self-control. And when transit Mars conjoins natal Mercury, verbal combat as he speaks his mind is a likely outcome and with subsequent chaos involved. Certainly another major bump on the Trump-Mercer-Koch-GOP road to chaos and government collapse has occurred.

Plus as you know, transit Mars and Jupiter are about to conjoin in Scorpio so the Trump-Bannon battle may be affected by this pair which in Politics and Business suggests potentials for: advice which angers or inflames others, action taken in response to legal judgments (also a hint concerning Paul Manafort's just-filed lawsuit against Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation?), and/or judgment of enemies or those who seek to do battle (Munkasey).

An so it seems (unless this is only another fascinating Trump distraction from what's really going on), a Trump-Bannon battle is now enjoined and with Mars and Jupiter about to meet, book sales of Michael Wolffe's Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House are already proving to be brisk and furious!

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