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May 7, 2018

Rudy Guiliani: Sun Gemini-Moon Leo plus Eclipses

A Brief Astro-Sketch of Rudy Guiiliani

by Jude Cowell

The natal data and horoscope of former NY mayor Rudy Guliani is rated A (from memory) if you'd care to take a look. Ascending is 29Vir47 with 29Gem06 at Midheaven, the Career and Public Status Point--which makes Mercury ruler of his chart and public status. His Mercury @12Tau50 (8th house) is unaspected (see details, below) and has an interesting Sabian Symbol:

'13Taurus' = "A Man Handling Baggage." That he does! Dane Rudhyar gives this degree a Keynote of: "Self-mobilization for social advantage"...COMPULSION FOR GAIN." This identifies Guiliani as "a man of ambition" (not that we need Astrology to determine that).

Yet with the task master planet of authority and authenticity, Saturn, at Midheaven, one must wonder if the placement's usual 'fall from grace' caution applies to Guiliani or will at some point apply. For as you know, Mr. Guiliani is Donald Trump's current 'face' on national TV and his recent appearances have stirred more turbulent storms rather than quelled them (perhaps purposefully!). For more Rudy info, I highly recommend last night's not-to-be-missed 15-minute segment by HBO's John Oliver on Rudy Guiliani.

And from Stephen A. Crockett a few minutes ago: Rudy Guiliani is Either a Spy for the Left, an Idiot, or Both Because He's Destroying the President With Every Interview.

Additional Rudy Astro-Notes

Born May 28, 1944 at 2:30 pm EWT in Brooklyn, New York (King's County), Mr. Guiliani's Air-Fire 'live wire' personality blend of Sun Gemini-Moon Leo resonates strongly with Trump's Gemini and Leo planets. Rudy's high-frequency, erratic Sun @7Gem16 and Uranus @8Gem49 conjoin at the degree of Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse degree in the 2 Old North Saros Series which repeats on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer (among the twin stars Castor and Pollux!) 2 Old North themes are: unfortunate news and separations though fast action can bring good results (Brady). Both Guiliani and Trump have quirky Sun-Uranus conjunctions though Trump's conjunction has North Node in between. So how long will Uranian Trump keep Uranian Guiliani as adviser when they both love to hog center stage? One must wonder. We should also note that this degree range of Gemini is that of America's natal Uranus of 1776--our nation's totem planet of independence, freedom, revolt, disruption, and separation.

Yes, Sun Gemini-Moon Leo personalities prefer center stage, thanks, and can become haughty when feeling unappreciated. It's a colorful combination of conscious and unconscious energies with its eye to the main chance and although Rudy was disappointed not to be chosen for White House service in 2016, he's there now, as improviser and shill for the braggart--in-chief. Fantasies of royal blood sustain his efforts toward performing to impress and thereby to improve his own social position yet a Saturn-Neptune square--angular in his chart--suggests tendencies toward fear, paranoia, confusion, and involvement in scandals and intrigue. Well, scandals and intrigue are givens under Donald Trump (who also has royal ambitions with kingly Regulus rising) so Rudy must feel quite at home now--assuming he still works for 'kingpin' Trump by the time I complete this typing!

We should also consider that Guiliani's natal Moon @23Leo49 conjoins ego-expanding Jupiter in Leo (20:02) and his Moon is close enough to Trump's natal Mars rising to add vigor and perhaps emotional upsets to their association. As for taking center stage, a Leo Moon's reigning need for constant approval, applause, and public performance is well known. So Rudy's emotional need for attention is bottomless but so is Donald Trump's so they have that not going for them.

Plus, Trump's problematic Mercury-Neptune square of fantasy and dishonesty is supported by Neptune Rising Rudy who was born under a highly imaginative Mars-Neptune sextile (2S02) and preference for fantasy over reality. Rudy's powerful out-of-bounds Pluto in Leo conjunct his natal Mars suggests involvement with weaponry, the military, violence, and/or underworld crime and of course his Mars-Pluto duo was busy while he was a mayor instituting draconian policing policies against certain New Yorkers. Born less than two years prior to Donald Trump, these men share Mars and Pluto in romantic Leo placements though not conjunct by degree--both have had three wives, and both are associated with violence.

Changeable Mercury in Stubborn Taurus in Charge!

Leader of a BOWL shape tipping across his Career axis, Rudy's 8th house Mercury in Taurus rules his chart (physical body; Virgo ASC) and Gemini Midheaven (Career; Public Status--both angles at 29th critical degrees) yet these degrees conjoin Cardinal World Points of Fame and Fortune (00Libra-00Cancer). Yet little Mercury, planet of communications and negotiations, is unaspected in his chart which emphasizes his corporate/big-business and occult 8th house and inclines him toward inflexibility and a lack of adaptation to change. Unaspected Mercury (which I've called the 'tofu planet' for soaking up the planetary energies it touches) benefits from contacts with other planets but here, alas, Mercury cannot. This indicates that Rudy is not inclined to weigh all sides of an issue and has difficulty recognizing alternative theories, ideas, and opinions. His communications occur in a spurt-like manner, he appears to be hyperactive, and his interests are limited. Plus, some threat of eventual mental deterioration may be present which is something that Geminis tend to worry about anyway via their "am I going crazy?" anxiety (a dual mind: Castor vs Pollux, light vs dark, etc.) One look at Rudy's wild eyes and we may wonder about his mental capacity, too, along with his 'colorful' rhetoric, questionable logic, and obsessive topics.

Rudy Guiliani's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE')

Prior to his birth, Rudy's PE in the 18 South Saros Series perfected on January 25, 1944 @4AQ32 in his 5th house and at birth was opposed by his natal Mars (3Leo34--and by extension, his n Pluto 6:44). 18 South themes echo those of Donald Trump's 2 Old North PE: endings, partings, separations, anguish, grief--but new situations can bring positive results' (Brady). Cynically, this can be said to describe Guiliani's profiteering on the WTC attacks of 9/11/01. Plus, a PE in Aquarius denotes one who doesn't see past events as a burden but as karmic opportunities and a guide for future development. And when I mention 'karmic' I always mean reaping what's been sown, a natural law of the Universe (which effects even Donald Trump whose karmic overload must be huge--but we each have our own). In Aquarius, Rudy's PE indicates that "whimsical changes and contradictory efforts interrupt karmic progress and add to the accumulation of karmic debts." (Rose Lineman; my italics).

Well! Perhaps I should leave SO'W now and see if Rudy is still 'the face' of Team Trump!

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