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Nov 29, 2019

The RICO Act, Little Caesar, and Donald Trump

November 29, 2019: A 10-minute explanatory video R.I.C.O. and the Decline of the Mafia provides several points of interest concerning the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that Richard Nixon signed into law on October 15, 1970.

Its nickname inspired by the main character 'Rico' in the 1931 film Little Caesar (4m clip), played by Edward G. Robinson, the RICO Act made it possible to indict not just mobsters but mob bosses as well, to seize assets, use 'guilt by association', and later to go after street gangs. RICO was first used on September 18, 1979 (US vs Scotto), and in the 'Decline of the Mafia' video you'll find references to its use by the SDNY office and Rudy Giuiliani who played for the lawful side as a prosecutor (one assumed at the time!) but is now aligned with the very mob-like Trump, a "Little Caesar" of our day, artistically pictured here.

As landmark legislation, prosecutions via the RICO Act made "rat or rot" a popular slogan of the day as 'snitches' turned on their mob bosses to avoid or lessen their own prison sentences, something Trump probably loses sleep over every night. Being snitched on has to be one of the primary reasons Big T obstructs his minions' testimonies, first in the Mueller investigation, now in the Impeachment Inquiry.

How could scofflaw Trump not suffer from consciousness of guilt with so much to hide?

See New Trump Probe Looks a Lot Like a RICO Investigation (The Daily Beast February 8, 2019) and Trump Investigations and the RICO Conspiracy Puzzle. Apparently, conspiracy is easier to prove. But would a racketeering indictment of a corrupt, impeached, faithless, mobbed-up politician be more satisfying for the American people?

So being curious, I checked for any planetary contacts of note between Trump's natal planets (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY) and those of October 15, 1970 and September 18, 1979 ('noon'). Of course, in 1970 he was 24, in 1979 the New York 'playboy' as he styled himself, was 33. What I found was inconclusive in both cases since there are a number of contacts both positive and negative, but the September 18, 1979 planets made the most contacts (including squares from Sun and Moon to natal Sun-Moon and a Neptune-conjunct-natal-Mercury contact which echoes his natal Mercury-Neptune square of fantasy, deceit, and indiscretion). An exact aspect on October 15, 1970 is Saturn quincunx natal Moon (0S00) suggesting emotional turmoil (caused by legal eagle Saturn?) and an undercurrent of guilt.

However, these results indicate to me that the RICO Act probably will not be used against Donald Trump with his decades-long links to global and domestic organized crime but if it ever is, odds are he has a chance of 'beating the rap' in spite of any rats ratting him out.

UPDATE Dec 23, 2021: Things aren't looking as rosy these days for mobster Tr*mp so maybe RICO will be used after all! jc

Nov 25, 2019

Trump Impeachment Gallery of Rogues and Knaves

With current events spawning within a seriously compromised Washington DC and piling one upon another in squirming fashion, I'm ready for a round-up of related posts in an attempt to place the culprits, goons, rogues, knaves, and complicit compadres of Trump into some sort of order bwo certain previous posts, plus, a few ladies to mop his beleaguered brow.

And please note that there's a 100% chance that the lens of Astrology will be utilized:

The Natal Planets of Putin and Trump.

Capricorn Mike Pompeo named Secretary of State.

From 2007 Rudy Guiliani May 28, 1944 (only a sunrise natal chart) and 2018's Rudy's Sun Gemini-Moon Leo plus Eclipses (links to his A-rated natal horoscope).

Astro-Notes: Stephen Miller.

Don McGahn's natal planets (noon horoscope shown with May 21, 2019 transits).

Gemini Sun Bill Barr.

Astro-Notes for Kellyanne Conway (still clinging to Trump's coattails and spinning!

On the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse and Aspects of Roger Stone, the recently convicted and perhaps soon to be pardoned.

Some links between The Natal Horoscopes of Capone-Manafort-Trump. Also see Paul Manafort: The Ram and the Bull.

Horoscope: FBI Raids the Office of Trump's Lawyer Michael Cohen who now sits in prison for doing what Trump directed him to do.

Astro-Chart Round-Up: Ivanka, Don Jr, and Eric. And Dual Natal Charts: Ivanka and Jared (noon charts shown).

In the Realms of Jupiter: Steve Bannon. Plus, Natal Horoscopes: Assange with Bannon!

The Natal Chart of Stormy Daniels with Sappho Rising.

And remember the very lovely Hope Hicks? She wishes you wouldn't! Horoscope and Astro-Notes on Hope Hicks.

In addition:

DC Horoscope: 1st Public Impeachment Inquiry.

Crimea, Scheat, and the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction.

The erosion, deceit, and conspiracy theories continue inspired by The Republican Party's Neptune Return (conspiring Neptune in shady Pisces, of course).

Horoscope: Russia - Flag Raised December 25, 1991.

Trump's opinion of bragging politicians 1999 !!!

Republicans brag about handling Putin !!! (see Thom Hartmann video number 2).

From December 2016 (we were all so much younger then): More Cronies Added to Trump's Koch-Head Cabinet (video).

And last but hopefully not least, the ever-popular Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump? which includes a link to Trump's natal chart for those who dare.

May 7, 2018

Rudy Guiliani: Sun Gemini-Moon Leo plus Eclipses

A Brief Astro-Sketch of Rudy Guiiliani

by Jude Cowell

The natal data and horoscope of former NY mayor Rudy Guliani is rated A (from memory) if you'd care to take a look. Ascending is 29Vir47 with 29Gem06 at Midheaven, the Career and Public Status Point--which makes Mercury ruler of his chart and public status. His Mercury @12Tau50 (8th house) is unaspected (see details, below) and has an interesting Sabian Symbol:

'13Taurus' = "A Man Handling Baggage." That he does! Dane Rudhyar gives this degree a Keynote of: "Self-mobilization for social advantage"...COMPULSION FOR GAIN." This identifies Guiliani as "a man of ambition" (not that we need Astrology to determine that).

Yet with the task master planet of authority and authenticity, Saturn, at Midheaven, one must wonder if the placement's usual 'fall from grace' caution applies to Guiliani or will at some point apply. For as you know, Mr. Guiliani is Donald Trump's current 'face' on national TV and his recent appearances have stirred more turbulent storms rather than quelled them (perhaps purposefully!). For more Rudy info, I highly recommend last night's not-to-be-missed 15-minute segment by HBO's John Oliver on Rudy Guiliani.

And from Stephen A. Crockett a few minutes ago: Rudy Guiliani is Either a Spy for the Left, an Idiot, or Both Because He's Destroying the President With Every Interview.

Additional Rudy Astro-Notes

Born May 28, 1944 at 2:30 pm EWT in Brooklyn, New York (King's County), Mr. Guiliani's Air-Fire 'live wire' personality blend of Sun Gemini-Moon Leo resonates strongly with Trump's Gemini and Leo planets. Rudy's high-frequency, erratic Sun @7Gem16 and Uranus @8Gem49 conjoin at the degree of Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse degree in the 2 Old North Saros Series which repeats on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer (among the twin stars Castor and Pollux!) 2 Old North themes are: unfortunate news and separations though fast action can bring good results (Brady). Both Guiliani and Trump have quirky Sun-Uranus conjunctions though Trump's conjunction has North Node in between. So how long will Uranian Trump keep Uranian Guiliani as adviser when they both love to hog center stage? One must wonder. We should also note that this degree range of Gemini is that of America's natal Uranus of 1776--our nation's totem planet of independence, freedom, revolt, disruption, and separation.

Yes, Sun Gemini-Moon Leo personalities prefer center stage, thanks, and can become haughty when feeling unappreciated. It's a colorful combination of conscious and unconscious energies with its eye to the main chance and although Rudy was disappointed not to be chosen for White House service in 2016, he's there now, as improviser and shill for the braggart--in-chief. Fantasies of royal blood sustain his efforts toward performing to impress and thereby to improve his own social position yet a Saturn-Neptune square--angular in his chart--suggests tendencies toward fear, paranoia, confusion, and involvement in scandals and intrigue. Well, scandals and intrigue are givens under Donald Trump (who also has royal ambitions with kingly Regulus rising) so Rudy must feel quite at home now--assuming he still works for 'kingpin' Trump by the time I complete this typing!

We should also consider that Guiliani's natal Moon @23Leo49 conjoins ego-expanding Jupiter in Leo (20:02) and his Moon is close enough to Trump's natal Mars rising to add vigor and perhaps emotional upsets to their association. As for taking center stage, a Leo Moon's reigning need for constant approval, applause, and public performance is well known. So Rudy's emotional need for attention is bottomless but so is Donald Trump's so they have that not going for them.

Plus, Trump's problematic Mercury-Neptune square of fantasy and dishonesty is supported by Neptune Rising Rudy who was born under a highly imaginative Mars-Neptune sextile (2S02) and preference for fantasy over reality. Rudy's powerful out-of-bounds Pluto in Leo conjunct his natal Mars suggests involvement with weaponry, the military, violence, and/or underworld crime and of course his Mars-Pluto duo was busy while he was a mayor instituting draconian policing policies against certain New Yorkers. Born less than two years prior to Donald Trump, these men share Mars and Pluto in romantic Leo placements though not conjunct by degree--both have had three wives, and both are associated with violence.

Changeable Mercury in Stubborn Taurus in Charge!

Leader of a BOWL shape tipping across his Career axis, Rudy's 8th house Mercury in Taurus rules his chart (physical body; Virgo ASC) and Gemini Midheaven (Career; Public Status--both angles at 29th critical degrees) yet these degrees conjoin Cardinal World Points of Fame and Fortune (00Libra-00Cancer). Yet little Mercury, planet of communications and negotiations, is unaspected in his chart which emphasizes his corporate/big-business and occult 8th house and inclines him toward inflexibility and a lack of adaptation to change. Unaspected Mercury (which I've called the 'tofu planet' for soaking up the planetary energies it touches) benefits from contacts with other planets but here, alas, Mercury cannot. This indicates that Rudy is not inclined to weigh all sides of an issue and has difficulty recognizing alternative theories, ideas, and opinions. His communications occur in a spurt-like manner, he appears to be hyperactive, and his interests are limited. Plus, some threat of eventual mental deterioration may be present which is something that Geminis tend to worry about anyway via their "am I going crazy?" anxiety (a dual mind: Castor vs Pollux, light vs dark, etc.) One look at Rudy's wild eyes and we may wonder about his mental capacity, too, along with his 'colorful' rhetoric, questionable logic, and obsessive topics.

Rudy Guiliani's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE')

Prior to his birth, Rudy's PE in the 18 South Saros Series perfected on January 25, 1944 @4AQ32 in his 5th house and at birth was opposed by his natal Mars (3Leo34--and by extension, his n Pluto 6:44). 18 South themes echo those of Donald Trump's 2 Old North PE: endings, partings, separations, anguish, grief--but new situations can bring positive results' (Brady). Cynically, this can be said to describe Guiliani's profiteering on the WTC attacks of 9/11/01. Plus, a PE in Aquarius denotes one who doesn't see past events as a burden but as karmic opportunities and a guide for future development. And when I mention 'karmic' I always mean reaping what's been sown, a natural law of the Universe (which effects even Donald Trump whose karmic overload must be huge--but we each have our own). In Aquarius, Rudy's PE indicates that "whimsical changes and contradictory efforts interrupt karmic progress and add to the accumulation of karmic debts." (Rose Lineman; my italics).

Well! Perhaps I should leave SO'W now and see if Rudy is still 'the face' of Team Trump!

Apr 21, 2018

Special Counsel Mueller and asteroid Mueller!

If you're like me, you have a life and so you've been making meager attempts to keep up with the news on the Mueller investigation while longing to appreciate the happy parade of attorneys hired by Donald Trump in an effort to keep him in the Oval Office. Perhaps you've caught up with the five-minute April 20, 2018 MSNBC segment "Very Unlikely Rudy Guiliani Will End Robert Mueller Investigation", a video that is something of a hoot if you haven't heard it. Basically, New Yorkers Rudy and Donnie are too much alike!

1944 Meets 2017

The reason I'm thinking (again) of the Mueller investigation is that as I looked through a list of personal name asteroids I noticed asteroid Mueller (number 4031) so I plugged in Robert Mueller's birth date (August 7, 1944) at and discovered Mueller @2Leo32. Then I checked the horoscope of the day Mr. Mueller was appointed Special Counsel in the Russia-Trump Probe (May 17, 2017) and there was asteroid Atlantis @2Leo01--key phrases: where we feel doomed, divine retribution -- and also the abuse of power!

So given that Astrology works in an AC-DC fashion (energies flow in both directions or alternate) some will say that the abuse of power is on Special Counsel Mueller's side. But for those who believe Robert Mueller's ethics trump those of con man/reality 'star' Donald Trump, you know the feeling of doom must be all on the side of the kingpin-in-chief.

1776 Meets 1946

In addition, you know I had to check for Trump's asteroid Mueller on his date of birth (June 14, 1946) and it clocks in @13Ari05--closely opposing America's natal Saturn exalted in Libra (14:48) and planet of government, law, business--and The Establishment.

Any thoughts on this cosmic synchronicity of asteroids and the ethics involved?

A Related Post: Transits to the Natal Planets of Robert Mueller (includes a speculative natal horoscope for him timed by Moon to Aries Point).

Oct 24, 2016

In 2016 Even Dead People Don't Vote Republican!

In These Late Days Mr. Trump Sees Zombie Voters

Over the weekend, former NY mayor Rudolph Guiliani continued his advocacy on behalf of Donald Trump and the candidate's "rigged election" claims that include the idea that dead people vote. However, Mr. Guiliani puts a finer point to the argument by noting that dead people tend to vote Democrat which must fairly suggest the opposite--that dead people (who usually have sent in their ballots and then had the misfortune to achieve their demise prior to Election Day with many states counting their votes) so that a compelling argument may be made for the idea that even dead people don't vote Republican, a wise choice which this blogger heartily yet belatedly agrees with.

As he increases the odds for a future status as a sore loser (and in this he is definitively Republican), you may wish to check out Mr. Trump's Bogus Voter Fraud Claims at

Sep 24, 2007

Rudy Guiliani May 28, 1944

Born in Brooklyn, NY, May 28, 1944, the Sun arose for Guiliani that day at 6Gem55 with the Moon clocking in at 19Leo23--conjunct Jupiter (Geo Bush has an expansive Moon/Jupiter conj natally in Libra.)

Since the Moon was in Leo for the 24 hours of his birthdate, we may use Sun Gem/Moon Leo for his personality blend, a blend shared by poet Walt Whitman: "I celebrate myself; I sing myself." Seems appropriate.

Sun Gem/Moon Leo (Air-Fire = a "live wire" full of exciting ideas and the ability to communicate them with zeal and enthusiasm; taken to the extreme Air-Fire = bombast, bluster, and a tendency to be carried away by own rhetoric and eloquence; has charisma and joie de vivre; with Airy Sun and Firey Moon: the effect of a hot-air balloon; a Utopian idealist seeing ever more distant sunny shores; may ride on a moralistic high horse):

This combo indicates one who is a colorful conversationalist and storyteller, convivial with a childlike sense of fun, and a good dramatist. He's good at improvisation, generous, and intellectual and he embodies the eternal child (Gem = the puer) whose fantasies of royal blood (Queen E knighted him for helping with 9/11--in precisely what capacity I do not know) ensure a confident social performance.

This blend assumes its natural right to be exactly who he is: astute and somewhat mischievous. A flair for self-dramatization may be behind his recent "phone calls from the wife" schtick which weirded out so many people during recent speeches (including his important you-can-vote-for-me speech to the NRA!)

There is a rebellious streak here as well and a fussiness which may turn up in the love life. This is a strong but not overbearing personality interested in a wide variety of human perspectives (can this trait cause the dreaded flip-flopping?)

Guiliani is a natural salesperson and "ideas person" who doesn't like to be pigeonholed (who does? unless they're a pigeon), and when it comes to big issues he tends to argue with a sense of impassioned authority.

Yes, Rudolph can be a true inspiration to others (through communication at least.)

Greatest Weaknesses: haughtiness and stubbornness which surface when feeling unappreciated; energies put into excessive socializing which keeps abilities from being fully developed; the need for flattery and for holding center-stage.

Image for Integration (Sun = conscious mind, Moon = unconscious mind--and blending them makes a whole, self-aware person):

A king holds court and surprises his audience by joining the mandolin player in a duet of song and story.

With Moon in Leo, RG's reigning need is for approval, recognition, and applause, all of which the game of politics seems to have supplied him with in abundance, with fake phone calls as part of the act.

So if you click to enlarge his natal (sunrise) chart, you'll see that all planets lie within 12Taurus--2Libra. A bowl pattern is formed which looks a bit unbalanced, doesn't it? It certainly concentrates his energies into an all-about-me view--same for George Bush's natal chart and Leonine psyche. Yet somehow I wonder if Guiliani's concentration of planets is at least partially on the partnership side of his natal chart?

With 'working class' heritage from his parents, he could have Virgo rising, couldn't he? And that would give him a very full Public hemispheric emphasis, if so.

Yet the 'empty' signs and degrees--from 3Libra through 11Taurus--have midpoints, asteroids, and South Node within them. This *blog is not written to teach Astrology (although I can't prevent it if a smidge accidentally filters though) so let's stick with a few basic things about former NYC mayor Guiliani. Besides, there are plenty of Astrology tutorials online, if you wish to study them!

Such as: his Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE):

Occurring prior to his birth on Jan 25, 1944, this is the 18South Series which Brady's Predictive Astrology gives as:

endings, separations, and partings which could bring grief and anguish, yet these separations bring new situations and encounters which lead to positive outcomes.

This is the PE of Marilyn Monroe, btw.

The 18S Series last manifested Feb 2, 1998--during his marriage to Donna, wife #2. Its next occurrence: March 19, 2016. (Perhaps current wife Judith should be told?)

In youth Rudy considered the priesthood y'know, but it seems the romantic lay-dees won out! But can Rudy win the presidential sweepstakes in 2008?

Transit Mars has been visitng his natal Saturn, planet or authority and responsibility. This is a time of becoming more focused and organized. It's a time for careful planning. There may be dental work or minor surgery, colds or flu and obstacles encountered now are usually found to be of one's own making.

There is hurrying flavor to this transit with a touch of rebellion against the rules. Yet greater credence may be given to age or experience before taking action--it's a good time to ask advice from one's mentors.

And tr Midas has been hanging about with his Sun/Uranus conj in Gemini and possibly bankrolling his progressive political inclinations. Sun conj Uramus is free-wheeling, willful, and arrogant with its bad self. (Oops--was that a smidge of Astrology leaking through? Sorry!)

This pairing is intolerant of tradition and the social limitations that result from it--hence his three marriages, one may suppose; and Sun conj Uranus supports the "live-wire" quality already mentioned. Politics is a perfect career for a Sun/Uranus individuals, but a stable relationship is a must for keeping the natural eccentricity tamped down to acceptable-in-society levels.

Well, Hillary Rodham Clinton certainly sounded and looked presidential on the Sunday political programs yesterday, so I'd say that jolly Guiliani has a lot of issues to become more serious and better informed about asap--because empty bombast and amusing stories won't be enough--and the usual political dirty tricks have become such a bore.

Sun/Moon info from Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.

(Click to enlarge chart for a few more details.)

* This blog is written to make comments about politics and varminty politicians by use of Astrology. Shameless, I know. But so are the pocket-liners.

And did you know that Mr.A.Cat has transmitted a new limerick A Hillary Cat which is now published at Lim's Limericks? He has.

Restraint! says Bush

NPR is reporting that the White House is advising the use of restraint to the Myanmar government against the protesting Buddhist monks.

Restraint!! can you imagine that no one in the White House sees the irony (or hypocrisy) in recommending what the neocons could well have used in 2003 while doing the world a big favor?

Restraint is what millions of people all over the world pleaded for Bush-Cheney to take to heart instead of boogyin' to their hotheaded drumbeat toward an oil-drenched, profit-infused war which has destabilzed the region and given a huge boost to Iran's machinations!

Wonder how things are going at Columbia U?

SO'W note: am preparing a Guiliani post...stay tuned!