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Jan 27, 2022

The US Perpetual Union Horoscope 1781

Our Perpetual Union Horoscope with Stars and Asteroids

by Jude Cowell

Because the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were ratified on February 2, 1781, it is constitutionally illegal for a state to secede from the Union. Should someone remind fasc*st Republican sore heads and the neo-naz*s who now try to destroy America's Perpetual Union of this fact? Not that they would care. They prefer to float through a fantasy world of their own design.

However, yours truly prefers realism which includes Saturnian Astrology, so here goes:

A few months ago we discussed the February 2, 1781 US Perpetual Union Horoscope set for a speculative 5:00 pm LMT Annapolis, Maryland, an hour I found online. Tonight I'm happily publishing a more accurately timed horoscope, same date and location, set for 2:37 pm LMT as provided by historian-astrologer Gary Lorentzen (see his vimeo link, below). Planetary contacts with fixed stars are notated on the chart along with a few positions of asteroids on that historic day.

So on February 2, 1781 at 2:37 pm in Annapolis, 15Can51 arose and you'll find the three applying Ptolemaic aspects of chart-ruler Moon listed, lower left corner (in money sign Taurus), plus, a few details concerning the Air-Earth Sun AQ-Moon Taurus blend of conscious and unconscious energies are penned on, upper right; note that Adlai Stevenson was born under this blend so his famous quote is added: "A hungry man is not a free man":

As you see, The Goal Point ('MC' = Midheaven) has gold-loving MIDAS atop it @26Pis17, while a Sun-Saturn sextile indicates leaders (Sun) who are good managers (Saturn) of resources. A YOD pattern (crisis; crossroads; special purpose) with the Sun-Saturn sextile forming its base is marked but not listed as such since technically it has no third planet, only the 1781 Ascendant (@15Can51 which turned out to be the 1942 Ascendant of our money pit of a Pentagon, and also the position of US Jupiter Rx by progression). Anyway, as a midpoint picure, I've listed "caution" as a primary potential for Sun-Saturn = ASC. A streak of Saturnian conservatism is indicated.

Spotlighted in green, is financier and politician Jupiter, the Great Benefic, @25Sco12, as apex of the Venus-Neptune midpoint, with the picture's deceptive potentials penned on the chart, lower right. Now as you know, like Taurus, Scorpio is also a money sign of Big Business (and spying!) and the Mercury-Pluto conjunction suggests that secrets were afoot. The Syzygy Moon of this event @5AQ00 conjoined wealth-hoarder (or even spymaster) Pluto (New Moon exact on January 24, 1781) so a critical time of development is suggested.

So in closing, perhaps a reader or two may be interested in leaving an on-topic, name-tagged observation concerning this 1781 Historical Horoscope, or the event the planets describe, and this would be an encouraging development for the continuance of Stars Over Washington! jc

A Recommended Presentation is the US Powell Horoscope of July 1, 1776 by Gary Lorentzen.

Apr 27, 2021

May 2021 Lunar Eclipse reacts to December 2020 Solar Eclipse Themes

Solar/Lunar Eclipses Knit Together December 2020 and May 2021 and Beyond

by Jude Cowell

April 27, 2021: As you know, the Lunar Eclipse that accompanies a Solar Eclipse provides clues concerning our instinctive reactions to the karmic situations and conditions associated with the previous Solar Eclipse. The current 'cosmic blinks' fall into the Gemini-Sagittarius sector of the Zodiac with its Mercury-Jupiter influences that spotlight logic, reasoning, mental agility, fluent communications, morals, ethics, and the search for ultimate truth. All this as "the big lie" and its spawn continue to undergird the anti-democratic objectives of the Republican Party and sore losers cause nothing but trouble.

So while society remains under the auspices of the difficult 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 (until about the June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse, listed, lower right on the chart - conjunct the former guy's natal Moon-SN) which manifested upon the very day of the 2020 Electoral College Vote (the GOP's political bone of contention), here's a look at December 2020's 4 South Eclipse with its karmic themes of 'strong feelings over money and/or relationships; a sudden desire to end relationships' (Brady), plus, the accompanying Lunar Eclipse of May 26, 2021 @5Sag25 which significantly conjuncts, reflects, and reveals transiting Nemesis (@17Sco43 in December) conjunct the eclipsed Moon. Both eclipses are Total, thus bringing strong influences upon conditions and events.

Planet Mercury (highlighted in green), is out-of-bounds ('OOBs') in both charts, isolated from input by the rest of the planets, and opposing its Sag position of 2020 by the time of the 2021 Lunar Eclipse, when it's happier in its own sign of Gemini, as you see. Obviously, potential shifts in communications and planning are denoted along with changes in other realms ruled by Mercury such as commerce, education, and young people's concerns (increased innoculations?). Changeable Mercury is chart-ruler in May (ASC 26Gem24) and as such, applies to a dramatic inconjunct with powerful, wealthy Pluto (adjustments are needed), a pleasant conjunction/meeting with Venus, then speeds on to trine expansive Jupiter in compassionate Pisces (conjunct MC and benevolent Fomalhaut!) bringing uplifting ideas and plans, some perhaps of the 'big picture' variety.

Note that in December, the Virgo-Pisces polarity is intercepted, a karmic implication suggesting veiled factors being hidden from view but which must be dealt with. My suspicion is that the May 2021 Lunar Eclipse conjunct the Saturnian South Node (of the Moon) indicates that best results can be attained when past hurts and festering grudges are let go so that forward progress can be made and new opportunities embraced. This would be the wisest way to respond to the difficult conditions and events heralded by the December 2020 4 South Eclipse. Yet not everyone can manage to do this. I refer to the May Eclipse's Midheaven holding high asteroid Niobe (the grieving mother) along with the Saturn-Neptune midpoint of suffering, illness, loss - and the social safety net programs so many of us need right now.

Now at critical degrees in both charts we find Mars, planet of energy, action, motivation, and conflict, in 2021 squaring his 2020 position in his own sign of Aries and indicating an unfavorable period for decisive action, a lack of cooperation, and lending a forceful, determined air to what are very busy proceedings. There's a decidedly masculine influence pervading activities which may lift slightly with Mars in Cancer, sign of family and home, although in emotional Cancer, the potential for fiery anger often increases - especially for those with hot tempers - while the square brings blockages, frustration, and delay. Plus, significantly, Mars is the planet of police and military men and at the Lunar Eclipse, asteroid HOPI joins Mars with its ambush and/or prejudice vibes. The two stars of Gemini also join in - Castor and Pollux - so that 'murder, cruelty, crippled limbs, mental illness, and/or sudden fame or loss' (A. Louis) continue as possible outcomes in certain situations especially those involving (rogue?) police officers or the military (deployed and coming home: Cancer). Meanwhile, we should be aware that difficulties, conflicts, and hostilities could peak around the first week of June 2021 when Mars and Pluto oppose one another across the Cancer-Capricorn axis, a cosmic suggestion that interfering with the status quo will be more unwise than usual due to the tremendous, forceful energies within the Mars-Pluto combo along with the Lunar Eclipse conjunct Nemesis and leading a Locomotive shape of planets which indicates a 'high-powered executive ruthlessly determined to achieve success'.

Wonder who?

Mar 28, 2021

Horoscope: US Slave Trade's Prenatal Solar Eclipse

Racism in America: And So It All Began

by Jude Cowell

March 28, 2021: As you know, the first African slaves were traded in America at Hampton, Virginia on August 25, 1619. Meant to supply cheap labor for the plantations of Virginia including Jamestown Colony, the introduction of enslaved, initially unskilled workers triggered the beginning of the racist issues our society continues to grapple with today - or not grapple with as the case so often is.

Tobacco was the lucrative industry of the era and displacing indentured workers of the Caucasian persuasion with slaves created conditions in early America of starvation and deep resentment of whites against folks who were forcibly transported here through no fault of their own.

A 1619 Solar Eclipse Describes Historical Conditions and Events

Below is the horoscope of the 'First Slaves Traded's Prenatal Solar Eclipse' which perfected on July 11, 1619 (Total) in the 18 South Saros Series. 18 South's themes could not be more appropriate to events: 'Endings, partings, separations' (Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad), plus, the eclipse @18Can31 conjuncts 1619 Pollux and activates the star's influences of: murder, rape, cruelty (A. Louis). And with disruptive Uranus in Cancer nearby and rising, break-ups of family units and separation of parents and children occurred and cruelly continued through the years, as you know. Plus, planet Uranus also represents change and/or change of direction as eclipses do. For America in 1619, trading slaves certainly was that.

Now in addition, all solar eclipses in the Moon-ruled sign of tribal Cancer, sign of family, home, and protection, suggests emotional extremes and karmic family ties - ties that were negated by slave traders and most Virginians who participated in the proceedings as a handy way to increase profits (moneybags Jupiter in pioneering Aries at Midheaven leads a BOWL shape of planets with a Mars-Neptune Conjunction of exploitation at IC, the Foundation of the Matter.

See lower left for the only applying aspect of chart-ruler Moon and the fear and anxiety it contains, plus, there's the dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross of direct confrontations and strong ambitions to succeed. With Jupiter at MC ('The Goal') it seems obvious that making money was the point (as if we didn't already know!).

Other interesting chart factors concerning racist and other issues are penned on the eclipse chart should you wish to enlarge the image, check them out, and leave a comment if you dare. Note two Sabian Symbols in particular: that of Venus ("12Gemini"; upper in blue) and that of 18 South's initial degree (lower right, red and blue; August 20, 1096 OS) of "4 Virgo" = "A Colored Child Playing with White Children" (Jones):

Jun 2, 2020

Fascism Rising Eclipse of 1933 repeats in 2023

June 2, 2020: Considering the current unrest and turbulence in our nation with National Guard troops ordered or threatened to be ordered to various cities across the land - and with a vision of Trump hunkered down in a bunker - an updated post on the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse Horoscope of 1933 may be of interest. Learning from history so as not to repeat mistakes is a grand thing if it can be accomplished! Unfortunately, given the speed with which America has been sabotaged by authoritarian entities and with martial law and dystopia potentially on the horizon, it seems at this point that the fascist types are the ones who have learned from their mistakes and improved their tactics.

Yes, it is depressing but as progressive author and broadcaster Thom Hartmann always says, Despair is not an option. Thom also says, Democracy is not a spectator sport, so get out there! and finally, Americans are doing just that, taking to the streets, but with the predicable result that paid operatives and anti-democratic thugs of the klannish persuasion are apparently among the crowds in order to stir up violence and destruction, discredit the protests, and give government a justification for clamping down (when we're already under lock down!). The use of subterfuge against We The People, a time-honored tactic of Uranian-Plutonian types, reveals the saboteurs' plan to institute military control of the population thereby completing their government coup and keeping demagogue Trump throttling the helm of the White House. See or review Summer 2020: Uranus-Pluto and Crisis. And note that America's natal Sun in Cancer (July 4, 1776) will be 'eclipsed' by the Lunar Eclipse of July 5, 2020 which is basically the cosmic gift of an eclipse for our national birthday.

Hopefully, the implied changes of direction inspired by the three Summer 2020 eclipses, although turbulent, will turn America toward a more positive course and any secrets or inconvenient facts revealed will uplift democracy, not reduce it further. This, in addition to the fact that the critical Summer Solstice 2020 Eclipse @00Cancer contains potentials for the entire globe.

US Mars the Warrior in Our Turbulent Times

Astrologically, on one level we see these fiery conditions and perversions of goals and actions via US natal Mars turned retrograde by progression since 2006 (when Bush-Cheney 'broke' the military, as I've typed in previous posts of that era). Certainly the symbolic (SP) inward subversion (Rx) of America's Mars' energy, motivation, and action principles aren't what they once were when Mars progressed through the years in forward motion. The concepts of social and political regression (Rx) come to mind as favored by the Republican hierarchy (and others!) who seem determined to regress America back to the 1860s. Led by figurehead Trump, they're attempting now to re-fight the Civil War for they prefer that relic of a bygone era, the Confederate Constitution of 1861 (horoscope shown is timed by the day's New Moon @20Pis59--where transit Neptune is as I type, and there's venal Venus @5Pis18, the degree of the Fascism Rising Eclipse!).

For as you know, in 1776 our country began with Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini: ready for action, mobile, able to do multiple things simultaneously, yet admittedly on the quarrelsome side, and not always honest in duplicitous Gemini. Now with SP Mars Rx in Venus-ruled Libra, America's motivations and actions depend upon emotions and feelings which often spark conflict rather than the teamwork that could benefit all sides. But radical Utopian zealots don't care about 'all sides', only theirs, and that, to collapse civilization. So perhaps you've noticed that US Mars SP (secondary progressed) conjoins the natal Jupiter of Herr Trump with his constant refrain of, "It's not fair!" However, his multiple personality flaws can only see 'fair' as everything tilting his way which does not provide the balance the American people prefer. And as you know, the hastiness, ambition, and erroneous judgment inherent within a Mars-Jupiter contact have been repeatedly demonstrated during Trump's 3+ years.

And yet the true heart of humanity is shown as peaceful solidarity marches in foreign lands have been inspired by the cruel murder-by-police of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN on May 25, 2020. Thank You World!! For many people abroad can see America's predicament clearly for what it really is yet approximately one third of us cheers on its brutality! General Smedley Butler would not be proud. btw: so far a search of SO'W for my previous posts regarding the July 1, 1933 fascist coup attempt has shown that related videos and links I posted in the past have been mysteriously deleted. However, I have located a recently published video (8M 6s) on the topic Smedley Butler and the Business Plot which is what the coup attempt of 1933 is often called. Because predictably, corporatists and big bankers, driven by fear of FDR's New Deal programs, were the primary culprits (then as now), along with idealists with skewed, brutal perspectives against humanity. (Now that Venus, planet of of perspective, evaluation, diplomacy, and relationship, is back in bounds of the earthly plane, perhaps attitudes of some will improve, although Mercury remains OOBs for now and will turn Rx June 18th.) Still, I must type: it was evil then and it's evil now. After all, recognizing evil when it confronts us is key to facing monsters and vanquishing them!

Above Image: 'Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse' 5Pis29 Feb 24, 1933 12:43:50 pm GMT Berlin, Germany; two interlaced YODs (Finger of God pattern = special tasks, crises, turning point, crossroads, major adjustments, and a potential for karmic progress; apex Jupiter at base of a Venus-Uranus sextile; apex Venus at the base of a Jupiter-Pluto sextile); a fanatic Uranus-Pluto square is in force; the Pluto-Chiron midpoint (plutocracy of oppression; exploitation; disenfranchisement; primal violence; fascism; corporatism; communism; socialism; militarism; totalitarianism; racism; nationalism; 'patriotism'; propaganda, etc) @22Gem42 conjoins the karmic 12th cusp of the 1933 eclipse (in Berlin) and also conjoins US natal Mars (military and police forces; you decide its levels of meaning since upheavals were occurring in the US as well--then as now, Great Depression then as now.) And of course on July 1, 1933, months after FDR was sworn into office for his first term, an attempt began to convince retired General Smedley Butler to lead a coup attempt against President Roosevelt on behalf of fascist saboteurs with thousands of (retired) troops of the American Legion allegedly willing to man up. Would they have done this? I don't know but one of the conspirators who approached Butler was an American Legion leader.

So the 7 North Solar Eclipse of 1933 contains themes of 'deep passion long hidden' and 'lust' (Brady) - one assumes lust for power and control (see power-mad manipulator Pluto rising with starry Pollux!). And of course the same themes will surface in 2023 as the next 7 North Eclipse manifests @29Ari50, a critical-crisis 29th degree--straining to enter Taurus, sign of intolerance and greed (negatively speaking with no aspersion to be cast upon enlightened Taureans of our day!) So as you know, the 00-to-1 degree range of bullish Taurus is thought by some such as myself to be degrees of violence due to the fact that it's Adolf's natal Sun degree and was transited (triggered) each time he committed acts of violence. And being his Sun that was triggered, naturally his out-sized, off-kilter, touchy ego was involved.

Remind you of anyone in particular?

Sep 4, 2019

The Death Eclipse of Robert Maxwell (1923--1991)

A brief bio of wheeler-dealer media magnate and Mossad superspy (and MI-6 agent or asset and ??) Robert Maxwell (nee Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch; June 10, 1923 Prag, Czech Republic MET 'noon') notes his enigmatic death by drowning off the Canary Islands, Spain, on November 5, 1991--somehow 'falling off' his yacht, suiciding himself, or being pushed. Conflicting autopsies indicated possible heart attack--he had both heart and lung conditions and had not been feeling well--or drowning possibly after slipping and falling due to a sudden heart attack or other event.

Reportedly there were no signs of assault on his body yet heart attacks can be helped along by nefarious stow-aways so we see the enigmatic quality of the fatal event. However, a second autopsy revealed "froth' in his lungs consistent with drowning--and it seems that he was about to face massive, reputation-shattering bankruptcy, a very good reason to commit suicide, get yourself murdered by disgruntled associates, or to elaborately fake your own death. Yes, the word inconclusive comes to mind which is one reason Maxwell's cause of death continues to seem suspicious.

Note that Robert Maxwell's natal horoscope is available set for noon (RR: X = date w/out time) if you're curious about his Gemini Sun and Moon in either Aries or Taurus. Of interest is the rounded-up Sabian Symbol for his natal Jupiter Rx @10Sco07 (11 Scorpio): "A Drowning Man Rescued." Then was his death a ruse? Jupiter is only one factor, yet there are ways, such as his wife and elder son identifying a look-alike as husband and father but that's quite unlikely, plus, he may already have been 'rescued' once too often during his life. Yes, astrological Jupiter is protective but is often active and near a chart Angle during times of death, whether fair or foul.

What we do know is that his body was located "at the end of the day" (November 5, 1991) so we have that to set a horoscope by if we wish (sunset at 6:11:16 pm UT Canary Islands provides a definite time to work from if you wish to have a look). Also his gone-overboard event from whatever cause seems to have occurred between approximately 4:30 am and 6:30 am UT according to testimonies by the yacht's crew members interviewed in the 53-minute video Robert Maxwell - The Downfall (in English with Dutch subtitles). Now at least one researcher has mentioned Maxwell as the Mossad agent who stole Promis software for Israel, then a 'trap door' was installed for spying purposes and sold to multiple governments around the globe--and to Osama bin Laden, but without personal knowledge I prefer to file that under So They Say. This post is only for entertainment purposes, after all.

July 11, 1991: a 'Wild Card' Suddenly Appears

And so amidst all the dates and hours known and unknown concerning the life and death of Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, there's one cosmic factor (As Above, So Below!) that we have a definite moment for: the 11 South Saros Series eclipse that is Bob Maxwell's death Solar Eclipse which occurred on July 11, 1991 @18Can58. The themes of 11 South are quite descriptive of multiple events which occurred in 1991 including the mysterious death of journalist-writer Danny Casolaro whose research notes for the book he was writing on what he called The Octopus disappeared from his hotel room prior to the discovery of his body. Part of his investigation was the theft of Promis software and for more info, here's a What Really Happened? video originally posted here in 2016 concerning Danny Casolaro and The Octopus, aka, the global crime syndicate.

Above is the 11 South Solar Eclipse Horoscope of 1991 and its themes which to me describe the deaths of both Casolaro and Maxwell with Maxwell's natal planetary links penned in green around the outside for the sake of comparison. As you see, Maxwell's natal Jupiter Rx @11Scorpio rises (11Sco = "A Drowning Man Rescued', as noted). This chart is set for Washington DC although a New York chart works, too, and shows almost the same cusps. Setting the chart for Jerusalem (where he's buried on the Mount of Olives) or Maxwell's place of birth is possible but don't show as many Angular planets. Yet charts must be set for some location or another, and of course with an eclipse, the exact hour of perfection is chosen by the Great Cosmic Clock of which Planet Earth is a part.

11 South Themes: the need for sudden reforms; old ideas and methods fail and new systems are required in order to deal with events; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed. (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Other potentials for violence, murder, bodily harm, and intervention of a higher power are in the horoscope and include: the eclipse rises with Pollux (danger of disgrace, murder, rape cruelty--A. Louis) and leads a Locomotive shape of planets denoting the ruthless, high-powered executive determined on success (Maxwell or...?); planet Pluto of the Underworld, aka, 'the assassin' rises in intense Scorpio (the sign associated with death) with Pluto apex in a midpoint picture with Mars-Saturn (the 'death axis'--Ebertin) so we have potentials for rage and fury of destruction, bodily harm, death, and murder. Also rising is Venus-Saturn = Pluto: retaliation, separation, and/or passing states of chaos (Ebertin).

Additionally, there's Maxwell's natal Neptune (ruler of the oceanic realms) @15Leo54 conjunct the Midheaven of this chart which suggests loss, death by drowning (or by heart attack: Leo), dissolution, identity change, subterfuge, and/or deception as possible goals (MC). Then with his Jupiter conjunct ASC and Neptune at MC, the speculative, bubbly, wastrel pair of Jupiter-Neptune are prominent for him at that particular period in relation to the eclipse suggesting potentials for misjudgment, fraud, deception, and living in a dream world that results in a rude awakening. Could Pluto in Scorpio provide such a rude awakening? That would be my suspicion, in an assassin role or not.

And note that marked on the chart, lower right, is the current position of transit Neptune @17Pis27 closely conjunct the natal Uranus (17:29) of Robert Maxwell which suggests generational conflicts that bring significant changes to how things are done. This reminds me, if not you, of the 11 South eclipse themes and the fact that a poorly performing Bob Maxwell was on the verge of facing bankruptcy, disgrace, loss, and possible prison not to mention how his fate would affect his offspring, wife, his investors and associates (underworld and otherwise). He'd mismanaged finances for a while imho, plus, years of over-indulgence had taken a toll on his health as well so whether or not he 'fell' or whether steps were taken against him before he could 'name names' remains a mystery--including in the spy world. Yet this is a typical mystery since death from one cause or another can be an outcome for people who 'know too much' and this could be the case according to the messages lurking within the 11 South eclipse horoscope. Unless you have other ideas?

May 7, 2018

Rudy Guiliani: Sun Gemini-Moon Leo plus Eclipses

A Brief Astro-Sketch of Rudy Guiiliani

by Jude Cowell

The natal data and horoscope of former NY mayor Rudy Guliani is rated A (from memory) if you'd care to take a look. Ascending is 29Vir47 with 29Gem06 at Midheaven, the Career and Public Status Point--which makes Mercury ruler of his chart and public status. His Mercury @12Tau50 (8th house) is unaspected (see details, below) and has an interesting Sabian Symbol:

'13Taurus' = "A Man Handling Baggage." That he does! Dane Rudhyar gives this degree a Keynote of: "Self-mobilization for social advantage"...COMPULSION FOR GAIN." This identifies Guiliani as "a man of ambition" (not that we need Astrology to determine that).

Yet with the task master planet of authority and authenticity, Saturn, at Midheaven, one must wonder if the placement's usual 'fall from grace' caution applies to Guiliani or will at some point apply. For as you know, Mr. Guiliani is Donald Trump's current 'face' on national TV and his recent appearances have stirred more turbulent storms rather than quelled them (perhaps purposefully!). For more Rudy info, I highly recommend last night's not-to-be-missed 15-minute segment by HBO's John Oliver on Rudy Guiliani.

And from Stephen A. Crockett a few minutes ago: Rudy Guiliani is Either a Spy for the Left, an Idiot, or Both Because He's Destroying the President With Every Interview.

Additional Rudy Astro-Notes

Born May 28, 1944 at 2:30 pm EWT in Brooklyn, New York (King's County), Mr. Guiliani's Air-Fire 'live wire' personality blend of Sun Gemini-Moon Leo resonates strongly with Trump's Gemini and Leo planets. Rudy's high-frequency, erratic Sun @7Gem16 and Uranus @8Gem49 conjoin at the degree of Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse degree in the 2 Old North Saros Series which repeats on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer (among the twin stars Castor and Pollux!) 2 Old North themes are: unfortunate news and separations though fast action can bring good results (Brady). Both Guiliani and Trump have quirky Sun-Uranus conjunctions though Trump's conjunction has North Node in between. So how long will Uranian Trump keep Uranian Guiliani as adviser when they both love to hog center stage? One must wonder. We should also note that this degree range of Gemini is that of America's natal Uranus of 1776--our nation's totem planet of independence, freedom, revolt, disruption, and separation.

Yes, Sun Gemini-Moon Leo personalities prefer center stage, thanks, and can become haughty when feeling unappreciated. It's a colorful combination of conscious and unconscious energies with its eye to the main chance and although Rudy was disappointed not to be chosen for White House service in 2016, he's there now, as improviser and shill for the braggart--in-chief. Fantasies of royal blood sustain his efforts toward performing to impress and thereby to improve his own social position yet a Saturn-Neptune square--angular in his chart--suggests tendencies toward fear, paranoia, confusion, and involvement in scandals and intrigue. Well, scandals and intrigue are givens under Donald Trump (who also has royal ambitions with kingly Regulus rising) so Rudy must feel quite at home now--assuming he still works for 'kingpin' Trump by the time I complete this typing!

We should also consider that Guiliani's natal Moon @23Leo49 conjoins ego-expanding Jupiter in Leo (20:02) and his Moon is close enough to Trump's natal Mars rising to add vigor and perhaps emotional upsets to their association. As for taking center stage, a Leo Moon's reigning need for constant approval, applause, and public performance is well known. So Rudy's emotional need for attention is bottomless but so is Donald Trump's so they have that not going for them.

Plus, Trump's problematic Mercury-Neptune square of fantasy and dishonesty is supported by Neptune Rising Rudy who was born under a highly imaginative Mars-Neptune sextile (2S02) and preference for fantasy over reality. Rudy's powerful out-of-bounds Pluto in Leo conjunct his natal Mars suggests involvement with weaponry, the military, violence, and/or underworld crime and of course his Mars-Pluto duo was busy while he was a mayor instituting draconian policing policies against certain New Yorkers. Born less than two years prior to Donald Trump, these men share Mars and Pluto in romantic Leo placements though not conjunct by degree--both have had three wives, and both are associated with violence.

Changeable Mercury in Stubborn Taurus in Charge!

Leader of a BOWL shape tipping across his Career axis, Rudy's 8th house Mercury in Taurus rules his chart (physical body; Virgo ASC) and Gemini Midheaven (Career; Public Status--both angles at 29th critical degrees) yet these degrees conjoin Cardinal World Points of Fame and Fortune (00Libra-00Cancer). Yet little Mercury, planet of communications and negotiations, is unaspected in his chart which emphasizes his corporate/big-business and occult 8th house and inclines him toward inflexibility and a lack of adaptation to change. Unaspected Mercury (which I've called the 'tofu planet' for soaking up the planetary energies it touches) benefits from contacts with other planets but here, alas, Mercury cannot. This indicates that Rudy is not inclined to weigh all sides of an issue and has difficulty recognizing alternative theories, ideas, and opinions. His communications occur in a spurt-like manner, he appears to be hyperactive, and his interests are limited. Plus, some threat of eventual mental deterioration may be present which is something that Geminis tend to worry about anyway via their "am I going crazy?" anxiety (a dual mind: Castor vs Pollux, light vs dark, etc.) One look at Rudy's wild eyes and we may wonder about his mental capacity, too, along with his 'colorful' rhetoric, questionable logic, and obsessive topics.

Rudy Guiliani's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE')

Prior to his birth, Rudy's PE in the 18 South Saros Series perfected on January 25, 1944 @4AQ32 in his 5th house and at birth was opposed by his natal Mars (3Leo34--and by extension, his n Pluto 6:44). 18 South themes echo those of Donald Trump's 2 Old North PE: endings, partings, separations, anguish, grief--but new situations can bring positive results' (Brady). Cynically, this can be said to describe Guiliani's profiteering on the WTC attacks of 9/11/01. Plus, a PE in Aquarius denotes one who doesn't see past events as a burden but as karmic opportunities and a guide for future development. And when I mention 'karmic' I always mean reaping what's been sown, a natural law of the Universe (which effects even Donald Trump whose karmic overload must be huge--but we each have our own). In Aquarius, Rudy's PE indicates that "whimsical changes and contradictory efforts interrupt karmic progress and add to the accumulation of karmic debts." (Rose Lineman; my italics).

Well! Perhaps I should leave SO'W now and see if Rudy is still 'the face' of Team Trump!

Feb 12, 2017

The Reichstag Fire Horoscope and Donald Trump

On February 11, 2017 I posted a video segment of Thom Hartmann discussing the Reichstag Fire that was used to boost Hitler's rise to power, plus, the unsettling correlations of the 1933 event and the un-mandated installment of Mr. Donald John Trump in the White House (with his sidekick, dodgy Steve Bannon, Aryan promoter extraordinaire).

The Reichstag Fire of February 27, 1933 is detailed on the Eye Witness to History website if you're curious about what was done and said that night by those on the scene (who were secretly responsible for setting it). As you see, the date of the event reveals that its Solar Return 2017 occurs a few days from this typing--and a day or less (depending on your time zone) after the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse, a karma-laden affair. Such cosmic time links are worth remembering if Trump and colleagues find a more applicable 'Reichstag Fire' (or, another 9/11) than they have so far.

For you see, spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway's imaginary Bowling Green massacre never happened so the administration had to nix that as their Muslim-bashing smokescreen for who-knows-what reforms they intend to perpetrate, if allowed. Calling out their cow pucky must be done as loudly as possible and of course ridicule and mockery are always useful against fools who take themselves so very seriously while they wreck people's lives and sabotage governments.

Brief bio and natal horoscope of Adolf Hitler.

Related is a previous post displaying the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of February 24, 1933, a mere three days prior to the Fire started via arson which Hitler blamed on his opponents, the Communists, and then used the fire as 'justification' for the events and forced changes that came after. Curiously, the 1933 eclipse was in secretive, karmic Pisces (5:29) as is the upcoming Solar Eclipse on February 26th (8Pis12). Karma, the universal principle of reaping what was sown, is on the cosmic menu these days but with this much Pisces and the sign's own Neptune active as it floats through its favorite sign, humanity seems to be at loose ends when it comes to figuring out how to handle hidden karma, some of which has yet to be revealed. Perhaps this is where the old hindsight is twenty-twenty can come in--after the fact and once it's too late--and after another false flag op has flown. With incendiaries in the White House, what are our chances?

And so I post the following chart for those who may wish to keep tabs on transits to it and its progressions for I don't always have time to do so myself. The chart is set for February 27, 1933 9:45 pm using the coordinates of the Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany; it's an Hour of an unaspected Saturn in Aquarius and a will that's out of control:

Please enlarge chart to read my notes and you may agree that the parts written on the right that are highlighted in bright yellow just may apply to Mr. Trump, his minions, and backers (foreign as they may be). The activation of the Reichstag Fire chart which describes Hitler's false flag operation with its Sun @8Pis52 is a possibility though not necessarily on the date of the upcoming Solar Eclipse (February 26th) but potentials will be strongest within about 6 months afterward. No, Sun positions are not considered karmic or fated, if memory serves. But then we have the The Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 @29Leo which will be visible across our nation from Oregon to South Carolina (where succession began).

Just the fact that Mr. Trump slogans at us with the word 'great' ad nauseum is enough to bother, if not worry me, how about you? A coincidence? Well, at 29 Leo the eclipse does hit Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant and is close to his rising Mars @27Leo, as well. Hmm. Therefore, its solar influence may be on a personal and/or ego level for Mr. Trump. Proud Leo, you know. Natural leader.

Additionally, the 1933 event's Solar Return for 2017 basically is the Solar Eclipse and look what we have in the White House--people with huge egos like our tweeter-in-chief and Mr. Bannon who are desperate for an excuse to enforce (more) unconstitutional laws and orders upon our nation, to weed out the undesirables (their opinion), 'greatly' enlarge the US military, cut benefits for people who actually need them, ruin what little health insurance we have, and bring on another world war as if Global Government is what the world needs more of. As you know, a 'new world order' was the goal of Adolf, too. Here's a previously posted video Germania: Hitler's Vision of World Government that you might want to check out. Astro-Notes concerning his Death Horoscope are included.

Herr Hitler and His Minions, Plus the Reichstag Fire

And if you're curious, here is a bi-wheel of Hitler's natal horoscope with the Reichstag Fire chart around it; actually, the Fire's planets conjoining his natal midpoint pictures tell an interesting tale, if you care to look:

As you see, the violent Marseillaise Trio of Neptune, Mars, and Jupiter is active as during the French Revolution, and there are indications of the occult, secret societies, and crusaders contained in various factors such as: Pluto conjunct Pollux, Jupiter/Chiron = Pluto, idealistic Jupiter-Neptune = mystics and visionaries and the wrong diagnosis which is what the Nazis gave for the arsonists who were themselves. Hidden karmic factors are shown by the security axis of Cancer-Capricorn intercepted in the philosophical 3/9 polarity, and priestly Chiron @23Tau57 exactly conjoins Hitler's natal 8th cusp, the house of The Occult and of Death. The fire was "under control" by 12:30 am and the Trio were at Midheaven (The Goal Point) so we see: Jupiter-Neptune = MC: visionaries, fortune-hunters, speculators, wastrels, spendthrifts, and squanderers (Ebertin).

Let's close with a view of the intriguing natal horoscope of the Third Reich dated January 30, 1933 11:15 am CET Berlin, Germany. Data source is the historical record and Nick Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, chart #128. You'll see virtually the same position for Chiron which is rising and Rx in the chart (The Quest; the Great Guru (Nolle); wounding, blind spot, mysticism, mentoring) and is part of a KITE pattern with power grabber Pluto conjunct IC as the nose and Venus @19Cap as the Kite's tail. And Chiron rising? Going a very long way in an attempt to force a mentor's value judgments on others (Nolle) which aligns with Venusian concerns and pagan worship.

How curious that Mars-rising mogul Trump sees himself in a similar fashion--as something of a 'Great Guru' (aka, a materialistic Jupiterian) who's all about money and gold and loves to say, "You're fired!" Now surely that wouldn't be Reichstag Fired, would it?

Dec 29, 2016

Jan 12, 2017 Cancer Full Moon in a Cardinal Grand Cross

Politics, White House Transition, and the Revealing January 2017 Full Moon in Cancer

Today on my Jude Cowell Astrology blog I have posted a video report by Barbara Goldsmith on the January 12, 2017 Full Moon @22Cancer27 (posted there not here because I prefer not to change titles that people give their videos and this one is about 'Finding Love', something of a foreign concept in Washington DC political circles). This is a not-to-be-missed video!

This powerful Cancer Full Moon is the first lunation of the New Year and comes two weeks after the New Moon @7Capricorn59 (conjunct victim star Facies) of December 29, 2016 so that 2016 and 2017 are cosmically knitted together into one big hair shirt for the American people thanks to the ongoing train wreck they call the 'Trump Transition' and the specter of a Trump-Pence-Conway presidency looming on the 2017 horizon. That America is improved and not destroyed by Mr. Trump and his anti-government cohorts is my fervent hope for hope must always spring eternal, right?

Now the December 2016 New Moon and the January 2017 Full Moon charts may be viewed here where you can see that the New Moon is rising in the Full Moon chart set for Washington DC, a sign of the knitting together of which I grouse today. You'll see that the Cardinal Grand Cross is highlighted on the chart as well with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition emphasized and engaged in a BOWL shape with corporate CEO and political planet Jupiter in Libra as leader (and, I assume, signifying Mr. Trump, the Jupiterian character, wrestling promoter, newly formed politician, and broadcaster of wild theories he presents as 'facts' and tweets). Mr. Trump is currently enjoying his 12-year Jupiter Return reward cycle, a three-fer this time (dates are listed, below) and I do believe he's feelin' it.

Jan 4, 2017 Update: I neglected to mention that the Jan 12th Full Moon shines upon the natal Saturn of one Donald Trump posited in his 11th house of Groups and Associations. Plus, his Saturn conjoins Venus, a conjunction suggesting a serious focus on relationships but also dissatisfaction--will separation between associations come to light?

As for 2017's Cardinal Grand Cross (or Square), we may expect those in and about-to-be heads of government to act aggressively assertive and impatient which will result in quick but poorly planned actions. A lack of cooperation and assistance may occur (ex: The Resistance) unless these dynamic energies are harnessed by common sense and we've heard an echo of it in the charge (later walked back) by Trump that President Obama has messed with Trump's 'smooth' transition into the White, House. Mr. Trump is said to be a Freemason as many US presidents have been so in my book, Lodge it is. Plus, the presence of anarchic zealot Uranus in the Grand Cross configuration adds to its chaotic, extremist quality which has already been active thanks to the tiresomely ongoing Uranus-Pluto square.

Now astrologer Bil Tierney writes about the pitfalls of a Cardinal Grand Cross: reckless moves, bad timing (Trump's natal Moon-South Node conjunction supports a tendency toward bad timing), over-assertion, and head-on confrontations which should be avoided if ultimate success is the goal. A competitive spirit is very strong in the Cross which is composed of oppositions and squares yet learning to be more deliberate and thoughtful is necessary for best results. Situational crises will occur that call for decisive action and Trump's typical 'shoot from the hip' method will seldom suffice. Does this self-interested materialist Gemini have what it takes to stay the political course? Maybe not but reliance on theocrat Pence may be even worse for a nation founded on secular Enlightenment principles. If this all sounds like a major identity transformation of America is underway that's because it is. And the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus opposition has given Trump and his team the idea that the world is there for the taking--and they have and they will while the January 12th Full Moon, a phase of total awareness, forecasts the major reconstruction coming in 2020 via multiple planetary conjunctions.

Another cosmic message is provided us by the January 12, 2017 Full Moon in Cancer for it conjoins starry Pollux, key themes: danger of disgrace, cruelty, murder, rape, danger from women or poisons - A. Louis) and although 22Can27 is not within a one-degree orb of US natal Mercury Rx (July 4, 1776), the Sabian Symbol for US natal Mercury may be activated since we're talking about Politics Gone Wrong against the original intentions of 1776 so let's close with the symbol that conjures a vision of the pyramid of power and All-Seeing Eye of Horus (of total awareness, our surveillance state identified by the US natal Mercury-Pluto opposition) purposefully placed upon the obverse side of America's Great Seal and the backside of the dollar bill by Freemason FDR:

25 Cancer: "A Willful Man Is Overshadowed by a Descent of Superior Power" which Rudhyar explains as: 'a more transcendent expression of "success." It is not merely external success (as is given by society to its prima donnas), but a spiritual response, a sign of inner strength and uncommon ENDOWMENT." And Jones gives the descriptive, negative (shadow side) of this degree as: 'a tendency to unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania'.

Ah, yes, the inner strength and megalomania of changeable Gemini Mr. Trump with his natal Uranus disrupting the 2nd hou$e of the Inauguration 2017 horoscope. What could possibly go wrong?


Dates of Donald Trump's Jupiter Return/s to 17Libra27 (Stationary Direct, thus strong, and posited in his 2nd house of Money and Values along with shady Neptune Rx @5Lib50 and wounded/wounding Chiron @14Lib54 conjunct US natal Saturn, planet of laws--Jupiter-Neptune is the inflationary/speculator/wastrel pair of fanciful dreams and exaggerated plans: 1. December 4, 2016; 2. April 13, 2017 Rx; 3. August 4, 2017; Jupiter in airy Libra says, "It's not fair!" This represents another 'knitting together' of 2016 and 2017.

Conspicuously Related: current Labor Secretary Tom Perez has sharp words for Trump Transition team probes; Astro-Notes for Kellyanne Conway, and Dec 2016 into 2017: karmic planets hit the natal chart of Donald Trump.

Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.

Dec 20, 2016

DC Horoscopes: Dec 2016 New Moon w/ Jan 2017 Full Moon

Image: Dual Horoscopes December 29, 2016 New Moon @7Cap59 and January 12, 2017 Full Moon @22Can27:

The December 2016 New Moon in Capricorn conjoins a difficult fixed star, Facies, one of the 'victim stars' with potentials for: violence, war, death, blindness, detachment, frigidity, leadership ability, perfectionism, earthquakes.

The first lunation of 2017 in January, a Full Moon in Cancer, falls between the Dark-and-Light Twin Stars Castor and Pollux. Both stars suggest creativity, in writing particularly but Castor's potentials also include such things as: sudden fame or loss, crippling of limbs, mental illness, and murder, while Pollux's potentials are: murder, disgrace, rape, cruelty, success with Astrology or the occult, and danger from large animals, poisons, or...women.

As for Washington DC, on January 6, 2017 the new 115th Congress convenes and puts their official stamp on the December 19, 2016 Electoral College vote for Mr. Trump. You remember December 19th - when the Electoral College failed in its prime mandate to protect the US presidency and the American people from a dangerous demagogue president like loutish Donald the Demagogue? Still, my hopes are for Trump's 'plans' to work for the benefit of all Americans - even though the billionaire class he favors already has a huuuuge running start.

Related: Star Lists.

Jul 13, 2016

Horoscope: US Moon Return on Election Day 2016

November 8, 2016: Synchronicity and Sadness

by Jude Cowell

Since basic notes are penned upon our November 8, 2016 Lunar Return horoscope (please enlarge to read), I'll simply add a few thoughts in the following text. This Return chart is based on America's July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA horoscope which many astrologers use as the US natal chart--the date, if not that precise moment.

On November 8, 2016 at 11:37:43 am EST, the critical degrees of 20Capricorn and 20Cancer are rising and setting which makes status quo authoritarian Saturn the chart-ruler. Saturn @15Sag 12 is in the 11th house of Groups and Associations and is within US natal 1st house having been plopped on our nation's Ascendant, crossing and recrossing, for some time during which we've seen Republican attempts to hold Hillary Clinton accountable. Some little effort has been made to hold Donald Trump accountable for his several financial irregularities as well, and of course, President Obama never completely escapes the moral high horse of the Republicans.

Yet Moon Return Saturn provides a bright note. See it, upper right on the chart for chart-ruler Saturn applies to a trine with Uranus in 3rd house, giving a lift to business and financial sectors, and possibly affecting student loans or other economic matters. (My nag in the race is eternally the American people, oppressed by a greedy ruling elite.)

Then there are the Democrats--those who fund them and those who tend to vote for them--who have also participated to varying degrees in the Hold Accountable Political Sweepstakes as transit Saturn has lurked about, ready to file lawsuits if they were deemed beneficial to the litigant. Tragically for the American people and our form of government, our degraded justice system has continued to perform in a less than stellar manner as our nation's formerly exalted-in-Libra Saturn now progressed and retrograde in betraying Scorpio can attest.

So is this a significant synchronicity we see with a US Lunar Return occurring on a very important Election Day? To me it seems so. Here the Moon (27AQ09) rises in the 1st house but only after contentious Mars, at a critical 29th degree, rises. Powerful, wealthy Pluto has just arisen @15Cap23, conjoined with the lovely fixed star, Vega, and a few hours earlier, the Sun arose with Vega (aka, Wega), a star with potentials for: luck in Politics, wealth through dealing with the government, but also fleeting fame and double dealing. Problems via mother also may apply (A. Louis).

And with Mars and Pluto (ruler and sub-ruler of Scorpio) rising, we have what may be a picture of force, violence, compulsion, war, and/or nuclear potential rising. The 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies may be involved since the Moon is ruler there with 20Cancer on the cusp and Twin stars Castor and Pollux spotlighted, the light and dark twins. Both stars denote creativity yet murder and other crimes and scandals are tucked away for future reference (via either the Clintons or Mr. Trump, if he's the GOP nom.)

Okay, there is much more to say about this curious horoscope with its synchronicity standing out like a you-know-what thumb but I won't just now--except for one question: is a Lunar Return on Election Day 2016 a symbol of the American people (Moon) re-turning to Hillary Clinton, also signified by the Moon (a woman)? The planets are in a Locomotive shape with political planet Jupiter in the lead and indicating a high-powered executive. The Scorpio Midheaven, Sun, and Mercury (just past Hillary's Mercury Return!) seem to whisper if not shout her name while wifely Juno (politics) @00Sag conjoins Hillary's natal Jupiter. Also @00Sag is the day's Sun-Saturn midpoint which hints at good fortune for an older person (Grandma Hillary?) and this pile-up spotlights the degree's Sabian Symbol: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." Plus, Sun-Saturn links to karma and Mrs. Clinton apparently expects to garner the White House Oval Office for her past efforts towing the Global Government line (which must include the corporate coup, the TPP).

This militaristic word picture reminds me of Hillary Clinton as neocon with her warhawk-esque stance that the baton-passing on January 20, 2017 will give a nod to in Washington's quest for perpetual war and world domination. Was she anointed from the start to follow the 'new world order' script? In my opinion, yes, she was, and the overblown Political Theater which the Mainstream Media has pedaled 24/7 as "Campaign 2016" has done its best to disguise that very sad fact.

Now let's close with the one chart factor that may override all the others and 'run away with the chart' and the day's big event: Mars at a critical 29th degree is unaspected. Is this Donald Trump going it alone to the White House? Perhaps, or does Mars represent former President Bill Clinton who will be the very first First Gentleman we've ever had in the White House? It may even be the temperament of Hillary Clinton which the latest tell-all book says was explosive and nasty in her days as First Lady. Well, I'll add here what I understand about an unaspected Mars and let you decide his or her identity--or identities:

When Mars, the planet of motivation, energy, and action is not aspecting other planets (actors) in a chart it is able to express its traits in an undiluted, unrestrained fashion since limitations from other planets are nonexistent. This is a first-house Mars rising which emphasizes its Aries nature and its aggressive warrior tendencies. Here, Mars rules the 3rd house of Communications and the 10th house of Career and Public Status so these departments are where his unrestrained, boundless energies will express most visibly.

An unaspected Mars tends to be self-centered which may be seen as he acts in his own self-interest (this describes most politicians in general!). He prefers to be in constant motion, always on-the-go, or, he may operate in fits and spurts. A lack of compromise may also be evident along with an independent mindset that is compulsively one-pointed in its focus. Although components in his psyche are missing, boundless enthusiasm may be noted though the negative Martian traits such as aggression, anger, violence, a me-first attitude, and foolhardiness (where angels fear to tread, etc) are unmodulated by planetary influences for he listens very seldom to others and disdains advice. Bad tempered may be a mild description depending on how often things go his (or her) way.

Then if we add a Martican 'never admits to his mistakes' we can envision Hillary's fly in the ointment as Mr. Trump playing the spoiler role as the unaspected Mars who runs away with the Oval Office on November 8th. Plus, there's Mars' Sabian Symbol for '30Cap': "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs"...'EXECUTIVE POWER' (Rudhyar), a picture which speaks of an 'occult hierarchy' and a 'supreme Council of quasi-divine Beings.'

Hmm. That sounds like those who select presidents--those often described by Max Igan as, "the powers that think they be."

But then there is the feminine influence on US Presidential Elections of the 8-year Venus Cycle...


For more info on unaspected planets, see Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Jun 7, 2010

Fixed Stars, the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse, and market instability

With Fixed Stars Castor 20Can14 and Pollux 23Can13 straddling the Ascendant in the Summer Solstice 2010 horoscope set for Washington DC, the energies of the twin stars will be front and center as the summer season begins.

The chart of Summer Solstice 2010 indicates that these archetypal energies are first up for the third week of June 2010 and include such potential influences as:

Castor (MERCURY-Jupiter-Mars-Venus-Saturn-Moon-Uranus flavors) = crippling of limbs; sudden fame or loss; murder; mental illness.

Pollux (MARS-Moon-Uranus) = danger of disgrace; murder; rape; cruelty; danger from large animals, women, or poisons; good for Astrology and the occult. (Horary Plain and Simple, Anthony Louis.)

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer 2010

The next Fixed Star to rise in the Summer Solstice 2010 chart is Procyon 25Can47 which conjoins US natal Mercury Rx @ 24Can12 (in 8th house of the Sibly chart = 5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776) and I've always considered '25Can' to be a very interesting degree in relation to the founding of America.

'25Can' = "A Leader of Men Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" which conjures the Pluto-esque realms of invisible power and invisible helmets, doesn't it?

That our nation's founders had contact when in Europe with
founder Adam Weishaupt is not always considered important by some but this author finds it an intriguing premise. Click to view the Illuminati horoscope (Bavarian sect) - May 1, 1776 - which of course has several planetary placements similar to America's natal chart; you'll notice that idealistic Jupiter conjoins US natal Mars which makes a 'Mars to n Jupiter' transit for Weishaupt and his organization...

Mars conjunct n Jupiter: having an exaggerated or expansive part to play in events; personal potentials broaden under present circumstances with a greater enthusiasm for expansion of spiritual and cultural awareness.

As you know, America was founded with her Mercury opposed by secret hand Pluto, an aspect suggesting issues of mind control, propaganda, surveillance, and intellectual autonomy and manipulation of mercurial things such as young people, the press, and our basic thinking processes.

Whether American minds have ever been truly 'free' from Pluto's meddling interference is something of a question when isolated puppet master Pluto, wealth-hoarder supreme, is determining the direct of a nation.

Then there's the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse (chart shown) with Scorpio (big business; betrayals and spying) rising with the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, two of the main actors on 9/11/01 during their opposition.

Saturn/Pluto = ASC: concentration upon important matters; assessments of how to work with those in power; an environment that gives an impression of silent power or continuing influence; being placed in cumbersome or difficult circumstances; separation; melancholy; mourning or bereavement. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Click and you'll notice 8th house involvement (Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Transformation, Death, the Occult) which relates to the above info for Fixed Star Castor which is being triggered by the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24, plus, '20Can/Cap are crisis or critical degrees, as you know.

Basically, 8th house crises are indicated yet the Solar Eclipse itself describes problems that at first seem worse, then clear with good don't panic! The July 11 Eclipse is in the same Series (12S) as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (@ 00Pis34 in 1776, where Chiron transits now.)

That stock markets may be affected adversely by the July Solar Eclipse and by its herald, the June 26, 2010 Lunar Eclipse conjoining secretive Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, is a distinct possibility for Summer into Autumn 2010, and we'll soon take a peek at what the Horoscope for Autumn Equinox 2010 entails for our nation.

To me it seems that Reagan's dodgy 'Morning in America' has become a melancholy Mourning in America as part of a long process of government by remote control.

Jun 2, 2007

Venus, Castor, and Pollux tonight

Thanks to the Newsletter we find that Venus is lining up with the Twins of Gemini, Castor and she did on June 2, 1999. You'll find Tunc Tezel's photo of 1999's alignment as seen from Ankara, Turkey here for Venus' cycle is 8 it's time.

With the WTC being so obviously symbolic of the Twins (Twin Towers), the previous date of Venus' line-up with the dark'n'light *Twins of Gemini isn't particularly comforting to this reluctant astrologer, although it should be a lovely enough sight this evening once the sky goes dark (look West--which may be what some other folk are doing.)

Venus's position in the tropical zodiac for this hook-up is 27Can19 and I'm posting a chunk of the chart for 9:00 pm edt along with George Bush's natal chart on the outside since Venus is conjuncting his Saturn 26Can30.

The transit of Venus to Saturn indicates a desire for solitude or, if in company, it must be that which serves some practical purpose (he doesn't have to worry--I won't be knockin'!) It may also indicate "grace brought to ambition" (Dr. Noel Tyl's Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology.)

Also tonight Mercury will conj US n Jupiter, so we may expect lots of international communications ("chatter"? hope not) and information will be pinging all about...perhaps more than is usual over a weekend...some 'new' news may surface esp within Jupiter's realms of philosophy, money, and expansion issues.

You also see here the ongoing triggering of Bush's n Venus/Pluto midpoint by tr Saturn which I have mentioned before...

Venus/Pluto = Saturn: immorality; a sense of tragedy; the fear of losing love (Ebertin; Tyl.)

This image shows a gaggle of Bush's natal planets (plus his n ASC) in the 8th house of transformation; debt; death; sex; other people's money; the occult, and more...a busy place, the 8th house, one of the Psychological houses. The crazy, greedy, secretive perver_...oops! did I just type that out loud? My bad.

Okay, here are some Symbols for tonight's Venus degree "28Can" using both The Sabian Symbols in Astrology and the formal yet interesting The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli (used copies may be available, pub'd 1982 by the AFA), to get a fuller picture of Venus' doings:

"28Can": "A modern Pocohantas"...COMPATIBILITY.

With Jamestown still in the news and its 400th anniversary just passed in May, this is an interesting degree for lady Venus which speaks of, "...cooperation between various phases of human culture, such as those which have become crystallized in a faithfulness to the special values they have held intact and those which provide the new potentials of a genuine frontier spirit.

pos: high skill in bringing older or neglected reality to the service of fresher and more vital self-fulfillment;

neg/shadow or unconscious side: an inability to make personal adjustments and a stupid exaltation of conservatism."

Now we know that a"city on a hill" makes a well-lighted target as one did in 2001, for conservatism exists within al-Qaeda and its hydra-headed offspring, doesn't it? And since Venus' visit to Castor and Pollux of 1999 was prior to 9/11, I must say, "conservatism"? please--not again.

And the politizing and partisanship-above-all-win-at-any-cost attitude continue in Washington. You were expecting stewardship maybe? It's Pluto/Chiron's class warfare and oppression...'elite' rulers vs the sheeple, and we're losing in part because of our habit of identifying with the 'upper classes' which so many of us dream of joining one day (puh!)

Can a decent person with a conscience be that grasping and cold-hearted?

See the G-8 Protest article link just below, if you haven't...there are some people in the world who are not fooled by US or EU propaganda on these issues.

Back to Venus: Carelli's "28Can" degree has no word picture, but quoting in part for our purposes:

(The native) can display a remarkable political skill and a more remarkable administrative ability...the native is sure to get money galore as soon as he is of age...unfortunately, the gift for earning money might be warped into greed, and his foresight into stinginess...(there may be) loafing, political tact (giving) way to scheming, servilism, or even worse.

Also on tap tonight:

Setting at 9 pm is "18Gem", which is the Venus Transit degree of June 2004--which occurred at the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA..."18Gem": "Two Chinese men talking Chinese in a western crowd" (MEJ.)

A rare Venus Transit indicates new, unsuspected, and unusual alliances being entered into. (Remember the ridiculous open-shirted photo-op the big cheeses indulged themselves with upon the beach in 2004? Guffaw! Wonder who snapped that one with a straight face?) Bush and Putin were still in their fabled "eye gazing" phase of partnership, if I'm not mistaken.

Crowd, Police Clash at Protest of G-8 because it's G-8 Summit time again which links the 2007 Summit with the Summit of 2004 bwo Venus in particular.

This year, protest organizers are handing out leaflets saying:

The world shaped by the dominance of the G-8 is a world of hunger, social divisions, environmental destruction, and barriers against migrants and refugees."

And who can disagree? Imho, their global policies of war profiteering, pillaging of natural resources, and their cynical manipulations of governments are helping to create refugees, hunger, environmental degradations, and death.

Venus is, after all, a vengeful lady when scorned and was the trigger on 9/11 of the King of Alarm Solar Eclipse degree of Aug 11, 1999 when strife was let loose upon the earth. "19Leo" is also al-Qaeda's natal Sun's degree, btw, and Carelli's "19Leo" gives in part:

"...a senseless and stubborn arrogance sets him against those worthier, mightier, and better than himself...(he has a) grudge against mankind and unjustified rebellion against public opinion."

(There's more to this degree, but I shall save such joy for another post.)

Further Note on "28Can": the opposite or Illumination Point degree "28Cap" = "A large aviary." An interesting degree considering the recent drug-resistant strain of TB that's now been jetted around the globe...and his father-in-law just happened to be a TB expert at the CDC? Get OUT!

Question: have you read Congress' 2006 Solar Return? It's still in effect until November and contains Dane Rudhyar's version of the Sabian Symbol for "18Libra" which is the important US Mars' secondary station degree when our Mars function turned Rx for the first time in US history (July 2006.)

Mars = military, police, young men, pioneers, inside (Rx) instigators and could describe a leader of the feminine persuasion since Mars Rx natally was shared by many of the women suffragettes of the past.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi came into more power under this influence, but there could be more ladies to come with the 2008 election--and US Mars will be Rx by progression for 80 years hence.

Well, this post turned out to be more of a hodge-podge than initially intended and I still want to post on the Beatles concert of 1965 asap and the Great Uranus/Pluto conjunction of those rebellious times...perhaps later or on Sunday for my knarly typing finger is now officialy wumped out!

*Fixed Stars Castor and Pollux relate to creativity--one in the dark or hidden way and one in the light, and Castor esp relates to creative writing and communications.