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Dec 5, 2018

Is Republican Party Policy Leaving People With No Choice?

Dec 5, 2018: Now here's a very good question posed and discussed by progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann:


And let's remember a significant cosmic event arriving soon for the Republican Party for on December 29, 2018 comes the fifth conjunction in a series of five Neptune Return/s for the Party--with Donald Trump's natal Neptune @6Libra at Midheaven in their December 29th Neptune Return horoscope (shown)! Yet we don't need Astrology to tell us that tragically for our nation, scandals, rumors, conspiracy theories, leaks, veils, subterfuge, 'fake news', false propaganda, fraud, corruption, bribery, schemes such as Medicare "Advantage", underhandedness, sabotage, paranoia, fear, fanaticism, delusions, falsehoods, deceit and lies are major parts of the GOP's disappointing Neptunian-Piscean agenda which nowadays includes compromised politicians and those who actually act on behalf of foreign governments--exactly as the Founding Fathers feared!

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