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Jun 2, 2019

Clinton vs Trump Impeachments: cosmic time links

History Rhymes: Clinton 1998 Impeachment vs Trump ~?~

by Jude Cowell

An annular Solar Eclipse prior to The Impeachment of Bill Clinton in 1998 manifested @28Leo47 in the 19 North Saros Series on August 22, 1998. In the news now, comparisons are being made between the Clinton impeachment and the potential impeachment of Donald Trump with many pundits saying there are differences. A basic difference is that the investigation of Bill Clinton began with a land deal but for Trump it began with Russia interfering with and corrupting the 2016 Presidential Election on behalf of Trump, Putin's favored candidate--and with Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey in a Trumpian attempt to stop the investigation in its tracks. Additionally, in 1998 Clinton was a popular president, today Trump is not.

So let's consider 19 North themes, plus, a few of the cosmic time links between the August 1998 eclipse and the natal planets of Trump who was 52 years old in 1998. Note that a 19 North Solar Eclipse last manifested on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo and is the Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') of the Clinton Impeachment and both Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017 as we've previously discussed:

19 North Themes: 'realism, coming down to earth, becoming aware of a situation for what it truly is, a constructive time for tackling the truth' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Now right away, I know that the eagle-eyes of both SO'W readers notice that the 1998 eclipse conjoined the natal Ascendant (29Leo) of Donald Trump, a cosmic condition which made the 19N eclipse personal for Trump then, and, imho, continues to make it so now.

And it seems apt that eclipse Neptune Rx @00AQ01 in August 1998 conjoined and obfuscated our nation's POTUS Sun (January 20: Inaugural Sun 00AQ+). This echoes the recent US progressed ('SP') Sun in mid-Pisces being masked by transit Neptune in Pisces (also discussed here before). We also see this plainly by the fact that 14 Pisces is the position of the Republican Party's natal Neptune (1854) with Republicans shielding Trump's every move and making excuses for his flaws, his hateful rhetoric, and his racist ideas and policies. In Pisces, Neptunian deception and fraud run rampant! Yet Neptune undermines and weakens, too, along with bringing various contagions and floods to the world.

As for Trump's natal planets, to me the prominence belongs to two transits:

1998's eclipse Venus (10Leo38) conjunct Trump's natal Pluto (10Leo02 in his secretive 12th house of Politics and Karma), a period when strategy must be used in order to exert or regain control over events and conditions yet there is danger of idle flattery disrupting or preventing success. As we know, Trump is a seducible man with an ego easily manipulated by false flattery--and dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un know and have used this very well.

Yet the stronger 1998 transit to Trump's natal Pluto is tr Uranus opposing his Pluto--partile at the moment of the eclipse! (10AQ02 oppo 10Leo02.) When transit Uranus opposes natal Pluto, generational clashes occur in respect to how finances and resources are handled, societal movements disrupt, challenge or even eliminate the power and power structure of The Establishment (similar to destructive Pluto in Capricorn now), and coping well with shifts in political and social institutions becomes a societal and personal issue.

In Politics, the Venus-Pluto pair of energies relates to potentials for extremes of private wealth hidden away, attracting and attraction to elements of organized crime (which threatens certain US politicians and others dumb enough to step into a syndicate trap), those who want to transform natural beauty (oil drilling in parks and offshore comes to mind), and/or a breakdown within the social fabric of society (Trump and the GOP are working hard on that as I type).

Uranus-Pluto potentials include riots that bring changes in governmental policies, disruptive intruders, strikes and labor movements, rebellion, and/or "sudden new criminal acts" (Munkasey).

So whether political pundits find comparisons and/or contrasts between 1998 impeachment conditions and those of 2019, 2020, and beyond, there are cosmic time links then and now via the 19 North Saros Series and the activation of Trump's natal Pluto in vain Leo--unaspected, menacing, and identifying a man who is over-shadowed by shadows--in his 12th house of Self-Undoing and Hidden Enemies.

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