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Jun 24, 2019

Trump a TransPluto figure but Saturn-Pluto time nears

Image: Donald Trump's Precessed Progressions January 12, 2020 12:00 pm est showing his SP Pluto-TransPluto-MC-Saturn rendezvous. His non-precessed Progressions for that date show SP MC @1Leo34 conjunct his natal 12th cusp so SP Saturn @3Leo has yet to symbolically cross SP MC, but it will happen soon.

Astro-Notes re: TransPluto

When spoken of or infrequently used in Astrology, TransPluto is most often referred to as a hypothetical planet which may or may not actually exist. Well, it is said to orbit even farther away from Earth than distant Pluto itself yet according to expert astrologer Lynn Koiner, TransPluto Is Real! Now whether you agree with such an assessment or not, Lynn's article contains pertinent information concerning TransPluto and while reading it I recognized the bedeviling Donald Trump as the TransPluto figure who's been keeping the world awake each night with his wacky and deplorable--yes, deplorable--antics, bigotry, insults, propaganda, and criminal activities since his escalator descent of June 16, 2015 to announce his prez bid--expertly timed by a seed-planting New Moon @25Gem07 that very morning.

Now some folks consider TransPluto to be 'more plutonian than Pluto' but there's more...

For four years later we 'know' Trump better and it seems that the archetype of TransPluto described in Lynn's article--"Personality keywords: The Perfectionist/Perfectionism, Self-Sufficiency, The Reformer Complex, and Alienation"--apply directly to Mr. Trump (so determined to reform and rule the world which was Hitler's goal, too) so I hope you'll check out Lynn's assessment if you're unfamiliar with her research for these terms apply to Donald Trump much more deeply than my limited knowledge of TransPluto could ever have guessed. Plus, they support other chart factors and the work of other astrologers on the topic of Trump's childhood and the harsh criticism from Mom and Dad--especially Dad in his case--which made Donald the flawed, fear-driven, greedy individual he is today. Plus, Don Sr now passes on the crazy and treats his own sons in a similar witheringly critical fashion, Don Jr in particular.

(See astro-notes on Trump's unconscious 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, Secret Enemies and Hospitals--he's a man 'overshadowed by shadows'.)

Yes, such childhood issues apply to each of us, of course, for whose parents weren't narcissistic and made mistakes that continue to affect us negatively as adults? However, not everyone behaves as vengefully and achieves on the grand scale that the misshapen Donald Trump has with his bottomless pit of emotional needs for applause, approval, and his compulsive desperation on the material plane for more and better--and no criticism allowed. That's where the alienation comes in--work alone and no one can get close enough to you to criticize the flaws you fear you have. At least, that's his work method...alone for he can 'do it all' better than anyone else (as you may have heard!).

But his work conditions and/or methods may change drastically once the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 occurs @22Cap46--precisely opposite Trump's natal 11th house Saturn in watery, Moon-ruled Cancer, a sign of self-protection and nationalism, and simultaneously conjuncts his natal Vertex (which relates to transformation at or in work, and to fated encounters). Plus, old man Saturn, planet of work, brings karmic lessons to us all and when opposing natal Saturn, negative conditions form which relate to past actions (and mistakes--and in his case, illegalities), plus, regret, failure, and a lack of progress often result. That's if the individual hasn't acted with integrity and taken responsibility for his actions as Saturn demands. Yet a lack of conscience can soften the blow and we may soon see whether or not Trump has one or no--if so, it is hidden deep within.

Now this particular fuss actually began unbidden when I had a look at Trump's Secondary Progressions ('SP') set for January 12, 2020 which shows his SP TransPluto at SP Midheaven and snugged right between his SP Saturn (in SP 9th house) and SP Pluto (10th house)--all at 3-5 degrees of ego-based Leo.

(Note that Lynn Koiner's article mentions that TransPluto is in its fall in Leo, with a negative connotation of selfishness and pomposity; that in his childhood Trump's parents cruelly activated such traits and embedded his deep fear of failure ("so much winning!") is no excuse for his adult, childish, unfeeling behavior.) Of course, there are several other chart factors supporting these problems in his psyche but today the focus of this post is his TransPluto.

And so on the mundane political level of so-called Trumpism, I consider the January 12, 2020 blending of harsh Saturn and Pluto energies in governmental, Saturn-ruled Capricorn to be a cosmic echo of, or a timing device related to, Trump's SP trio of Pluto-TransPluto-Saturn. And considering that restrictive Saturn and transformative Pluto are within orb of opposing the fellow's natal Saturn (and natal Venus, too--venal Venus, so vengeful when scorned), a period of alterations, discension, separations, work-related difficulties, and the winds of destiny are suggested and may finally greet Donald Trump at the crossroads in early 2020 or later.

EDIT Jan 1, 2023: now hoping they meet at the crossroads very soon in 2023! jc

Nov 30, 2018

Our Federal City's Upcoming Progressed Full Moon

Image: dual horoscopes of the Masonic Cornerstone-Laying by George Washington who, with his Masonic brethren, founded our Federal City April 21, 1791 3:30 pm LMT (Ellicott) and the same horoscope's Secondary Progressed Full Moon which perfects on January 10, 2024 @18Gem33 at 2:00:35 pm est; basic details and more are penned upon the charts:

Plus, you'll find brief details concerning the Federal City 1791 horoscope in a 2015 Obama-era SO'W post if you care for a peek. Of course I had no 'Trump' in mind in early 2015 when I typed the post, yet Trump's natal 10th house Sun-NN-Uranus trio perches saucily atop the Midheaven of the 1791 chart (MC 22Gem58) along with US natal Mars just as 1791 Jupiter in Virgo rises (3:30 pm selected by the Masons because Jupiter in Virgo was rising) along with America's natal Neptune. 1791 Jupiter conjunct US natal Neptune (1776) in our era suggests pretense and illusion as the Federal City was founded--or, inspiration and the grand spirit. Yet the Founding Fathers of 1776 and 1791 were apparently unaware of the existence of far away planet Neptune with its potentials in Astrology for delusion, deception, fraud, dissolution, and its basic urge to merge.

Now naturally, your eagle eye spies a YOD pattern, too, between the 1791 Mars-Pluto sextile pointing to the rising Jupiter and Ascendant (and US natal Neptune) although Neptune and Pluto were unknown in 1791. YODs suggest turning points, crossroads, special tasks, or crises for Washington DC in relation to ideals, finances, promotion of ideas (spreading democracy? propaganda, media), expansion, growth, and/or exploration. Plus, this is a Jupiter-square-US-Mars transit denoting a period when moderation is needed, too much force may be used, rash actions can create more problems, and overestimation of strength or ability often occurs. In addition, a heady whiff of America's Jupiterian 'Manifest Destiny' may be noticed.

So each time since 1791 that transit Jupiter has returned to its 1791 degree, the Federal City's Mars-Pluto YOD has been re-activated, plus, other transiting planets and progressions have had their effects as well. The last/current Jupiter Return to 22Vir38 is a three-fer due to retrogradation; the exact conjunctions perfected on December 19, 2015, January 27, 2016, and August 3, 2016--reminding us of Donald Trump riding his escalator down from on-high (June 2015), paying an audience of actors to applaud his prez bid, campaigning ad nauseum (ongoing), and on November 8, 2016 being selected by the Electoral College to play the POTUS role against all common sense. For those of us attempting to ignore the recent and ongoing chaos he thrives upon and his dismantling of our traditions and institutions which he has apparently been plopped in the Oval Office in order to perpetrate, Wikipedia keeps a handy list of the Events of 2016 for our reviewing pleasure; of course, 2015 events are available there as well.

Eclipse watchers might wish to consider the solar eclipse themes of 2024 of which there are two: April 8th @19Aries in the 8 North Saros Series (prophetic visions, dreams, hunches), and October 2nd @10Libra (conjunct the 2024 SP Full Moon's North Node!) in the 8 South series (separation and loss; physical injury is possible; over-straining of one's strength--Brady).

And if we read the planets of the Federal City's YOD as midpoint pictures, we have potentials for: Mars-Pluto = Jupiter: the big plan comes into focus (Utopian America, aka, the New Atlantis!); making things happen (a capital city); Mars-Pluto = ASC: showing the hero image; the fighter who dares the impossible; and Mars-Pluto = US natal Neptune: cunning strategies; subterfuge; plotting rebellion (Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl).

These potentials all sound like my former Federal City of residence to me.

Now here's a very much related previous post concerning associated topics: In Tribute to Master Mason George Washington.

Apr 18, 2008

Apr 9, 2008

McCain's Progressed chart: April 2008

The Secondary Progressions of Senator John McCain are viewable here if you have a moment. There's some interesting timing going on now with McCain so I've set his Secondary Progressed chart for April 2008. Have a sneaky peek!

You'll find that his Natal chart is there as well in the sidebar as a separate Page.

Now let's see: born Aug 29, 1936...2008 minus 1936...yep, McCain will be 72 this August, and sometimes the 72nd year brings a new chance to show one's talents...uh oh.

Mar 5, 2007

thoughts of Thomas Jefferson

"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite."


"If once [the people] become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions." : Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1787

Looking today at the Progressed charts of Thomas Jefferson who may have something to say about our current infestation in Washington bwo of his Minor (mental-causal plane), Tertiary (feeling-intuitive plane), and Secondary (physical plane) midpoint pictures.

As you know, the Minor-Tertiary-Secondary Progressed charts are derived from the Natal chart and relate to the 27:13:1 ratio...we have a thought, then a feeling or intuition about the thought, then we act...that's Minor 27, Tert 13 and Sec 1, the 1 being the physical plane where we choose to act or not.

Minor charts also describe thoughts which are attempting to rise from our Unconscious and which perhaps should Not be acted upon...our choice.

Minor midpoints of Thomas Jefferson:

Mercury/Saturn = Mars: unrest; quarrels; treating others badly; separations caused by arguments and disputes; a change through force of circumstances; risking everything to make a point; turning drive into tyranny; no compromise.

Pluto/NN = Mars: demonstration of violence and brutality; desire to make others amenable to one's wishes; the misfortune to be placed in someone's else's hand or power; exhibition of personal power; tyranny.

Seems Tom would be thinking about tyranny if he were here--and with good cause. Since charts continue to speak and be triggered after we're gone, let's be brave on Tom's behalf for the sake of America. With his life dedicated to her establishment, he may be trying to tell us something about her this very day.

Avoiding tyranny was, after all, the basis for the founding of this nation--yet the military industrial complex is well on its way to having its way and establishing tyranny over the sheeple in the here and now...and on the entire world, if it can.

We can't even say Eisenhower and others didn't warn us. Then there's popular entertainment, religion, keeping up with the Jonese--all opiates of the masses--which we've also been warned about. How many of us listen?

Now as you know, Minor-Tertiary-Secondary Progressed charts are derived from the Natal chart and relate to the 27:13:1 ratio...we have a thought, then a feeling or intuition about the thought, then we act (or choose not to)...that's Minor 27, Tert 13 and Sec 1.

So we think 27x faster than we act and feel 13x faster than we act. (I hope Robert Blaschke will forgive me for making a muck of his work--see his excellent book, Astrology: A Language of Life, Vol 1 - Progressions for a better explanation than I can give you here.)

Tertiary midpoints:

Sat/Pluto = Sun: enforced change; threat of loss, hard work; separation; potential ill health; sparing no pains in one's work; renunciation; privation; toil.

Sat/Neptune = Asc: limitation of freedom; feeling confined; an emotionally depressing environment; being a loner; sense of being "out of the group;"

Sat/Asc = Mars: angry at the status quo; trying to put things right; struggling with controls; obstinacy; self-willedness; placed in turbulent circumstances; separation; mourning;

Sun/Uranus = Moon: emotional excitability; demand for need fulfillment; the intense woman;

Moon/Pluto = Mercury: far-reaching plans; pursuit of comprehensive ideas with great zeal; the gift ot weild a powerful influence upon the public through speeches and writings; the power of persuasion; strategizing; planning;

Mars/Saturn = Pluto: the rage of fury or destruction; brutality; intervention from a Higher Power; bodily injury (murder, the death of a great many people); the need to take control; forcing an issue; strong anger.

Now for the Secondary mdpt pics (physical plane) which have which have resulted from the above:

Ven/Neptune = Saturn: fear of losing the dream (America?); a new look at realism is needed (I'll say): becoming sober again (bankruptcy can do that to a formerly rich nation...soup lines on the way?);

Moon/Mars = Asc: taking over leadership; establishing one's rights and privileges within a group; personal enterprise;

Mars/Mc = Asc: assumption of leadership; success and recognition; projection of sureness; confidence and pizzaz (things are going 'well' in Iraq?);

Sat/NN = Neptune: being neglected by others (go to US military hospitals with serious injuries from the Bush-Cheney war for plenty of that or be a New Orleans resident); emotional suffering from falsehoods, fraud, lies, deception, separation, and illness; confusing others about one's personal stand (politics! campaigning!);

Sat/Asc = Jupiter: tendency to bypass or ignore difficulties; a change of place; being seen as above-it-all; c'est la vie! or one works very hard to reestablish a new order that is reliable and predictable.

(Midpoints: from Ebertin, and Dr. Noel Tyl.)

To close this barrel of monkeys, here's a quote from former British prime minister, Clement Attlee, who shares natally the Sun Cap/Moon Scorpio of Pres. Jefferson's Minor blend today:

"Democracy means government by discussion but it is only effective if you can stop people talking."

And the *Image for Integration for this blend?

A priest turns his home into a shelter for the sick and homeless.

America--once shelter and the Ideal for the world. Now the light of Liberty's Torch is almost snuffed you care?

*Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.