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May 6, 2020

Trump's Mercury-Neptune: Actors and Liars

Tragically, Where Trump Goes, So Goes America

May 6, 2020: Some readers of Stars Over Washington are familiar with the many fusses posted here by yours truly concerning the (s)election in 2016 of a presidential contender born under the auspices of a deceitful, cunning, sneaky, error-prone, refuses-to-listen Mercury-Neptune square - by name, one Donald Trump. But if you, dear reader, are not familiar, for you I shall add again that we could have had a lady president born with a studious, sober, rational Mercury-Saturn square but forces both domestic and foreign worked against our country to undermine her, promote him - and thus to plunder and sabotage America.

So here we are in 2020 still mired within Trump's fantasy world of dread and horror for us, vast profits and undeserved status for him. Appearances are everything to Trump The Superficial (for as you know, the emperor has no clothes except for the 'empty suit' he wears while playing the role of POTUS on TV) and I believe that the following quote from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences speaks in part of the tale of our woe made worse by the charade of his White House (p)residency:

The Combination of Mercury-Neptune

"Sociological Correspondence: Actors, deceitful people, liars."

Footnote: "Under Sociological Correspondence of Mercury/Neptune one should add "so-called saints," i.e., people who are found under this combination sometimes appear in every way perfect, they appear to have no faults until one day it is discovered they are almost the reverse of what they appeared to be. This is sometimes the case with actors who have to wear a mask which is not in accord with their personality, or in the case of diplomats who play a part in the course of their work and say something different from what they think. In these cases this describes the work they do."

So although this mere reality TV host fancies himself a great thespian (and some of his fans are determined to remain fooled by his act) you'll recognize the saintly "appears in every way perfect" and "appear to have no faults" descriptions as one of the many fantasies Trump tries to foist upon the public with his absurd claim that he "never makes mistakes" which mocks all reality and helps to make him - and the United States of America - laughing stocks upon the world stage.


Basically, Mercury = thought processes, the mind, ideas, communications, trickery; Neptune = lies, fraud, deceit, corruption, erosion, sabotage, mistakes, errors, misjudgments, misconceptions, failure, loss, disappointment, dreams, ideals, inspiration.

Image above: 'Neptune Ascends', pencil on paper.


Antony said...

Jude, yes indeed, right on!
In addition to the slippery Mercury Square between Neptune and his predilection to mangle thoughts and words in a way that obfuscates and confuses rather than clarifies the truth, he has an exact waning Quintile from Saturn to the same Neptune (skill at manipulation and an avaricious grasping for populist political control). The mid-point of that Saturn/Neptune Quintile is exactly on his Leo ascendant, epitomizing a personality expression of Saturnian authority and ideological belief. Added to this is the exact waning Bi-Septile between his Sun and the same Neptune a life force that deems itself 'destiny directed', ordained and especially fated. All of which compounds the many features of his soli-lunar nodal axis.

Oy, we may not get what we want, but heck, I cannot believe this is what we need. Hold firm! May be some queasy times ahead.

Jude Cowell said...

Great insights Antony TY and Yes! We must all hold firm for many reasons not the least of which is to outlast the devilish scoundrels! With the contagion now creeping closer to the Unmasked Resident our task may turn out to be easier than we now know. jc