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Aug 10, 2020

Hitler's Rise to Absolute Power, Trump, and Astrology

"The federal government has absolute power. It has the power. As to whether I'll use that power, we'll see." - Donald Trump, fan of dictators past and present. Note that with this assertion he reveals that he equates himself with the federal government.

August 10, 2020: The more despotic, authoritarian, anti-constitutional, anti-humanity, and out of control becomes Herr Spanky Trump the more I think back on the various SO'W posts concerning Hitler and Trump and the rise of Fascism in Germany, in addition to the current crop of white 'supremacists' in America (who coup'd the White House in 2017 as you probably noticed). Today I discovered that a freshly posted ''Timeline World History Documentaries' video (49m33s) has been published to YouTube which may be informative for anyone concerned about the authoritarian direction Trump has and will steer our nation if "re-elected."

See Timeline World Histories': How Hitler Gained Absolute Power in Germany.

Economic collapse creates perfect conditions for the seizing of power along with the purposeful degradation of laws and traditions in society. Trump has worked to degrade and sabotage our nation for almost four years now. And since we know that history so often rhymes through similar events and conditions (and eclipse degrees are sensitized and can be reactivated at some point in time by transit, progression, and/or direction), the fact that certain solar eclipses of 1932 and 1933 will soon repeat along with their forceful 'seizing power' Mars-Pluto themes, suggests that extreme caution is advised over the next three or so years in relation to our current titanic struggle to Keep Our Republic. To me if not to you, keeping our Republic is possible under a Biden administration but would be totally impossible under the yoke of another four years of authoritarian despot Trump.

That 'Republicans' (aka, Trumpians) and their comrades are super-sizing their election sabotage efforts in 2020 is an important feature and a basic imperative of their push toward establishing absolute power (which corrupts absolutely), a totalitarian rise the world has witnessed before. And as everyone knows, not learning from history dooms dumb-heads to repeat it. And this We The People must not do.

Hitler-Trump-Eclipses: A Few Links

'Nazi Rise to Power' Solar Eclipse Soon Repeats in 2022.

'Fascism Rising' Solar Eclipse of 1933 Repeats in 2023. Here's a peek at the 1933 horoscope:

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Video: Hitler's Vision: Germania.

Eerie Parallels Between Hitler's Rise to Power and Trump's Administration (Thom).

The Third Reich Horoscope showing the current Capricorn planets at its Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point of any horoscope.

And on a special note today: Thom Hartmann's idea is that, like Hitler at the end of WWII, Trump intends to crash the US economy as he shambles out the door - or is taken away by men in white coats.

Other previous posts concerning such topics can be found by typing terms like 'Fascism" or "Hitler" in the sidebar Search field (scroll down) and as always, your Shares and on-topic comments are much appreciated (although all ads and spam are never published at all so don't even bother!) jc

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