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Oct 17, 2020

November 12, 2020 The Third Potency of Jupiter-Pluto

Jupiter-Pluto Energies Combine as November Nears and 2021 Looms Ahead

by Jude Cowell

This past April we discussed the November 12, 2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction and considered its DC Horoscope reposted here:

Today let's add a few additional notes concerning Jupiter-Pluto indications in the Trump era with our focus on America using Washington DC as a symbolic representation of our nation. Few links to previous posts on related topics are included in this post so if a particular topic interests you, please type it into the sidebar Search widget by scrolling down a bit and see if a selection pops up.

So basically, the duo of Jupiter (increase; expansion; growth) and Pluto (power; wealth; manipulation) represent power-craving plutocrats and Plutocracy and most everyone knows that Trump is a plutocrat acting for his own profit and on behalf of wealthy donors and billionaires. Exploitation of the weaker is their 'claim to fame' by employing whatever means necessary with emphasis on manipulating the levers of power - financial, legal, political. In previous SO'W posts I have also related Jupiter-Pluto to the Fed and perhaps you'll agree that the US Federal Reserve System, our 'central bank', works for and with the global syndicate of international banking houses - and specifically with the House of Rothchild leading the pack of wolves and foxes from their lairs in Europe and the City of London. Their network of links and associations (many by marriage--keeping power and control within The Family) is what makes a global financial collapse totally possible!

Then with the installation in the White House of foxy Trump controlling the levers of the US financial system, we can see that The Family of banking houses has joined forces (if they weren't already joined!) with at least one global organized crime syndicate, namely, with mobsters and outlaws wielding political power and influence in the US - in league with Klanish thugs and zealots of the white supremacy/alt-right persuasion. And for strong-arming those who disagree with an authoritarian America as the 'new order', Trump's enforcers use and threaten to use one of Plutocracy's favorite tools: primal violence. The explosive Mars-Uranus Conjunction, exact on Inauguration Day 2021, suggests this.

The Jupiter-Pluto Cycle: Approximately 13 Years

Now as you know, all planetary conjunctions time a new beginning of their cycle and for Jupiter-Pluto, Year 2020 has in stages marked the completion of their previous cycle which began on December 11, 2007 @28Sag24. By degree, their conjunction created a cosmic time link with the current Saturn-Uranus Cycle for its three conjunctions in 1988 perfected in the degree range of 27-30 Sagittarius. Perahps we should note a couple of things: that the upcoming Saturn-Uranus square with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus identifies a period of extreme resistance to authority--Fixed energies are rigid and stubborn; and, that on a basic level, the combination of Saturn and Uranus has to do with the overthrow of an 'old order' and the establishment of 'the new' which is also an underlying theme of the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction coming at Winter Solstice 2020 (see a link to its midpoint potentials, below).

And so as noted, in 2020 Jupiter and Pluto conjunctions perfect three times: April 4, June 20, and the November 12, 2020 Conjunction you see in the chart, above. If we take the cycle's 13 years and divide by 3, we get approximately 4 years and about 4 months for each of the three horoscopes to represent (and leading up to their next conjunction on February 5, 2033 @14AQ50). Or, we can count all three conjunctions in 2020 as a process with a combination or variety of Jupiter-Pluto implications over the next 13 years, their influences alternating in strength. So the three conjunction horoscopes can be read in a variety of ways. How about another: Chart 1. problems present; Chart 2. denial and delay (Rx stage); Chart 3. solutions are found.

Of course, with the US Congress paralyzed by Republican Mitch "grim reaper" McConnell, implementation of pro-99% solutions is another matter best left to a president of the Democratic persuasion - so please Vote so we can get one!

You may also wish to see: December 21, 2020's Midpoint Pictures of the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction with the caution that any, all, or none may apply and may be activated by future transits, progressions, and/or directions.

A Note to SO'W Patreon members: As you know, major societal changes are in progress and in case you haven't found it yet, a new post has been published for Patreon readers which concerns the December 21, 2020 Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn! jc


zeebling said...

Its interesting too how Pluto Jupiter is so associated with stock market crashes ... somehow Jupiters expansions goes the other way & how Pluto was almost exactly opposite where it is now during the 1929 crash(pluto was 19 Cancer opp Jupiter at 15 Capricorn ) they joined up for the 2008 crash & yet here we see they come back together just a few days after the election making me think contested election or some DOJ sham ,as you have pointed out many dubious long term malefics may result from Gangster pluto & judicial Jupiter setting up the USA's pluto return

Jude Cowell said...

Good points zeebling agreed! Yes, all major financial concerns, including the Wall Street 'casino', are always part of the Jupiter-Pluto picture. To dip into such a deep pool for this one little post would have made it an e-book and in my constant search for brevity in blogginess I declined to broaden the scope. Capricorn is investment along with Jupiter of course, and as you know sneaky, greedy Pluto can purloin anything, even if it means crashing a stock market or an economy to reap all the profits. When the two planets combine their energies together it's always dicey for economies.
Plus, we've seen how the plutocrat pairing has behaved all through 2020, grasping power or trying to. When we consider everything, their third and final tango must be of great concern so with my not being a financial astrologer, my topics must be general so as not to spook the bulls. jc

zoidion said...

Much food for thought here. Thanks. One bit I’d take a bit of issue with, though, is the linkage of Mars - Uranus with “primal violence.” It’s a powerful phrase, yet I think it better applies to Mars - Pluto. I often remember that it’s present as a conjunction in the national chart of Communist China, and it often shows up in the charts of prominent military figures: dealers in death and terror.
On the other hand, I’ve noticed Mars - Uranus showing up with ideological warriors such as John Bolton (opposition) and the yet-to-be-revealed Amy Coney Barrett (opposition, part of a grand cross).

Jude Cowell said...

True zoidion about Mars-Pluto but to me all violence qualifies as primal! I think that Mars acting from the depths of a reptilian brain can perpetrate primal violence even without Pluto. jc