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Oct 8, 2020

October 2020 Mercury-Uranus and the White House

Horoscope: the KKK December 24, 1865 'noon' LMT Pulaski, Tennessee

An October Opposition: the Biden-Trump Debates and the Klan

by Jude Cowell

Thursday October 8, 2020: With the current transiting opposition between Mercury Rx in Scorpio and Uranus Rx in Taurus we see general tendencies in the Collective such as 2020 candidates jumping to erroneous conclusions about others, twisting others' ideas to suit one's purpose, and the possible involvement of people of influence who harbor bad intentions. Well, that sounds like any and all political debating, doesn't it? And pretty well describes the very practice of Politics itself. (But don't mind my opinion, I'm jaded--Stars Over Washington turns fifteen years old on October 16, 2020 with over 5,000 published posts!).

So to get to the point of this particular fuss I'm going to just go ahead and type it out loud: the Klan is in the White House and current transits to its 1865 planets (shown, above) reveal cosmic influences upon political conditions in the US and the excruciating Campaign 2020 ongoing as dictator-wanna-be Trump attempts to coup the Oval Office for 'four more years'. Meanwhile, CFR-er Joe Biden challenges the authority and pseudo-exalted standing of the Klan via Trump while, in what passes for political 'debates' these days, so much is left unsaid and many of the facts are distorted ad nauseum.

Now the data I have for the KKK is as follows: December 24, 1865 "12:00 pm LMT" (exact hour unknown) Pulaski, Tennessee: ASC 5Ari06; MC 2Cap59 (see chart, above). If you know of more accurate data, please let me know. Until then, this is the data I use to set up the organization's 'modern' chart for the group's origins go back further, of course, back to the Knights of the Golden Circle (of which John Wilkes Booth, Albert Pike, and Jesse James were members--Pike, a leader) and to the slave patrols of yesteryear which exist still via trigger-happy (racist) police officers on the hunt.

So what's being aggravated in the KKK horoscope of 1865 by the current Mercury-Uranus opposition is the Klan's dictatorial, willful, power-craving Saturn-Pluto opposition across the intense Taurus-Scorpio axis. Here are a few potentials of the transits which are most intense at the second Biden-Trump debate (October 15, 2020) so I'm comparing the chart of the predictive New Moon of October 16, 2020 with the 1865 Saturn-Pluto opposition of the Klan - also because the Libra New Moon @23Lib53 favors Joe Biden for the win.

CFR vs the Klan

2020 Mercury Rx @11Sco10 conjuncts 1865 Saturn @9Sco39: denotes restricted ideas and/or plans, serious thinking, and perhaps a tendency toward dullness of mind.

2020 Mercury opposes 1865 Pluto Rx: conditions of corruption and disintegration; opposing forces attempt to manipulate; information is withheld due to paranoia and a need for protection; wrong information is deliberatey provided in order to mislead; thoughts are strongly expressed but others refuse to listen; intense communications.

2020 Uranus opposes 1865 Saturn: authority is threatened (especially if it has been illegitimately gained); methods are challenged; opposing forces demand change and a new order.

2020 Uranus conjuncting 1865 Pluto: disrturbing conditions, disruption, upheaval; hidden fears surface; unsuccessful manipulation.

Addtionally, the basic energies within the Klan's Saturn-Pluto opposition are in process of being activated along with the January 12 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction at 22Cap46 which continues to be ruffled by transiting Saturn and Pluto with transit Jupiter yet to actualy reach 22 Capricorn in mid-November 2020. We see this ruffling when Joe Biden presents new views of the future and adds a realistic interpretation to our current predicament, and when escapist Donald Trump is inspired by the use of drugs and employs illusion to gaslight us all.

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Dawn Silver said...

Thank you Jude. I would not have thought to do the chart of the KKK. Love the transiting Uranus opposing their natal Saturn. It is time to deconstruct! And I truly appreciate your last line, adding much clarity, to Joe's realistic, what's it going to take to rebuild, attitude, as opposed to Trump's drug-inspired trip through the fog.
Side note, the October New Moon chart for DC has 3 degrees of Sag at the midheaven, Biden's rising. Sure never a conclusion but certainly some hope!

Jude Cowell said...

TY Dawn! The 2020 race is definitely a realism vs fantasy affair! Yes Biden's ASC at MC was mentioned in my post re: the Libra New Moon chart and is one of the factors that suggest the October 16th New Moon favors Biden's candidacy over Trump's. I tried to find the post to add the link to *this* post but Blogger's recent changes have made it more difficult to find previous posts.



zoidion said...

A bit off topic . . .
I’m sure some astrologers made note of it at the time: 17 April 2020, 11:22 a.m. (Eastern time, presumably; Washington DC, presumably, but maybe not) That was when Trump tweeted “LIBERATE MICHIGAN,” which resulted shortly thereafter in heavily armed and mean-looking militiamen invading the seat of the Michigan state government. On-duty police withstood some very nasty-looking abuse. Eventually, the situation simmered down some.
But Trump’s call to action continued to resonate. Now that more than a dozen militiamen have apparently been arrested for plotting to kidnap (at least) the state’s governor, it’s time to take a look again at the April timing.
The Sun at that date and time was early in the twenty-ninth degree of martial Aries, that very late degree signaling the readiness of militant elements to take action.
Ding-ding! That’s the very degree at which Mars stationed retrograde a month ago.
I dare say there will be some highly significant developments relating to that when Mars gets back to that degree: a couple of days into January. That will be a time of and for high alert.

Jude Cowell said...

TY zoidion! Agreed some measure of aggression is to be expected when tr Mars returns to the April 17, 2020 Sun degree. I also noticed that the MC @29Pis39, a crisis 29th degree of course, conjuncts the star of misfortune Scheat with its murderous tendencies. '30Pisces' = "The Great Stone Face" which sounds to me like Trump's typical sour puss scowl. Plus, tweeting planet Mercury in the public 10th house @10Ari44 when rounded up has a descriptive Sabian Symbol: "The President of the Country"! jc