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Jan 5, 2021

A Fascist Plot in America Has Failed Before

Democracy vs Authoritarianism in America - Again

by Jude Cowell

January 5, 2020: Most likely you're familiar with the Fascist plot in 1933 to induce General Smedley Butler to lead a potentially massive force of American Legion members against President Franklin D. Roosevelt in order to take over the White House and US government, thus putting a stop to FDR's New Deal plans. (As you know, certain corporatists, ideologues, and their political operatives have worked against our social safety net programs ever since with some success. After all, it irks them that such programs often benefit black people!)

So below is a horoscope of the 'visit' and sales pitch from the authoritarian conspirators to General Butler at his house on July 1, 1933 around 1:00 pm. Naturally, the culprits were fronting for big operators - the big bankers and other corporatists who were the leaders of the seditious plan in 1933, the ones who thought the straightforward Butler could be persuaded to their authoritarian cause. (At MC, The Goal Point, is starry Alhena: to have a mission; also asteroid Circe: to seek rescue). Note that Cupido @9Pis18 (Corporatism; The Syndicate; The Family) is in the risk-taking 5th house conjunct Pallas Rx (strategy) with the 7 North Solar Eclipse degree nearby. This fascist plot is well known for congressional hearings were held afterwards and General Butler testified against the men and their plot. And note that printed on the horoscope you'll see "J.P. Morgan firm behind it" (Mullins).

You'll also see expansive propagandist Jupiter unaspected in Virgo; some of its potentials are listed on the chart. In 5th house moving into 4th, Saturn @Rx @15AQ23 leads a Locomotive shape of planets (a high-powered, ruthless executive determined on success) with an interesting rounded-up Sabian Symbol: "16AQ" = "A Big Businessman at His Desk."

Now with Libra rising, 10th house Venus is chart-ruler but makes no major applying aspect to any planet (US natal Saturn, exalted in Libra, rises). Although Venus applies to no planet (going nowhere! but see lower left for the applying Venus-Chiron sextile, plus, note that Venus opposes US natal Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting underhanded manipulation, obsession, possessivene$$, and cut-throat competition), the Venus-Pluto conjunction (5S43) in patriotic, nationalistic, tribal Cancer is revealing for together the pair tend toward 'elements of organized crime' and their combined energies relate to 'the breakdown of the fabric of society' (Munkasey) which is what such fascist plotters are finally managing to accomplish now under figurehead Trump. Do I think their take-over plot is this wide and far-reaching? Of course.

And an upcoming period of time to be especially wary of is around and beyond the April 20, 2023 Solar Eclipse @30Aries in the 7 North Saros Series for it will be a repetition of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933 (horoscope shown) with its theme of a 'deep, long-hidden passion' and 'lust' coming to the surface (Brady).

Based on the tendency of history to rhyme, 7 North's theme, plus, current events, I believe that this very passion, hidden away for decades, is what now motivates corporatists and ideologues in their ongoing attempts to throttle democracy right out of America, leaving a hollow shell of a country for authoritarian freaks to fill.

July 1, 1933 Horoscope: The Fascist Plot to Use General Smedley Butler

Data and details of the plot from Eustace Mullins' book The Federal Reserve which is available as a facsimile reprint appropriately titled, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy #ad.


zeebling said...

I think the truth is actually few people know of the business plot ..i covered it in my Neptune Documentary & so many people said to me they had never heard of it before .. other than the obvious Pluto & Neptune opposing their 1933 positions (Pluto hitting USA Mercury)the political climate is looking increasingly like the 1930's .. Although wall street is booming, America is not & a depression much like the 30's is happening .Roosevelt's popularity & agenda show how the rightwing react when they are suddenly out of power .... After the storming of the capital a repeat of the kelayres massacre (1934)seems much more likely . history is repeating & considering the repeat of the civil war aspects coming up mid 2020's everyone needs to realise just how serious this is as just like in the business plot there is a huge amount of money backing the trumpian agenda .. the actual trumpians are merely brainwashed pawns , foot soldiers for the wealthy right wing elite like that gross eldest son of the F├╝hrer...whom like Giuliani are both having Mars Uranus currently square their Leo Mars ,,so i suppose they really think this is their revolution .

Jude Cowell said...

Zeebling, excellent points TY for sharing, no disagreement here. In case a reader is unfamiliar with the Kelayres, PA massacre of November 5, 1934 on election eve (watch the Republican culprits hiding their faces as they're rounded up - I'd like to see a repeat) here's a link to a brief video:

Election Night 1934


zeebling said...

Oh wow Id never seen that video before ..thanks

Jude Cowell said...

:) I'm fond of old news reel style reports! you're welcome seedling. Thanks for the heads-up. Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Oh good heavens. The moment I tapped Publish my Kindle switched zeebling to seeding. :( jc

zoidion said...

Lots of potent astrology to chew on here. I’m a bit surprised you didn’t astrologically reference Smedley Butler, mostly lost in the fog of history forgotten or never known. (Shades of USA Mercury - Neptune - Pluto configuration: media-induced brainwashing.) Butler b. 30 July 1881, West Chester PA — Saturn - Neptune - Jupiter - Mars - Pluto in Taurus — same year as FDR.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks zeebling for adding General Butler's data :) Actually he's been mentioned in previous posts through the years but I doubt his natal planets were mentioned. If I had accurate data for him I'm pretty sure his natal planets would have been noted in a post before now! jc