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Jun 4, 2024

Which Nazis Took Power in 2022?

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Prior to our Midterms 2022 Elections when "MAGA" seditionists somehow managed to take over the US House of Representatives where their antics continue to underwhelm and thus help them avoid actually governing (at least until the 119th Congress swears in), we discussed disturbing topics such as The Nazi Regime and US Election 2024. The comparison remains worth keeping in mind as the November 2024 Elections approach.

In the post, the 1933 Horoscope of the Nazi Regime is displayed if you'd care for a look-see, and mention is made of the Eclipse Saros Series in which the monstrosity of blood lust took control in Germany, along with the fact that the same Series, 6 South, repeated on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio (landing upon the Ascendant of NATO, btw), and our 2022 Midterm Elections occurred within the time frame, bringing Maga-ites into the powerful halls of Congress.

6 South themes are descriptive of events in 1933 and in 2022: "being forceful and taking power; manic energy; sudden events," and "huge efforts in group activities" (B. Brady). As you know, Nazis used violence as a tool to force their ideology upon society, and nowadays old man Trump favors that idea - of using violence against his "fellow Americans." These are "obsolete ideas," as the 1933 horoscope shows via venal Venus in Capricorn opposing primal Pluto in Cancer, and the planetary duo in opposition is associated with violence, envy, jealousy, and the mishandling of money and resources. In fact, bankruptcy can follow.

So for me, if not for you, these particular Venus-Pluto potentials sound like things that Herr Trump, a Uranian reptilian, has been intimately accustomed to, been motivated by, and has used to his advantage for decades.

Speaking of Magas, if you're curious, here's a noon natal horoscope of perhaps the leading Maga troublemaker in the House, Marjorie T. Greene, aka, "MTG". Feast your eyes!

For the sake of comparison, here's a bi-wheel of the initial 6 South Eclipse of March 6, 1049 @21Pis55 conjunct Venus, showing a forceful Mars-Pluto opposition, and karmic Saturn @27Cap19 conjunct US 1776 Pluto (abuse of power issues), surrounded by the 6 South repetition of October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio, the Eclipse that influenced Midterms 2022 when Maga-ites gained a claw-hold in Congress:

Now as everyone knows, forewarned is forearmed, so here's the revealing J6 Solar Return Horoscope for January 2025 showing the brutal "win at any cost" Mars-Pluto opposition that our government fails to prepare for with more-than-equal force at our nation's peril.

And here's The Eclipse of the GOP's Project 2025, their dystopian plan for effecting the total ruination of America as we know it. An imperfect nation are we, yes, but who in their right minds can't do a better job at the helm than hate-filled Trump with his carnage, concentration camps, sadism, and loss of freedom?

Feb 19, 2024

WOW Those Gold Sneakers!

The Orange Hawker Strikes Again

by Jude Cowell

Just a brief post today showing a horoscope of the Venus-Pluto Conjunction @00AQ51:02 which perfected on Saturday February 17, 2024, the day that Mr. Trump hawked gold sneakers at sneakercon in Philadelphia, PA. Promoter Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square identifies his sneaky mind so he's quite the sneaker himself. And as everyone must agree, Donald does worship gold: real, fool's, or gilded and this makes him something of a wide-girthed King Midas wanna-be - and with Venus-ruled Tauru$, sign of The Bull (golden calf) at his Career and Public Status Point ('MC'). That's the 'public status' that took a major slapping last week in NY from Judge Engoron, smacking Donald where it hurts - his pocketbook and his overblown ego. After Friday's court session, no rolled up copy of Forbes Magazine was found at the scene, last I heard.

What Is He - Made of Money?

Then notably, the Venus-Pluto duo relates to money and to a potential for bankruptcy which some pundits say Trump will be filing for. If so, it will be the first personal bankruptcy filing for the King of Debt, says David Cay Johnson, whose book, The Big Cheat is about you-know-who. #ad

So you've marveled at the shiny tenny pumps, now shown below is the Venus-Pluto Conjunction Horoscope of February 17, 2024 which also happens to spotlight the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle (began December 21, 2020 @00AQ29) where transit Pluto continues to trod off and on. Pluto hit Jupiter-Saturn again on February 4, 2024, then will stomp twice more on August 8, 2024 and December 11, 2024, with Election 2024 sandwiched between. And of course, 00AQ+ is the position of US Inaugural Sun, the office of the presidency:

Check out my study notes penned on the image for more details.

Jan 6, 2024

January 2024: Big Trouble at the NRA

On January 5, 2024, the NRA tweeted that Wayne LaPierre will resign from his top position in the organization as of January 31, 2024. His resignation comes amidst his current civil corruption trial in Manhattan, NY which opens this Monday (1/8/24), last I heard.

For reference, here's a previously published dual image with NRA November 17, 1871 and the group's current Jupiter Return Horoscope from 2014, still in effect until Summer 2026:

Significant planetary transits are now affecting the NRA Horoscope of November 17, 1871 and the most obviously connected to LaPierre's corruption trial and to the group's dwindling membership fees in recent years is transit Pluto opposing the organization's Jupiter (exalted in Cancer, and at Station Rx @29Can55: '30Cancer' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" -- interesting, since the NRA is a Civil-War-era concoction). Note that 1871 Jupiter conjuncts the group's intense Venus-Pluto midpoint which suggests a picture of "Propagation of destructive impulses" and/or "intense feelings of pleasure from power or destruction" (M. Munkasey).

Of course, bankruptcy is a lurking potential when this planetary duo is involved, so hopefully a full-on search for hidden rubles has been done, perhaps offshore and in foreign bank accounts and super-secret vaults. What Mr. LaPierre hasn't frittered away, that is.

Perhaps you've seen this 3M26S video clip The NRA lies about its bankruptcy filing.

Because we know that the Venus-Pluto duo hints at "extremes of private wealth hidden in secret places" and to finances (as does Jupiter), and to "attracting elements of organized crime" (M.M.). Well, guns do that, don't they?

Anyway, the Pluto-Jupiter opposition, coming on for some time, reveals a period of legal battles with financial consequences. One example you may remember: NY AG Letitia James squashed the group's plan to transfer their assets from New York to Texas.

Simultaneously, other current transits include Uranus Rx @19Taurus conjunct 1871 Pluto (past control may be lost; abrupt changes), legal eagle planet Saturn square 1871 Mercury (opinions challenged, delays, blocked communications), and North Node conjunct 1871 Neptune (meetings about corruption and fraud).

Well, it's all karmic, isn't it? An established organization taken low by its own underhandedness and now legal eagle Saturn makes decisions for its future. Of course, Chapter 11 filing would mean the NRA could reorganize--so maybe they'll behave in a more upright fashion in the future. What do you think?

Dec 8, 2023

Friday Dec 8, 2023: 2 Quirky Horoscopes!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for American Democracy

When we discussed how Trump's Take-Over Plan Began Years ago in yesterday's post, I had not yet considered the bi-wheel shown, below, or any implications it might have to our current day worries over what may be called a second Trump "presidency," being planned as a dictatorship.

Now please understand: today's post is ultra quirky, and thus Uranian, and may not make much sense to most readers. Perhaps my 10th house Uranus in Gemini is showing! Well, let's plow ahead since the bi-wheel of horoscopes concern Trump's first "Prez Bid," as I term it when titling the Gemini New Moon Horoscope of June 16, 2015. You'll remember that the New Moon perfected @25Gem07 on the morning that agent orange descended the Trump Tower escalator to address a paid-off audience gathered from a NY talent agency: $50 per head. And there, conjunct the New Moon, was belligerent planet Mars @24Gem35 ("25Gem"= "A Man Trimming Palms" - as he did; or someone did).

Of note is that the 2015 New Moon perfected in the midst of Trump's natal 10th house trio of quirky chaos-creator Uranus, North Node, and Sun, and a new cycle of activity began with seeds of his future plans implanted.

And since New Moons can disrupt earthly events in similar Uranian fashion as solar eclipses can, the presence of warrior planet Mars is significant and denotes potentials for the violence and brutality hidden within his racist sentiments that morning as he announced his presidential intentions.

Now in 2023, he's at it again, threatening all manner of retaliation against his critics of the anti-Trump persuasion. A Plutonian urge to purge lurked then against minorities, and is in the making now if Trump has his way in 2024 - which he must not have. If he succeeds, his "American Carnage" intonation on January 20, 2017 will be fulfilled against the American people and his anti-America handlers will be well pleased with their agent provacoteur.

So I'll close this post for now since gifts await wrapping as the holiday nears. Above, is the bi-wheel where you see Trump's Prez Bid New Moon of 2015 surrounding the Secondary Progressed Horoscope which results when Herr Adolf's natal chart is progressed ('SP') to the exact date, hour, and location of what is said to be his Death Chart. The result is that, as a transit chart, Herr Trump's 2015 Prez Bid New Moon conjuncts the SP Sun and SP Mars in Gemini of April 30, 1945 which may primarily show a timing issue for Trump's announcement, if nothing else. (And perhaps a secret tribute of sympatico to his Austrian idol was intended.)

You'll notice other contacts as well such as 2015 Mercury conjunct SP Pluto, notated on the chart, plus, 2015 Venus @10Leo05 conjunct Trump's natal Pluto (apex of his 'death axis' Mars-Saturn midpoint in 12th house = fury, destruction, death of many people--R. Ebertin). This functions as Trump's "urge to purge" writ large. Then, the Venus to Pluto transit suggests his need for complete control of people and situations.

But this comparison is all quite quirky though, isn't it?

Jun 6, 2023

DC Horoscopes: Trump Lawyers' Meeting at DOJ June 2023

Not much time to discuss the following two horoscopes, one set for June 5, 2023 at 9:50 am edt in DC, the speculative time that the 2-hour meeting began between Trump lawyers and DOJ lawyers, Trump's "please don't charge me" meeting. The other chart (upper right) is set for 11:50 am, the time that Trump lawyers were seen leaving the DOJ building after the approximately 2-hour meeting. Was a plea deal discussed? That seems to be the going suspicion since Jack Smith may be charging Trump this week, or very soon:

Now I agree with you, dear reader, there are way too many of my study notes squooshed upon the charts but one major factor worth a mention is the Venus-Pluto opposition (00Leo/00AQ) that squares Jupiter, North Node, and Midheaven ('MC'). Then as a planetary duo, Venus-Pluto may symbolize a variety of factors such as extreme wealth hidden away (aka, squirreled away), plus, underworld associations (exs: the mafia; the Syndicate; the Family), sex-drug-human trafficking, embezzlement, money laundering, and other criminal acts. "King of Debt" Trump's serial use of bankruptcy may also be part of the Venus-Pluto picture. And remember Trump's natal Moon's Sabian Symbol, "A Chinese Laundry."

Of course, with Venus-Pluto contacts there's often an urge to control conditions, events, and/or people in order to assure desired outcomes, but one assumes that agent orange has little chance of gaining such control these days - unless he tries to use the documents he purloined for bargaining his way out of the legal messes he's in, or at least mitigating his legal consequences somewhat. That's with US national security as his hostage, of course, although one must suspect that that particular horse has already left the barn for destinations unknown. (Stealing secrets for his handlers was part of his original mission, you know, and the top price gets 'em).

In closing, please note that at 11:50 am edt, a midpoint picture forms that suggests, "using dubious practices to increase power and reputation" (M. Munkasey), as he's done all this life. And as you know, Trump's desperation is shown in the above charts, and has been obvious for some time with his ALL CAPS shout-outs. Perhaps you'll look for more clues!

So is it finally time that the despised and dangerous arch criminal is held accountable by the US Justice Department? Will his natal Jupiter-Uranus trine of lucky breaks let him down at last? What do you think?

Aug 10, 2022

FBI search brings Far-Right calls for War

August 8, 2022 Planets to the 1861 Civil War Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

Born in Georgia and a descendant of CSA soldiers, the following view of the planets of the FBI search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago headquarters on the morning of August 8, 2022 in relation to the 1861 Civil War Horoscope is intended for your consideration. No, I am not a seditionist and have always said that my only nag in the race is America. By which I mean a sovereign America, free of fascists and nazis like those my uncles fought in World War II.

And with the specter of another "civil war" being fomented by far-right Trumpsters and media opportunists every chance they get, keeping an eye on transits to the Civil War planets of April 12, 1861 seems a good idea to me. And now the August 8th FBI search has ramped up their outrage, even blo*d lust for some.

Well, perhaps we can agree that there is no bottom to which Trump and his acolytes will not stoop in their attempt to coup the US government and re-install the Mango Mussolini back into power, even a potential for sacrificing Trump's Vice President to a noose.

And so the following bi-wheel of horoscopes show the Civil War April 12, 1861 with the deceptive Mercury-Neptune duo rising (inner) and the August 8, 2022 "around 10:00 am edt" horoscope of the FBI search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago property (outer) with 27Vir20 rising, Moon conjunct 1861 Midheaven ('MC': publicity), and 2022 Neptune @25Pisces Rx rising in the 1861 chart. Of course, astrological Neptune infuses into many realms of life so let's not repeat them all here, but considering current conditions of misinformation, sabotage, and sedition, it seems significant that the Civil War of 1861 will be having its first-ever Neptune Return, a three-fer actually, exact on March 25, 2025, October 24, 2025, and January 24, 2026.

And closer to our current time frame is a Mars Return to the Civil War Horoscope which occurs approximately every two years. This one is prominent due to current events and the seditionists in our midst, and becomes exact on August 30, 2022 at 8:50:30 pm edt (Charleston, SC) with separation inclinations (ASC = Saturn-NN) and a 'fateful struggle ordained by destiny' midpoint picture (Saturn-MC = Pluto). Of course, fomenters of this warmongering who feel, or pretend to feel, such a violent destiny are led by opportunists who are using the rank and file as their dupes. Willing dupes, it seems. Similar to the warmongers and their dupes in April 1861 (ASC = Mercury-Neptune).

As for the bi-wheel you see below, the ongoing transit of Neptune in secretive Pisces opposing US 1776 Neptune in fact-based Virgo is front and center with the opposition's persecution vibes and generational clash of ideals and ideologies on display. By now you've heard cries of persecution and the tale of the sad sad martyrdom of Donald Trump filling the air waves to gaslight those of the orange authoritarian persuasion. Why, far-right propagandists are just getting started attempting to rehabilitate the public image of the orange blighter!

Meanwhile, we're so far left to wonder if the FBI search on August 8th involved nuclear secrets tucked away at Mar-a-Lago for this would be extremely lucrative merchandise to put on the black market for a transactional grifter like Trump who is never troubled by any feelings of loyalty to America.

Mars-Uranus Pow!, Moon-Neptune Delusion, Venu$-Pluto Power, Sun-Jupiter Ego Expansion and Publicity

It's all there and more. So if you're curious, please enlarge the image for several astro-notes are penned upon the horoscopes just for you:

Note: attribution for "Mango Mussolini" goes to one of my favorite progressive broadcasters Randi Rhodes, a veritable force of nature.

Aug 9, 2022

Trump Venus and Moon Returns Bring FBI to Mar-a-Lago

August 9, 2022

As the world has heard by now, yesterday morning (August 8, 2022), the FBI entered and searched Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. His nibs was not at home at the time (during what he calls a "raid") but his bulk was conveniently away somewhere in the New York City area, or was possibly at his Bedminster, NJ property. And Mary Trump says her uncle is "panicked" by the raid in her interview last evening with Lawrence O'Donnell. And astrologically, we can note that his Venus Return shows 'fear and anxiety' (Moon-Uranus = MC) that his 'self-defense' was breached (Moon-NN = MC).

Now which lawsuits or investigations of Trump could benefit from any evidence (or Venusian valuables!) were found there I cannot say. For one thing, it's early days for gleaning information about this event. However, there's news about a gaggle of up-in-arms Republicans, their political feathers ruffled along with their fear of exposure activated, who plan to meet with Trump at his Bedminster Golf Club this very evening. How to spin this intrusion by the FBI and its possible fallout (especially with Midterms 2022 creeping up) is certain to be discussed, unless I miss my guess!

Plus, President Biden's recent legislative victories must obviously be sticking in GOP craws so we may as well expect Republican assaults to become even more vicious, convoluted - and desperate. For somewhere in the world there are entities holding congressional GOP comrades to account - because their 'big plan' to take control of the US government must be followed, no option to do otherwise when you're dealing with global criminal networks of mobsters and anarchists.

Yet notably, we see powerful Pluto conjunct Midheaven in the Lunar Return chart (a monthly chart denoting his daily rounds - of golf?) and opposing Trump's Venus after opposing his Saturn, planet of authority and accountability - spotlighting Home-Security-Career issues, and prominent because the intense Venus-Pluto opposition is Angular. Meanwhile, transit Pluto to Midheaven ('MC') can indicate that Trump's actions will be revealed to the world, probably in relation to matters of hidden wealth and abuse of power:

So you see here, dual images, both set for August 8, 2022 at Mar-a-Lago, showing Trump's Moon (Lunar) Return at 12:14:38 am edt, and his Venus Return at 2:43:08 am edt, with Venus a planet of money and valuables, and Mercury, planet of documents and communications (phones?), at the Foundation of the chart (IC). As you see, the ongoing Pluto Rx opposite natal Venus transit is in full swing with a few notes penned on (lower right), plus, the Mars-inconjunct natal Moon transit suggests hot temper, defiance, and betrayal ("Russia if you're listening"), also penned on, left side under the Sabian Symbol for his natal Venus: "Guests Are Reading in the Library of a Luxurious Home." So if Mar-a-Lago sports a library, the FBI must have searched it carefully. Maybe that's where the *Mango Mussolini's safe is located!

His Moon Return: the 6 North Eclipse @10Tau28 Rises (see lower left)

Now so far I know no exact time that the FBI entered Mar-a-Lago yesterday, so it seems significant that the last aspect made by yesterday's Moon before she went void-of-course (when no one can interfere! or results are unexpected, until 2:39 pm edt = Moon into Capricorn), was a Moon-Neptune square at 6:30 am edt, with its deceptive, confusing influences and link to the mass delusion that the orange blighter uses to cling to political influence (his 'big lie') in hopes of avoiding indictment, and for gaslighting his supporters into sending him money - as the Republican Party has begun doing based on yesterday's FBI "raid." Word today is, Republicans are "rallying around" Trump which must seem like their best bet for weathering the storm - yet another storm visited upon them by their narcissistic death-cult leader, Herr Trump. Most unfortunately, the storm affects the rest of us, too.

Well, there are many other astro-tidbits in both horoscopes for the curious reader to discover. Some notes are penned on, some await your eagle eye. You may even want to set up a horoscope for yesterday at 6:30 am edt, Mar-a-Lago, FL where you'll see Leo rising, and the Mars-Uranus Conjunction exact @6Tau44 on Inauguration Day 2021 conjunct the 6:30 am Midheaven with midpoint potentials for "putting a pistol to someone's head, drastic or violent measures, and/or accidents or injuries" (R. Ebertin).

*Mango Mussolini is a nickname for Trump that I heard from progressive broadcaster Randi Rhodes, a force of nature.

Mar 9, 2022

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2022

Morals, Ethics, Spies, Gossip, and Finances

March 9, 2022

by Jude Cowell

Today just a quick look ahead at the Autumn Equinox 2022 Horoscope of September 22, 2022 with Venus in Virgo in her role as chart-ruler - conjunct US 1776 Neptune and reminding us of the ongoing Neptune-oppo-US-Neptune transit (clashing ideals; persecution), and conjunct fixed star Denebola ('to go against society; against the mainstream'). A few notes are penned on the chart for the curious but with events and upsets occurring thick and fast these days, it's too soon to make very much of the planets' activities six months from now. But for you I'll try.

Because after all, Midterms 2022 with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse will occur during the Autumn season - and the Eclipse rises in the Autumn Equinox 2022 chart seen here.

Autumn Equinox 2022 in DC: General Indications

Sun 00Lib00:00 at 9:03:31 pm edt: Hour of Jupiter Rx.

Morals and ethics are in the Venusian spotlight, shabby wealth is suggested when US Neptune is added to Venus-Neptune, and Venus opposing Neptune indicates illuions-delusions, spreading vicious gossip, shameless exploitation, and/or empty diplomacy. Yet Venus in Virgo is intercepted in 5th house (Placidus House System; opposite, Pisces and Neptune are intercepted in 11th house along with the Syzygy Full Moon @17Pis41) so for those who use them, this suggests karmic conditions that must be dealt with such as problems which have been passed down from previous actors, and possibly festering. Of course, currency devaluation may be one of those problems with petro-dollar issues in question. And don't look now, but hiding under a Neptunian veil is Nemesis Rx @23Pis26, the position of the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction, the speculation, inflation, and grand spirit pair. There are spies lurking in America's financial branches, cyber and otherwise, while corporations raise prices because they can.

Then, Venus trining Pluto denotes those who can read body language and use it to their advantage, plus, the possibility of turning the tables on the past; major financial matters are also suggested by the Venus-Pluto duo (exs: 'private wealth in hidden places' along with 'attracting elements of organized crime' - Munkasey; additionally, the planetary duo may also link to bankruptcy).

We should note that the Leo Moon is unaspected (detached, estranged) yet Luna reflects her waning light upon two asteroids Ceres ('democacy'; security; oil and gas production; family; motherhood, nuturance) and Kassandra (a prophetess no one believes). Sadly, separated parents and children may be implied here, along with a continuation of the potentials for fluctuating food shortages and empty shelves. The world is ill on multiple levels.

Meanwhile, the Sun @00Lib00:00 conjoins Mercury Rx in the Sun's natural 5th house of Children, Speculation, and Creative Pursuits, and 2nd hou$e Mars @17Gem04 conjoins Herr T's natal 10th house Uranus, his guiding planet of chaos, rebellion, and disruption (obviously here, money is involved). Then as you see, radical Uranus Rx @18Tau34 rises with the North Node (@14Tau17 - conjunct Menkar and US Inauguration Ascendant) suggesting focuses on saying what needs to be said, plus, changing the world, new contacts, and a need for feedback.

Powerful, subversive Pluto Rx @26Cap10 has crossed Midheaven (in DC - also conjuncts US Inauguration MC) while leading a ruthlessly determined executive focused on success pattern, a Locomotive shape of planets; Autumn 2022 begins during a Balsamic phase of the Moon, a dark phase when things go bump in the night, and forecasters like Kassandra make their predictions. Or read their scripts.

Then there's 10th house Saturn Rx @19AQ19 conjunct the generally accepted position of Herr Putin's natal North Node suggesting isolation and teamwork becoming more difficult as time goes on. Also karmic Saturn rises with Alpheratz, a cosmic combo that reduces the star's usual gifts of independence, freedom, honors, and riches, and hints at darker potentials such miserliness, decreasing popularity, and fatal tumors.

So! As always, you're invited to leave your on-topic, name-tagged comment (no ads or personal insults) with this post if you like. Don't be shy! jc

A Related Post: Two Karmic Eclipses That Affect 2022 Midterms.

Jan 10, 2022

DC Horoscope: SOTU 2022 (unmarked)

America 2022: Disjointed and Ill Yet Hopeful

by Jude Cowell

January 10, 2022

Shown below is a photo of the unmarked DC Horoscope of what is reported to be (per Speaker Pelosi's invitation to President Joe Biden) the March 1, 2022 SOTU Address to a Joint Session of Congress concerning the State of our Union.

As scheduled, the SOTU 2022 chart is set for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, with 18Lib24 rising (bringing up Tr*mp's natal Jupiter opposed by Speaker Pelosi's natal Jupiter @18Aries at Descendant), and with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune in the creative 5th house. A pile of trouble constellates around the IC of the chart (21Cap07) including the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Capricorn which conjoined the natal Vertex of Herr Tr*mp.

Then as you see, intense conjunctions between Venus-Pluto and Mars-Pluto are lining up (both exact on March 3, 2022 - conjunct US natal Pluto @27Cap33) and, appropriate for a SOTU Address during difficult times in society, there's a serious and tenacious Mercury-Saturn Conjunction @18AQ+ exact on the morning of the March 2, 2022 New Moon (12:35 pm est @12Pis07).

Therefore, SOTU 2022 will be delivered during the prophetic Dark of the Moon phase with major Piscean overtones. No, this date is not the most auspicious timing for expressing the optimism and enthusiasm that President Biden is bound to show during his speech - yet perhaps March 2022 is when Piscean compassion will be the most needed and valued:

North Node and the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior axis

With transit Neptune, elusive planet of compassion and contagion, still floating through its own sign of Pisces, culmination, fulfillment, relationship issues, and/or full awareness of the plans hatched at or about the March 2nd New Moon in Pisces arrives on or about the Full Moon of March 18, 2022 @27Vir40 at 3:18 am est.

Now as you know, the Nodal Axis circles the Zodiac approximately every 19.6 years and March 2022 signals the time for the North Node of the Moon, the head of the dragon, to point directly at the malevolent star that twinkles upon the natal Midheaven, the Goal Point, of one D. Tr*mp: Algol. Meanwhile, the tail of the dragon (the separative South Node), swipes the natal IC of Endings in the natal horoscope of Herr Tr*mp.

Now obviously, his ugly memory may be noted (though unnamed!) during SOTU 2022 and we know that unpredictable events and legal actions are certain to occur between the time of this publishing and March 1, 2022. Yet if given a chance, the screams and rage of vicious, vengeful Algol with the star's suggestion of 'piled up corpses' may again be on display from the direction of the orange menace and his thugs - or, will simply be called out by others in speeches, in reporting and books, and in courts of law.

If so, we'll be forewarned. But we won't be surprised.

UPDATE 01/10/22: Today a Patreon post is now published and specifically intended for SO'W subscribers which adds additional information to the above post for it focuses on the March 2, 2022 Mercury-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius, a significant cosmic event that relates to SOTU 2022. jc

Oct 1, 2021

Winter Solstice 2021 Horoscope: Jupiter "at the bends"

October 1, 2021: As you can see in the Winter Solstice 2021 Horoscope, below, Pisces rises and Jupiter in Aquarius rises and rules the chart and the winter season. However, Jupiter @28AQ36 makes no applying aspects to other planets but is square the Nodal Axis and thus is at the bends - with South Node, a sacrifice or an offering is implied. Plus, Jupiter square the Nodal Axis suggests people whose social, religious, and ethical attitudes and aims are out of harmony with the society in which they live. Of course, expansive Jupiter contains multitudes so malcontents and zealots are not the only folk this Jupiter may represent. So if I were you, I'd include corporatists in one bunch or another along with military types, religious leaders, broadcasters, politicians, and, in Aquarius, humanitarians and philanthropists. Hopefully, a Jupiterian word, some form of protection will be afforded with Jupiter rising.

Winter Solstice December 21, 2021 10:59:08 am EST Washington, DC

With the Solstice Sun @00Cap00:00 falling within the 10th house of Career and Public Status, America's national reputation is on full display - and subject to scandal. Contained in the 9th house of Higher Education, Philosophy, and Foreign Lands, is activist Mars @5Sag47 conjunct the separative South Node of the Moon, an indicator of loners who tend to act independently (and possibly violently) but may also represent those who question the military values of our country (9th house = abroad) and, as has been the case for decades, of overblown defense spending (at the expense of the public's needs). So it looks as if the GOP won't be giving up their political advantage over the Biden administration through their criticism of the Afghanistan withdrawal or of other military and security policies into 2022. Sore losers can be that way.

Now as you see rising in 1st house are oceanic Neptune @20Pis31 suggesting large or mass events, probably involving water and/or storms or other weather-related events. That wounded healer Chiron rises as well is not lost on me yet I've no idea what this may entail unless healing is part of the compassionate Neptunian picture. Hopefully, any goodwill expressed will be genuine rather than superficial.

A 5th House Moon in Cancer

Highlighted on the chart is a YOD pattern with apex Moon @27Can01 (opposing US natal Pluto) in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Creativity, and Children. This pattern sometimes indicates crisis conditions (which we know we have) and can also be a health indicator. Naturally our thoughts go to Covid infections and to innoculations which are said to be coming for younger children possibly by the end of the year. Either way, children, women, and families are spotlighted by the 5th house Moon in her own sign of Cancer. That the Moon opposes US natal Pluto (or is opposed by it) hints at extreme feelings, possible domestic difficulties, and the pairing makes objectivity and taking a positive attitude crucial for best results. Also we must guard against giving in to faulty assimilation of impressions that lead to self-defeat! (B. Tierney).

Meanwhile, YODs may also denote turning points, special tasks (with correct timing a key issue - the Moon is an excellent timer), and/or karmic opportunities for progress. Whatever is suggested here, the Moon at apex of a YOD pattern puts Lunar folk in the spotlight for taking positive, well-timed actions despite any emotional traumas of the past which cloud their perception of current reality.

Cosmic Blinks of Disruption: Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Ruling 2nd hou$e via Aries and 9th house via Scorpio, this 9th house Mars activates the Lunar Eclipse of May 26, 2021 @5Sag and the conditions and circumstances of that time period. Perhaps you remember that the May 26th Lunar Eclipse gave clues as to society's emotional reactions to the difficult 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020, the day of the 2020 Electoral College Vote. Well, you know very well what issues are involved from the 2020 Election, no need to type them here.

But time moves on and Winter Solstice 2021 falls within the 5 New South Eclipse Series which manifests on December 4, 2021 @12Sag22 with benefits promised. (The 12Sag Eclipse is in 9th house of this chart conjunct Midheaven although it isn't penned upon the chart - and the Midheaven is unaspected by any planet so the beneficial themes of the eclipse may be the objectives of the winter season!) Heads up to those who use a US Horoscope with Sagittarius rising around 11/12Sag because this personalizes the December 4, 2021 Solar Eclipse to the US and implicates Jupiter as even more significant in this Solstice 2021 chart since the Great Benefic rises - and rises at 28AQ36 conjunct the people's Moon in the 'Sag rising' horoscope of 1776. This transit is meant to be a happy time of life unless other planetary factors interfere with or mitigate the positivity of a Jupiter-to-Moon transit. Considering the Winter Solstice 2021 Horoscope I'd say that our prognosis is mixed which means that political, financial, and other social tussles and negotiations continue through the winter season but with some benefits attached as Year 2021 ends and 2022 begins.

However, you may be pleased to note that only one mention of Tr*mp is marked on the chart - his natal Jupiter (@18Lib27 in his natal 2nd hou$e and Stationary) conjunct the Winter Solstice 2021 8th cu$p. And of course you know the Sabian Symbol for "19 Libra" = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding." Very appropriate for the career grifter.

Now admittedly, there are many more chart factors of note (Mercury in Capricorn, the common-sensical yet possibly fraudulent "Mercury-Jupiter" on the Angles, the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square of old order vs new order, Saturn working in isolation, testy Mars leading a steamy Locomotive revealing him to be a ruthless, high-powered executive driven toward success, etc) but, mea culpa, I cannot possibly mention them all in this text. Therefore, penned on the chart for those who wish to read them are my study notes.

Yet before this post ends, mention must be made of the intense 11th house Venus-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn, sign of government, law, business, and investment. Here is a paraphrasing of the Hegelian Thesis-Antithesis model from Michael Munkasey's book, Midpoint: Unleasing the Power of the Planets (#ad) by which we may find that the Venus-Pluto duo pretty much sums up the majority of what I've typed, above. And of course you know I must mention that "Thesis" = conditions set up on purpose so that solutions("Antithesis") 'must' be implemented just as ivory tower social tinkerers intended to do in the first place - with the aid of certain politicians, media figures, and other compromised actors who have been bought off and don't mind betraying America on behalf of a vicious global authoritarian movement, as we now see:

Thesis: Extremes of wealth hidden in secret places; model or beautiful waste processing or disposal systems; genetic alterations; transforming the natural beauty of a country.

Antithesis: Attracting elements of organized crime; breakdown within the social fabric of society; volcanic activity which destroys financial or agricultural centers.

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Jun 23, 2021

June 22, 2021: No Debate on Voting Issues - says scorned Venus

Wednesday June 23, 2021: As you've heard, yesterday all Senate Republicans voted No on a motion to merely debate Voting Rights issues that now challenge the very continuance of our democracy. Unsurprising of course, yet yesterday's political tableau is said to have been performed for the benefit of Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema, to make clear to them the complete lack of cooperation of the Republican Party to anything the Biden administration wants to accomplish on behalf of the American people.

In looking at the horoscope of yesterday's vote, said to have begun at 5:30 pm edt on Capitol Hill, rising is 23Sco23 bringing along the natal IC of Donald Tr*mp. But there's a another factor that jumps out of the chart in relation to the proceedings - that yesterday's Venus @24Can47 (conjunct US natal Mercury Rx, a lovely transit for matters that require cooperation - by the willing) opposes Pluto in the horoscope of this, the 117th Congress (January 3, 2021 12:00 pm est; see horoscope, below). As you know, Venus is a money planet (actor, personage, archetype, lady) that can become enraged, venal, and vengeful when scorned (as the still-smarting, grudge-holding Herr Tr*mp has been).

A few astro-notes on the Venus-Pluto combination of energies seem to me to describe in large part many of the factors undergirding yesterday's no-vote and, besides the transit itself, who better to put Venus-Pluto in perspective than Michael Munkasey with his Hegelian form of potentials in Politics and Business:

Thesis: Extremes of private wealth hidden in secret places; genetic alterations; model or beautiful waste processing or disposal systems; persons who wish to transform the natural beauty of a country.

Antithesis: attracting elements of organized crime; a breakdown within the fabric of society; volcanic activity deep within the earth which causes great destruction of financial or agricultural centers.

Transit Venus @24Can47 opposes 117th Congress' Pluto 24Cap16 across the 4/10 axis of Security and indicates a period of obsession, jealousy, possessiveness, cut-throat competition, and underhanded manipulation. Alliances, partnerships, and joint ventures undergo vicious power struggles and conflict while past slights seem to gain importance even though they may have nothing whatsoever to do with present circumstances (grudges). With passionate Venus-Pluto in the picture there are issues of fanaticism involved, plus, tremendous wealth, possible bankruptcy, a need to hide criminality, and/or destructive impulses to destroy or ruin people and/or things (ex: We The People's right to vote - as part of an anti-democracy campaign to establish the US as a fascist state run by a betraying GOP).

Above is the 117th Congress Horoscope with June 22, 2021 planets (5:30 pm edt) penned around the chart and highlighted in green. Voting planet Mercury is stationing Rx and turned Direct 29M 52S later @16Gem07:37 - conjunct royal star Rigel. ASC @23Sco23 = Saturn-MC (conjunct 117th's 8th cusp) indicating hindered development. This degree in Scorpio also sports the 117th Congress's Nemesis, the unbeatable foe, but also divine retribution.

May 12, 2021

June 24, 2021 Cap Full Moon reacts to the June Eclipse

May 12, 2021: The June 24th Full Moon, seen below, suggests public reaction to the June 10, 2021 5 North Solar Eclipse (19Gem47) themes of "prophetic dreams, visions, insights from the Unconscious" (Brady). However, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is about consolidation, facts, business, investment, law, and government so what dreams and insights should be brought into reality? What insights can be realistically used to benefit our social and political conditions?

Notably, transit Mercury the Messenger and negotiator, here @16Gem15, will speed on to conjunct and possibly activate 5 North eclipse themes on or about July 2, 2021. Many people's dreams around that time, if not before, should be quite fascinating and perhaps contain helpful solutions for what ails us. Of course, eclipse influences last for approximately 6 months until the next solar eclipse draws near with its themes, and overlapping has been known to occur.

Now here's a famous quote from a Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn writer-dramatist:

"Every man thinks God is on his side. The rich and powerful know He is." - Jean Anouilh (1910--1987; born in Bordeaux, France with Sun @00Cancer and Moon @2Can54 - and this is a post about a Full Moon spotlighting his words!)

DC Horoscope: June 24, 2021 Full Moon @3Cap27 oppo Sun @3Can27, across the 3/9 axis when the chart is set for Washington DC (a phase of culmination, fulfillment, full awareness, relationships); Hour of Jupiter Rx (in green). ASC 20Lib55 sports a few midpoint pictures (detailed on the chart) with Venus @27Can04 in blue as chart-ruler, however, Venus makes no applying aspects so her sign, degree, and house position are emphasized. Then as you see, angular Venus conjuncts Midheaven ('MC'), The Goal and Career Point of the chart, while opposing Pluto (26Cap05) at 'IC', the Foundation of the chart (and within orb of the US Pluto Return/s, exact in 2022). Potentials of this opposition are penned on the chart (upper right in blue) including cut-throat competition, underhanded manipulation, and lack of trust undermines relationships.

Plus, we should be aware that an opposition between venal Venu$ vs powerful Pluto ($$) has been known to attract violence, and the pair suggests private wealth hidden in secret places. It also contains bankruptcy potential and can denote a breakdown in the social fabric which anti-democratic forces are attempting to hoist upon us now under cover of the pandemic and its resulting economic difficulties which President Biden is in process of easing - without any cooperation from congressional Republicans, the party of obstruction whenever it comes to the needs of the American people.

(Despite McConnell and the other sore losers, Joe Biden's vaccine roll-out has been the most successful project Washington politicians have aced, maybe ever!)

Significantly, the Full Moon in ambitious Capricorn leads a Locomotive shape of the planets which suggests people or high-powered executives who are ruthlessly determined on success. And with the Moon out-of-bounds, these may be socially detached folks, even those secluded within ivory towers, those who are emotionally estranged from society who only care about business endeavors, politics, and taking or retaining control.

So as you see, there are dynamic energies in the chart via a Mars-Saturn opposition (4A32; obstacles; delays; resentment or resistance of authority) and the squares to rebellious Uranus that are involved: Mars square Uranus (5A23; difficulties, delays, frustration, threats) and of course the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square (0S50; past vs future; generational clash between seniors and young folk; old order uncomfortably replaced by the new; violent people).

Obviously, contentiousness, obstacles, delays, and political stalemates continue, however, the Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn blend of conscious and unconscious energies can be very perceptive, dutiful, and professional yet family-oriented.

Well, it seems to me as if pessimism is what 'they' want from us and I refuse to comply! (Moon-Neptune = Saturn). Plus, as you know, the Moon-Neptune duo suggests potentials for sympathy, receptiveness, strange influences, exploitation, and/or an intensely vivid dream life and the activity of the subconscious (with the last two resonating with 5 North eclipse themes). Solutions may be found in dreams!

So What About Protective Jupiter?

Significantly, with expansive, optimistic Jupiter recently entered into his retrograde phase (until mid-October 2021), there's a revealing midpoint picture with the Great Benefic at apex. Saturn-Neptune = Jupiter suggests potentials for 'religion conceals deceptive practices; a sense that reality is just a vision (which resonates with 5 North themes, incorrect as it is); fortunate answers, as noted on the chart; and optimistically, yours truly would add, funding (Jupiter) for social safety net programs (Saturn-Neptune, social programs and the illness axis; of course, other indications for this planetary trio are possible but I'll leave them to your imagination).

Now we should also mention that US natal Mercury Rx conjuncts the MC opposite US natal Pluto at IC and suggests that government surveillance, intelligence gathering, and propaganda are on this Full Moon's menu along with 'vulnerable roadways' (infrastructure), 'disruptive political talk', 'news of orbital weapons or space exploration', 'secrets concerning transportation' or 'satellites', and/or 'self-destructive impulses in business' (paraphrasing M. Munkasey).

Well, the Sun's "A Cat Arguing With a Mouse" and the Moon's "A Party Entering a Large Canoe" are revealed by the rays of the June 24, 2021 Full Moon as We the People react in Saturnine fashion to the energies and ideas reflected by the dreamy June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse so we may find ourselves or others 'interminably quarreling with the nature of things' (4Cancer) and demonstrating an 'inability to get along with anybody' (4Capricorn; Jones).

But if this doesn't describe you, dear reader, I'm glad!

Jan 5, 2021

A Fascist Plot in America Has Failed Before

Democracy vs Authoritarianism in America - Again

by Jude Cowell

January 5, 2020: Most likely you're familiar with the Fascist plot in 1933 to induce General Smedley Butler to lead a potentially massive force of American Legion members against President Franklin D. Roosevelt in order to take over the White House and US government, thus putting a stop to FDR's New Deal plans. (As you know, certain corporatists, ideologues, and their political operatives have worked against our social safety net programs ever since with some success. After all, it irks them that such programs often benefit black people!)

So below is a horoscope of the 'visit' and sales pitch from the authoritarian conspirators to General Butler at his house on July 1, 1933 around 1:00 pm. Naturally, the culprits were fronting for big operators - the big bankers and other corporatists who were the leaders of the seditious plan in 1933, the ones who thought the straightforward Butler could be persuaded to their authoritarian cause. (At MC, The Goal Point, is starry Alhena: to have a mission; also asteroid Circe: to seek rescue). Note that Cupido @9Pis18 (Corporatism; The Syndicate; The Family) is in the risk-taking 5th house conjunct Pallas Rx (strategy) with the 7 North Solar Eclipse degree nearby. This fascist plot is well known for congressional hearings were held afterwards and General Butler testified against the men and their plot. And note that printed on the horoscope you'll see "J.P. Morgan firm behind it" (Mullins).

You'll also see expansive propagandist Jupiter unaspected in Virgo; some of its potentials are listed on the chart. In 5th house moving into 4th, Saturn @Rx @15AQ23 leads a Locomotive shape of planets (a high-powered, ruthless executive determined on success) with an interesting rounded-up Sabian Symbol: "16AQ" = "A Big Businessman at His Desk."

Now with Libra rising, 10th house Venus is chart-ruler but makes no major applying aspect to any planet (US natal Saturn, exalted in Libra, rises). Although Venus applies to no planet (going nowhere! but see lower left for the applying Venus-Chiron sextile, plus, note that Venus opposes US natal Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting underhanded manipulation, obsession, possessivene$$, and cut-throat competition), the Venus-Pluto conjunction (5S43) in patriotic, nationalistic, tribal Cancer is revealing for together the pair tend toward 'elements of organized crime' and their combined energies relate to 'the breakdown of the fabric of society' (Munkasey) which is what such fascist plotters are finally managing to accomplish now under figurehead Trump. Do I think their take-over plot is this wide and far-reaching? Of course.

And an upcoming period of time to be especially wary of is around and beyond the April 20, 2023 Solar Eclipse @30Aries in the 7 North Saros Series for it will be a repetition of the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933 (horoscope shown) with its theme of a 'deep, long-hidden passion' and 'lust' coming to the surface (Brady).

Based on the tendency of history to rhyme, 7 North's theme, plus, current events, I believe that this very passion, hidden away for decades, is what now motivates corporatists and ideologues in their ongoing attempts to throttle democracy right out of America, leaving a hollow shell of a country for authoritarian freaks to fill.

July 1, 1933 Horoscope: The Fascist Plot to Use General Smedley Butler

Data and details of the plot from Eustace Mullins' book The Federal Reserve which is available as a facsimile reprint appropriately titled, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy #ad.

May 15, 2019

US Mercury-Pluto Opposition w more Pluto (by transit)

May 15, 2019: As anyone who uses one of the various July 4, 1776 horoscopes to represent America knows, our national Mercury Rx in Cancer is opposed by Pluto Rx in Capricorn. In the 5:09 pm LMT chart, below, this opposition falls across the 2/8 axis with all the Taurus-Scorpio issues it brings. And of course, the Cancer-Capricorn axis relates to security, the domestic scene, nurturance, national issues including patriotism, public status concerns, and the Capricornian realms of business, law, and government. Besides obvious surveillance and spying issues, a Mercury-Pluto opposition tends toward potentials such as an obsession with social concerns and the responsibility for solving them, fear and anxiety, competence, impatience, and a habit of becoming arrogant when challenged lest America's credibility is being questioned.

Now this post is not about the May 18 2019 Full Moon @27Sco38, the 'flower moon', but its DC Horoscope is used, below, as a transit chart set around America's natal chart, the 5:09 pm version that I most frequently use. Outside the Full Moon chart are penned Trump's natal planets highlighted in a lovely shade of lavender. And as you see in US natal 6th house, transit ('tr') Mercury @24Tau24 conjoins Trump's natal Midheaven ('MC'), The Goal Point, so with the 6th house relating to military service (among other things), we could mention Trump's apparent tendency toward war with Iran (or Venezuela, or___). But we won't.

Other than to say that he seems to be following the Bush-Cheney playbook of re-election via the waging of war (under tutelage of warhawk John Bolton--him again), and of course, a war would serve Big T as yet another distraction from his political problems at home.

Here are the DC Horoscope/s in bi-wheel form with the main point of this post to follow:

Highlighted in green: transit Pluto @23Cap00 Rx within orb of America's natal Pluto position (27Cap32) in natal 2nd house of the National Treasury opposite US Mercury @24Can11, with all three planets in retrograde motion. In 8th house of Corporatism, Big Business, Debt, and Transformation you see Trump's natal Saturn conjunct US natal Mercury, a cosmic picture of our depression, suppression, and the isolation of America he has caused. Schemes, criticism, and aggravating circumstances come along with this planetary connection as well and brings to mind Trump's 'trade war' with China and the harsh conditions it's causing or will cause our farmers and others.

Plus, Trump's natal Saturn conjunct US natal Mercury accounts in part for his limited popularity with the public while his Venus opposing US natal Pluto keys the constant emotional upsets (his and ours!) and his desire to force his and his donors' demands upon us. Trump's lack of trust in US systems and institutions is also suggested by the Venus-Pluto pairing as are organized crime, hidden wealth, and immorality.

Now it's true that multiple transits are in play right now yet the reason Mercury-Pluto with more Pluto (by transit) is highlighted here is the main point of this post. For that, I refer you to Michael Munkasey's Midoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets for its Hegelian Thesis-Antithesis information concerning the Mercury-Pluto pair of energies within the realms of Politics and Business:

"Thesis: High security communications and intelligence activities; political talk which offers abrupt changes to some functions; communications satellites; news of space exploration, orbital weapons, or toxic gases.

Anti-Thesis: Secrets concerning the business community or transportation systems; communications within the intelligence gathering agencies; self-destructive impulses in business; breakdowns in the road networks."

Add more Pluto to Mercury-Pluto and we have: "A ruthlessness when seeking whatever information you desire; increased needs to hide your actions and activities from others; increased likelihood of hearing depressing information; the end of discouraging information."

And that's the end of this post. Except to say that,

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Oct 9, 2018

Synastry Grid: Trump's and America's natal planets

This Is Us: the Trump-US Relationship

by Jude Cowell

A synastry grid comparing the natal planets of Donald Trump with America's natal planets is replete with potentials for tension, anger, scandals, notoriety, confusion, misunderstandings, deception, and undermining by and of allies--but also an attraction, plus the possibility of Chirotic healing, or at least a soothing, of our society's past hurts which I suspect refers primarily to his constant opening of America's oldest wound and flaw, racism, and to how his rhetoric and policies continue the class divide that began in ye olde Jamestown Colony centuries ago. Instead he chooses to stir up trouble on these issues, capitalizes on them, and shoves an even wider wedge between us in any way he can. For everyone knows that 'divide and conquer' tactics always work against the American people.

And as you know, his nibs is an anything-to-gain-power demagogue full of emotional turmoil and suffers with a bottomless pit of ego needs that can never be fully satisfied. We can see Trump's natal Moon-South-Node conjunction as basic evidence of his extreme emotional deprivation via estrangement from Mother, an estrangement the adult Donald can't seem to recover from and I suppose most of us never could whose Mother went missing in some way.

So in this post I shall attempt to provide brief notes on some of the main aspects between Trump's and our national planets but without US natal ASC and MC - except for two as-ifs because they seem to apply - 'DT Neptune conjoins US natal MC' (00Lib47) and 'DT Pluto trines US ASC' - since a variety of timings are used for the US natal chart (July 4, 1776) which gives differing chart angles. Here I'm using a 5:09 pm LMT US chart with 12Sag08 rising but US planets remain in basically the same positions no matter which hour is used on that date with the natal Moon remaining in Aquarius.

Mr. Trump's planets ('DT') are listed vertically (on the left) while US planets ('US') are listed horizontally; aspects are not listed in weighted order:

Reading from left to right beginning with Trump's natal Moon:

DT Moon inconjuncts US Mercury: emotional Trump vs US rationality causes friction.

DT Moon opposes US Mars: anger issues; 'time bomb' set to explode; stirred up emotions; actions and reactions motivated by emotions; emotional connection to the military. DT Mars opposes US Moon emotions boil over; rash actions; hostility; feeling under siege; angry women.

DT Moon squares US Neptune: living in a fog; emotional upsets; domestic troubles; taking everything personally; retreating to familiar territory (see golf pic, below); grief or loss.

DT Moon trines US Chiron: capitalizing on our hidden or deepest emotional needs; consciousness of our national wounds; opportunities for healing.

DT Moon sesqui-squares US North Node (the public): strong emotions litter a hard-to-travel journey.

DT Sun trines US Moon (We The People): enthusiastic feelings; pride and optimism.

DT Sun conjoins US Mars: taking risks; impulsive actions; exciting--never a dull moment.

DT Sun squares US Neptune: confrontations with reality; efforts to deliberately mislead; overwhelming problems; confusion; treading water to stay afloat.

DT Sun sextiles US Chiron: consciousness of the potential for transformation.

DT Chiron squares US Sun: issues of socio-cultural authority.

DT Sun semi-squares US North Node: a fated yet challenging attraction; a destined relationship.

DT Mercury conjuncts US Sun: consciousness of personal intent.

DT Mercury conjuncts US Venus: discussing goals, joint ventures, relationships, legal matters; giving advice.

DT Mercury conjuncts US Jupiter: communicating about political activities, publishing, cultural pursuits; expansion of advertising, propaganda, current news, plans; international communications.

DT Mercury squares US Saturn: application of plans, methods, or ideas delayed, limited, or blocked; plans must be re-done.

DT Neptune conjuncts US MC: professions may be related to the occult (such as Masonry and the Masonic hand signals he constantly tosses out during his on-camera rhetoric); unreliability; scandals, secret intrigues, and public disgrace.

DT Pluto trines US ASC: a driving ambition toward leadership; understanding power and how to deal with or use those in power; home or profession as a base for occult endeavors; favors those who work in Politics.

(More info: The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian and Acker; Synastry Grid compliments of Solar Fire Software Gold v9).

Dec 19, 2013

Dec 28, 2013: Astrology of Unemployment Benefits Cut Off

Our Derelict Congress and the GOP's 'Hurting Obama' Game

by Jude Cowell

Since unemployment benefits are set to expire on December 28, 2013 for 1.3 million Americans, it's only natural for astrologers to take a look at that date and the condition of its two money planets, Venus and Jupiter, both of which are retrograde. The condition of the astrological Moon as We the People is an important chart factor to consider as well.

Yesterday a list of planetary changes of direction were posted to this blog where we see that Jupiter is Rx until March 6, 2014, and Venus turns Rx on December 21st (this Saturday) while conjoining US natal Pluto in late Capricorn. The Venus-Pluto contact makes for a good time in the US to plan and determine strategy though as a planetary pair, Venus-Pluto can signify bankruptcy, a real hazard for those whose unemployment benefits suddenly are withheld for an extended period of time.

These folks' Christmas shopping will tend to be suppressed with December 28th looming, so retail sales are sure to be lost, thanks to a derelict Congress.

However, Congress will take up the extension of benefits when they return to Capitol Hill in early January (if we can believe them), though even only a week or two without unemployment checks will not only put some families at risk of homelessness and/or food insecurity, but the lack will interfere with filling up car gas tanks for even the most basic errands--plus, it will take the money they would be spending out of the economy--thus hurting the America people along with hurting President Obama's favorability rating.

As for the Moon, Luna conjoins depressive, austere Saturn at 7:58 pm est on the evening of December 28, 2013 @20Sco05..'21Sco' = "A Soldier Derelict in His Duty", a Sabian Symbol which may easily refer to our veterans but makes me think first of our derelict Congress especially since Scorpio is the sign of betrayal (of the public trust and of their oaths of office--governing by not governing doesn't count around here.) This conjunction echos the recent (Nov 28th) conjoining of America's Secondary Progressed Moon and Saturn @ '3Sco' ("A House-Raising"!)

Yet Christmas is an optimistic season, and my Jupiterian hope is that Congress will act to extend unemployment benefits well before the Direct Station of Venus on January 31, 2014 @13Cap34 (opposite US natal Sun, a time when leaders are openly opposed and there may be ostentatious displays of luxury!) so if you are reading this blog (as you seem to be), I suspect that this is your hope, too.


The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones.

Jul 7, 2011

Moon-Saturn meeting Washington DC July 7, 2011

On June 10th I wrote a brief description of what I see as prime astro-factors occurring on August 2, 2011, the debt ceiling deadline when all feathers hit the financial fan if America's credit line isn't raised and our nation defaults. The signature of Jupiter-Neptune is upon it thus indicating that the pair's 'speculation-inflation-grand-schemes' flavor is in the brew.

Then on July 21, 2011, America has a Mars Return indicating a new (2-year) cycle of activity. Perhaps we'll have our higher credit limit in place by or around then (not wishing to leave our homework till the last minute!)

If not, there's another signpost, the US Saturn Return (#3 of 3 which began in 2010) on August 28, 2011, when accountability and responsibility are on the front burner. Saturnian lessons abound but will our government learn them or continue to play politics as they conduct the first-ever default in US history? With Saturn having a 28 to 30 year orbit, it makes sense to say the economic melee actually began with the Reagan administration about 28 to 30 years ago - the 1980s with US Saturn Return occurring on October 22, 1981.

There was a YOD formed that day (crisis; special task; crossroads; turning point) with a sextile between Jupiter and Neptune, the planetary pair of speculation and waste, pointing to wounding, wounded Chiron Rx '22Tau', one degree from the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction degree of May 28, 2000 @ '23Tau' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with Magnificent Gems". The process has been long, but these Utopians (Uranus in Aries) see the end in sight. Where did all the world's money go? Ask Pluto in Capricorn as he corners the resource market and gathers up national economies the world over.

For the American people, it's very late in the day to play politics since all three parties (including the Tea Party) will be held at fault if the US de-faults since
they're the bunch in charge as the deals go down and the country teeters on the brink. (Neither you nor I were on the scene, so we know we didn't do it.) If it becomes necessary that Saturnian blame be cast, we have quite a gaggle of shills, operatives, and vermin who deserve to share that blame.

But what about today's meeting at the White House with what may be President Obama's Final Offer (which does included 'entitlement' cuts, as I suspected it would.) Without a lot of blogging time available to me this morning, a quick peek at today's planets is all I can muster. The first thing I'll be looking for is a fresh conjunction (meeting), so I'm going now in real time to conjure a chart for today, White House, noon....(sound of this post being saved as a draft...)

Okay, besides the Venus-Pluto opposition (with US natal Venus involved as things don't go well with finances, valuations, or relationships with Pluto opposing our Venus, and moneybags Jupiter is next), there's the Moon in Libra approaching Saturn(Dems) which remains on its Direct Station degree of June 12.

As a pair, Moon/Saturn possibilities are: direction, ambition, and strategy, and in Politics and Business shows: the people exercising authority; institutions formed to oversee and coordinate business, agriculture, and commerce. A lack of output or production from manufacturing or agricultural sectors of the economy, and an inability to grasp the intentions of the people and their needs are also indicated. (Munkasey.)

Actually, planet Saturn is experiencing lovely storms upon its surface just now, as shown by photos from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. (I'm having trouble with New Scientist's blog link not going Live so here's the article address w photos if you wish to copy/paste: .)

And in Saturnian solidarity, Saturn's doppelganger, Earth, is having not-so-lovely political storms upon it which seem to be centered for the most part in Washington DC and everywhere else the Republicans hold the reins.

Feb 8, 2011

Venus to Pluto 2.9.11: hidden wealth in secret places

In a recent astro-post on President Obama's February 7th speech to the US Chamber of Commerce, I mentioned that the chart-ruler of the speech horoscope, Venus, made only one applying aspect in the chart, a conjunction with powerful, secretive Pluto in Capricorn, sign of government, politics, law, and business. A chart-ruler's applying aspects in Horary Astrology describes how things will proceed - here, from the "neighborly" event.

This Venusian-Plutonian encounter occurs on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 @6Cap38 and it may be instructive to consider the political and business ramifications of a Venus-Pluto pairing. The two can be passionately exciting in love relationships, yes, but also have financial connotations which relate to the president's presentation of ideas for sparking the US economy as he spoke to a room full of wealthy bankers and business leaders.

We might also keep in mind last week's report on the many places that Hosni and Gamal Mubarak have their wealth squirreled away with perhaps additional revelations to come as the Venus-Pluto hook-up uncovers more secrets (including hot love affairs, but that's not the purview of this blog unless politicians are involved. And even then, not so much.)

Even plutonian revealer-in-chief Julian Assange's Swedish situation (rape charges) may be affected in some way by this conjunction along with WikiLeaks revelations concerning diplomatic relations and/or banking misdeeds. And in the US, some of our threadbare state budgets are beginning to show signs of embezzlement or mis-usage of funds through the years...peep-eye!

Plus, the Chamber of Commerce members Mr. Obama addressed and cajoled on February 7th are said to be multi-millionaires and billionaires sitting on corporate mega-profits which they have so far refused to 'share' with American workers in the form of new jobs.

So using Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets because it lists potentials in Politics and Business along with other indications, the Venus-Pluto combination of energies include:

Thesis: extremes of private wealth hidden in secret places; genetic alterations; those who wish to transform the natural beauty of a country; model waste processing or disposal systems.

Antithesis: volcanic activity deep within the earth which cause great destruction of agricultural or financial centers; attracting elements of organized crime (finances, drugs, sex trade; hidden partnerships; jealousy; rape charges); a breakdown within the social fabric of a society.

With authoritative Capricorn being an Earth sign, we may expect the above possibilities to apply very closely to the things that relate to material goods, mining activities, structures, systems, and, as stated, Politics and Business in finances, valuations, and relationship issues. And as stated in my previous post, Venus-Pluto can be linked to bankruptcy, too. The excruciating housing foreclosure mess may be implicated (real estate; banking.)

The Sabian Symbol for the Venus-Pluto conjunction @ '7Cap' may be revealing as well:

"A Veiled Prophet of Power"...SUPREMACY:

positive expression: unerring insight into the motives of men and a consequent gift for organizing their efforts along any given line of accomplishment;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: inability to distinguish true values from false.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Additionally, the symbol for '7Cap' in Adriano Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac points us back to Egypt's Mubarak family who may have had a part in the ongoing looting of his country's ancient treasures: The Sphinx.

Well, this conjunction occurs ever year at varying degrees of the Zodiac (depending on where slower moving Pluto lies in wait for Venus) but this year I'm relating it primarily to the president's appeals and concessions to the Chamber of Commerce - though financial secrets and sexual misconduct cannot be ruled out.

Jan 31, 2009

Venus-Pluto's passion: Feb 2 - 9 2009

Lethe: A Love Remembered, drawing by jude cowell 2009.

Astrologer Julie Demboski takes a look at the upcoming week of Feb 2 - 9, 2009 through the lens of Astrology and finds Feb 3 to be one of the stand-out days as Venus, vengeful when she's scorned, forms a Fist of God pattern with deep, transformative Pluto of invisible helmet fame.

A Fist of God configuration occurs in the heavens when a square (90 degr) relationship is formed by at least two planets which then 'point' to a third planet or point with which the squaring planets are each in sesquiquadrant (135 degr) aspect. Some element of hubris may be attending the situation; natural laws may be broken but never escaped.

This makes for an imperative circumstance which must be dealt with and Ms. Demboski gives us a heads-up on what's going on underneath the hood of heaven for the week ahead - information we're all sure to find useful especially with the intense, perhaps obsessive energy which the Venus-Pluto pair contain.

In mundane matters we may discover or uncover intensely passionate art, love, or financial embroilments with Venus-Pluto, and bankruptcy issues will likely be on the table for some whose affairs have been proceeding in that direction.

Pluto brings long-time-coming karmic events and/or people into our lives - or brings to the surface these intense issues - so let Julie guide you for the next few days and you might just benefit from her expertise!