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May 15, 2024

Biden-Trump Debates 2024

Horoscopes: Biden-Trump Debates 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

As you've heard, news sources are reporting that the Biden-Trump Debates of 2024 will he held in Atlanta, Georgia at CNN headquarters on June 27, 2024 9:00 pm, televised but with no Live audience, while the second debate is set for September 10, 2024 to be hosted on-air by ABC News, streaming via the ABC News app, and on Hulu.

So despite the possibility that the debate schedule could change or be canceled all together, here are the two Debate Horoscopes with my messy notes penned on.

Lower left is Debate #1 set for June 27, 2024 Atlanta, Georgia, and upper right is Debate #2 announced for September 10, 2024; both events occur under the influence of the Total 8 North 'Great American Eclipse' of dreams and visions, plus, transit Pluto at a critical degree dips back into Capricorn in time for the second debate while transit Neptune is at critical degree during the first debate and is final dispositor of both charts:

The Public Mood: Sagittarius, Then Pisces

Marked on the charts you'll find brief notes concerning the public mood, primarily a reference to the American people. Both signs for Luna suggest moodiness and other difficult conditions which may alternate between positive and negative.

Debating Mercury in Cancer, Then Virgo

In June, Mercury the messenger planet travels through Moon-ruled Cancer where patriotism, nationalism, tribalism, rhetoric, commerce, security, and self-protection tend to express. We should note that Cancer is the sign of Trump's natal Mercury which always ties in his problematic Mercury-Neptune square.

Then in September, speedy Mercury in Virgo is all about facts, details, logic, research, practicality, criticism, and/or cooperation. Notably, President Biden's natal Mercury is in deep-thinking Scorpio, an intuitive Water sign, as is the more commerce-adjacent sign of Cancer.

Well, there are several other significant factors in both charts worth our notice but this is all the time I care to spend on the topic for now since the debate schedule could turn out to be moot. So Thanks a Bunch for reading this far, if you've managed! jc

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