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May 18, 2024

Rep Jasmine Crockett v Rep Marjorie T Greene

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Below you see two noon natal horoscopes in bi-wheel form of the two US Representatives who snarled at one another via personal insults at a House Oversight Committee hearing on the evening of May 16, 2024 with the Sun @26Taurus casting a spotlight on enraged star Algol. Then as they say, Rraowwrrr! This eruption between them may have to go down in political history as America's infamous Eyelashes vs Butch Body conflict, with a side order of an allegation of racism due to Greene's eyelashes remark.

Turning the hearing into chaos was achieved if that was the intent of Rep. Greene although order was eventually restored. And it may be no accident that Rep. Greene's star is said to be fading while Rep. Crockett's star is definitely rising.

For details see CNN's interview, Crockett speaks out about fight in Congress with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Bi-Wheel shown above: Planetary contacts between Greene (1974: inner) and Crockett (1981: outer) are circled and include some heavyweight generational contacts relating to power and financial concerns, and all in Venus-ruled Libra. Meanwhile, 1981 Mercury in mid-Pisces contacts 1974's Jupiter in mid-Pisces which possibly indicates legal conflicts, there are reciprocal Venus-Pluto contacts suggesting that both ladies possess personal magnetism, an attraction to power and wealth, and a tendency toward fanatic beliefs and aims. Additionally, their authoritative Saturns square one another which denotes their different sets of values clashing and causing frustration: Saturn in watery Cancer vs Saturn in airy Libra, sign of the legal planet's exaltation. Saturn in Cancer tends toward discontent, while Saturn in Libra is known for a strong sense of duty.

To close, here's a previous offering concerning the noon natal chart of Marjorie Taylor Greene, displayed in all its splendor. And for the curious reader, Greene's 12 North eclipse themes are listed in the post.

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