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Nov 30, 2022

Hakeem Jeffries: Leo Sun-Virgo Moon

Offical Portrait, Hakeem Jeffries; United States Congress, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Astro-Notes: A New House Minority Leader

by Jude Cowell

Promotion is in the air in Washington DC, for today, House Democrats elected Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) to the position of House Minority Leader beginning in early January 2023, and replacing Nancy Pelosi. Both a 9:00 am est and 12:00 pm Horoscope of the 118th Congress have been published previously if you'd care for a look.

Meanwhile, the following is a brief overview concerning the natal planets of Hakeem Jeffries born August 4, 1970 in Brooklyn, NY (grew up in Crown Heights, a part of Poughkeepsie NY); no birth hour is available so noon is used; his Wikipedia page provides more biographical details.

First here's an unmarked (by my messy study notes) noon horoscope with aspect grid:

And below is the messy version of the very same noon horoscope where we find Rep. Jeffries' Saturn in Taurus leading a BOWL shape of planets and denoting one who advocates for a cause or leads a mission with Neptune Rx in Scorpio in wide opposition (6A20) to Saturn. This suggests becoming responsible in public matters such as social work, yet with a possible hint of secret activities (if nothing else, political work fills that bill all by itself).

In addition, finances are involved (Taurus-Scorpio axis) which must in part refer to the constant task of soliciting donors as congressional politicians must continually do; (other activities in the sphere of finance are unknown to me at this point, but perhaps we'll discover more as his tenure goes on - and we should also note that he's a corporate lawyer, or was one).

Then as you see, his energetic Sun-Mars Conjunction reveals him to be a fighter with Leo the sign of the natural leader. This solar conjunction works well with his authoritative Saturn (planet of law, government, and business) leading all his planets in conservative, stable Taurus, a money sign of growth, investment, and preservation, and his Leo-Virgo combination of conscious-unconscious energies reveals an intellectual, analytical, and dedicated blend devoted to duty, and demanding, exacting Saturn in Fixed Taurus approves!

If necessary, feel free to enlarge and/or print the charts for clearer viewing.

One interesting natal chart factor that the lack of an accurate birth time doesn't affect - and is a cosmic link to soon-occurring events - is that Minority Leader Jeffries was born into an 8 North Solar Eclipse Series (March 7, 1970 @16Pis44) with any eclipse in Pisces identifying individuals gifted with the highest level of spiritual awareness, and also a potential for esoteric interests. However, Pisces also links the new House Minority Leader to issues of secrecy and to karmic relationships. For information on this, I'd look at his intense Venus-Pluto Conjunction in Virgo!

Yet the point is, 8 North repeats on April 8, 2024 @19Aries (conjunct Chiron) as yet another Great American Eclipse (#3 of 3) with themes of 'inventiveness, visions, and flashes of genius' (B. Brady). Well, as you know, eclipses are always karmic in nature so we might wonder if fated conditions will be involved for Hakeem Jeffries in 2024 such as participation in a presidential race. Certainly, 2024 will, at the least, be a significant year for the visionary Mr. Jeffries. Yet it seems notable to me that the rounded-up degree of his natal Chiron is "11 Aries" = "The President of the Country," and his recent Chiron Return was a three-fer with the third return occurring on or about February 21, 2022.

And so if I were you, dear reader, I'd stay tuned to SO'W for more musings on such possibilities!

Sun Sign-Moon Sign details by Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad.)

Nov 22, 2022

DC Horoscopes: 118th Congress January 2023

Now that it's known that the House has been commandeered by Republicans through whatever means they could finagle (exs: gerrymandering districts in red states, voter suppression tactics) and that Democrats have kept control of the Senate, here again is a dual image of both the 9:00 am and 12:00 pm est horoscopes set for the traditional opening day of the US Congress, January 3, 2023; exact hour of the gaveling-in as yet undetermined:

Nov 10, 2022

Midterms 2022 Planets to US Congress Horoscope

US Congress' Transits: November 2022 into Early 2023

by Jude Cowell

Below is a simple display showing a bi-wheel of the US Congress Horoscope of 1789 (inner) and the Midterms 2022 Lunar Eclipse Chart (outer). As you see, there are two significant planetary contacts on Election Day 2022: from 2022 Saturn in Aquarius and 2022 Neptune in Pisces.

Also of note is transit Mars Rx perigee in Gemini recently stirring up 1789 Moon and Chiron as he will again by the end of 2022 with Mars to Moon suggesting a very busy, even hasty time, when anger easily flares, plus, Mars to Chiron has 'sacred warrior' implications which contain forceful energies tinged with a measure of righteousness.

Also notable is that recently, transit Neptune hit 1789 Saturn (@13Pis38; strange, misguided notions) and Sun (@14Pis33; unrealistic ideas, impractical goals), and 2022 Saturn has also hit 1789 Venus and will do so again into January 2023 (@22AQ04; serious conditions; lack of humor; relationship issues or endings) before moving over the 11:00 am Midheaven of 1789 when Saturnian responsibility and acountability arrive, and rewards are meted out to the deserving few who have honored Saturn's demands. However, casting blame on others for one's mistakes simply will not do, neither will dishonesty.

Then with 1789 Mars (@29AQ04, a critical 29th degree) awaiting a visit from transit Saturn (once on February 27, 2023), we may expect a head-against-brick-wall atmosphere for some members of Congress while those with great determination will have enough oomph to remove obstacles in their paths to success:

Please refer to the image for penned-on potentials for the two transits: Saturn to Pluto and Neptune to Mercury, then bestir thyself to think of more possibilities!

A Related Post: DC Horoscope: the 118th Congress Opens showing both 9:00 am and 12:00 pm horoscopes - and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House!

Nov 9, 2022

Nov 2022: Are gridlock government and shutdowns on the way?

Blurred: Will It Be the Tyranny of One-Party Rule?

by Jude Cowell

Besides blurring political prospects for the 2024 election, one of the more basic results from last evening's Midterms 2022 Elections is certain to be an increase of gridlock government where the needs of the American people are even less addressed than before. Yesterday's Total Lunar Eclipse (a red 'blood moon') in Taurus did sport radical Uranus conjunct the Moon, after all, so anti-social voters and unexpected happenings were and are in play.

Meanwhile, control of the House and Senate hang in the balance as I type with Republicans promising to finagle more government shutdowns if they should take control of Congress in order to force cuts in our social safety net programs, eventually destroy them, and thereby cause misery of the masses (one of their specialities). This really would be a radical change of course with Uranian flair, and control of Congress may come down to a run-off in my home state of Georgia which would be held on December 6th, last I heard.

Yet today it seems significant that no 'red wave' of the 'blood moon' has occurred but neither did a Blue one, more's the pity for democracy and the Biden administration. Even so, we can still say that outcomes could've been worse - and happily, some of Tr*mp's favored candidates lost their races so the orange blighter is weaker today than he was yesterday - and 2024 hopeful Ron DeSantis has retained his grasp on Florida!

Now ordinarily in America, gridlock in Congress, where few if any legislation can be agreed upon by both parties, is considered a good thing for our federal government because the Founders wanted power to challenge power along with our traditional checks'n'balances (Jupiter-Saturn). Not that maga Republicans respect American traditions - because our traditions such as the peaceful transfer of power get in the way of their plan for one-party tyranny.

Such stalemates should work as protections for the American people, erecting a wall against tyranny yet it's difficult to retain faith in the gridlock-is-good concept when election liars and deniers and their favorite insurrectionist politicians of sedition who don't 'believe' in governing, are tilting our politics and our lives toward a fascist style of government and hurling the US toward totalitarianism with Nazi implications.

Still, for a while at least, I rejoice today because last evening the US Congress failed to gain a huge amount of weight when maga candidate and snake oil pitchman Mehmet Oz lost to John Fetterman in Pennsylvania - and to this I say a hearty hip hip hooray!

Previously on SO'W: Horoscope: the 118th Congress Jan 2023; and The Nazi Regime and Election 2024.