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Nov 25, 2008

Bailout more but not the poor

Yes, I noticed! Such things hath Bush wrought...

Left Out of the Bailout: The Poor

By Mark Kukis

"Recent data show poverty is already rising quite substantially," says Robert Greenstein, the executive director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. "There is a strong potential for more hardship and destitution than we have seen in this country in a number of decades."


You know it's odd how mainsteam media goes on about Bush being 'checked out' and like he's almost out the door, or that he 'doesn't care.' Dubya's second term is set to expire in 50+ days, it's true.

Stick a fork in 'im!

So now a large part of America has joined New Orleanians on the rooftop and are needing help, answers, and a lift from the same government who played a large part in getting our nation into the several quagmires we're in.

Bailout efforts seem misdirected (unless Paulson's 'new plans on Tuesday' should eventually hit some sort of appropriate mark - hope so.)

Rewards seem to be granted to the very gangsters on the take who implemented the over-arching plan and perpetrated the very acts from which we suffer. Jobs and the loss thereof are held over our heads like blackmailers' threats - put the bailout money in a suitcase or all employees will be fired, the doors closed for good.

To reject a one-world-government theory of what the power elite are up to and why is to admit that financial and business 'experts' of our day don't know jack merde and can't look ahead long enough to see the eventual results of their faulty practices - as if they were totally unaware they were using fuzzy math and promoting its use by underlings in order to reach economic collapse so that putting in place eventual restructuring goals seems the only way to go.

Yet Barack Obama says not to bet against America...we've gotten out of messes before and will do so again. Many of Obama's uplifting statements sound awfully good about now - but desperate is the name of the game, fear and loss the method - and is the true goal being honestly divulged? Is he in on the game as well?

So before Bush checks out of the fancy Nest-Feathering Hotel, let me say what I haven't said here in quite a while - that no one wanted George Bush to be good for America any more than I did.

Didn't vote for him either time, but I was willing to be dazzled by the love of America he (kind of) professed, and was prepared to be impressed by his protecting, upholding, and defending the Constitution as he took an Oath to do in front of the world.

What oaths he may have taken in private that superseded the public Oath, I don't know, but crossing his fingers behind his back could not have been enough to justify wimping out on his Presidential Oath as he has.

Doing what he thinks is right is another way of saying he listens very little to others - unless they're his masters. He cannot cross them but he certainly has crossed we-the-people numerous times.

Now 2008 is ending and we're to be left by this man with more problems than we can shake a stick at while he moseys into the sunset to enjoy his retirement. Barack Obama is willing to let him do it, too. Are we watching a baton-passing marathon on more levels than we know?

Do you think Bush will spare one thought for the millions of hard working folks who've lost their retirements in a multitude of ways during his over-long tenure?

Because I do not. No more than for the victims on the rooftops of New Orleans, the ones his pretty mind so easily and purposefully ignored. George Bush has drowned America with the weight of lofty plans and left us all to tread water as best we can - or hitch a ride from a passing helicopter, if we dare make the arrangements.

Well, kickin' back on the porch isn't an option when your house has floated away.

And I haven't mentioned the dead and maimed in the Bush-Cheney wars.

Yet even now I'd like to be wrong about the man. It's difficult to credit him with all the misery and loss he, his cronies, and handlers have caused.

After all, if one person on this earth could feel all the pain in the world at any given moment - truly feel every bit - it would crush him or her out of existence.

But a complete list of George Bush casualties will take a very long time to fully gather or appreciate (unless the historical record is manipulated. That's a boatload of manipulating, isn't it? Yet they can hardly leave it as-is.)

And so after the New Year we will be saying good bye to George W. Bush as White House denizen, a man whose 2001 Inauguration chart looked menacing enough with Chiron, Moon, and Pluto in Sagittarius and in the 8th house of Transformation of the sort where things will never be the same.

There we see Pluto-Chiron's oppression, corporatism, and primal violence crushing the Moon, the luminary which represents 'the people' in a national chart.

So, all turkeys aside, please pardon me if sometimes I think back to those SCOTUS-installed days and wonder: did we-the-people ever really stand a chance?

Dec 10, 2007

collapsing America going well, thanks

As this blog and many others have been saying for years:

The Planned Collapse of USA

By Peter Chamberlin

We risk blowing the world apart, to avoid watching America slowly choke on its own excesses. The government has known for decades that America is on a countdown to self-destruction. Among the elite it is common knowledge that our "global economy" must one day collapse from its own dead weight...

Read article here.

Got mortgage? Well, in 2001 Bush did speechify America as an "ownership society"--he just didn't say who'd be doing the owning in his poppa's New World Order.

My previous post, Cheney and 9/11 has Cheney's Secondary Progressed chart (the physical plane) set for 9/11/01 and voila! the pair of plutocracy, oppression, and class warfare, Pluto/Chiron, sits at the top o' the chart--the Midheaven, the WHY? or Aspiration Point of any chart.

As you know, a Progressed chart is always based on a natal chart, so I can't make this up.

It's ugly but quite a descriptive sight, in case you missed it 'ere this, so take a peek if you may...collapse of The Tower continues as per the globalists' plan.

Even with my natal Jupiter/Saturn trine and its sense of humor, I am not, nor have I ever been, kidding.