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Mar 20, 2008

Libra Full Moon, Easter, and Hope Springs

As usual, my week in the real world has gotten busier toward its end, plus, with Easter coming up this weekend, there is little time to blog on Friday's Full Moon in Libra.

But I'm wishing All a Happy Spring! and pointing you to Australian astrologer, Lynda Hill's article Good Vibrations: Ascension and Easter and the Libran Full Moon and the Equinox which contains the Sabian Symbol details you need.


Mar 14, 2008

Aries Ingress Mar 20, 2008

With my internet connection still acting in squirrelly fashion, the chart for the Aries Ingress (when Spring and the natural year begin) doesn't have time to upload before unceremonious disconnection.

Finances, War, Bush, and Obama are in the chart and here are a few details which hopefully will publish successfully:

The two T-squares are main features which include the Mars-Pluto opposition, and Sun 00Ari00 opposite Midheaven in Washington DC...Aries Ingress at 1:48:25 am EDT, March 20, 2008--the 5th anniversary of Bush's Choice for war.

Mars--Pluto = Sun: taking drastic measures; injury; accident;passionate attack to achive an objective; upset of plans that is irredeemable; hard work.

The second T-square points to out-of-bounds Mars 5Can44 which is conj US natal Jupiter. The Ingress occurs during a Mars Hour.

Sun--Mc = Mars: energetic pursuit of one's objectives; urge to fulfill one's mission at all costs; making perosnal decisions; a powerful personality; strong power maneuvering in the profession; promotion and success.

Sun--Mc = n Jupiter: publicity; optimism; fulfillment.

Perhaps this chart will upload to Jude's Threshold and I will try to do so now.