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Jul 13, 2017

2017 Saturn Returns to the 'Black Tuesday' 1929 Horoscope

In various posts here and there a horoscope of the 'Black Tuesday' Crash of 1929 may be found--mine is set for Sun to Midheaven/MC, the Goal Point of any chart. However, when I recalculated the chart with fresher Solar Fire Gold v9 software, results were slightly changed and Sun to MC occurred (NYC) at 11:51:55 am with karmic Saturn @26Sag48 in the 12th house of Karma, Politics, and Back Room Deals. Knowing that transit Saturn still stomps through Sagittarius, I checked to see when the old man would return to his natal degree in the 'Black Tuesday' horoscope. Of course, black is one of Saturn's best colors. Slimming, y'know.

So here are the three dates of the current trail of transit Saturn as Mr. Accountability revisits his 1929 'Black Tuesday' position (26Sag48) with two conjunctions already past and one yet to come in the resolution phase:

1. March 2, 2017: with Saturn rising and a veiling Sun-Neptune conjunction @11Pisces+;

2. May 11, 2017: Saturn Rx in Return 2nd house of the National Treasury;

3. November 22, 2017: banker Jupiter @9Scorpio rises with asteroid Hopi (ambush; prejudice) and there is a YOD pattern (turning point; crossroads; special task; crisis; illness; karmic opportunity) with a wobbly Moon-Neptune sextile at its base, pointing toward MC (12Leo+) for a few flickering moments.

Together, shady, confused, psychic Moon-Neptune = instability, weakness, exploitation, and/or a sense of dread (Ebertin).

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Sep 11, 2008

Black Tuesday Oct 29, 1929: the chart

'Black Tuesday' Oct 29, 1929 marks the massive stock market crash and this is the horoscope for Sun-to-Midheaven on that day.

Appropriately enough, the Sabian Symbol for the Sun/Midheaven degree, '6 Scorpio' is: "A Gold Rush."

We can be certain - just as in 2007/08, that the folks with 'real money' did not and are not losing their shirts, and to my way of thinking, are behind the shell games they play with other people's lives and fortunes.

That other forces are in league with - and opposing - them complicates the picture but suffice it to say, it's not you, me, the baker, or candlestick maker who are at fault. It's the 'experts.'

Some interesting midpoint pictures are repeating now in 2008 and I've marked them on the chart (click to enlarge):

Chiron and North Node (the public; the path or destiny) are conjunct then as of late (but in AQ) and the midpoint of Jupiter/Uranus is upon them.

Who are the Jupiter/Uranus crowd? Fortune-hunters; adventurers; inventors; organizers (Ebertin.)

Another interesting correlation between the meltdown of 1929 and today is that moneybags Jupiter (15Gem26 and Rx here) has two midpoints of power and wealth upon him - Pluto/NN and Pluto/Chiron.

Pluto/NN represents large masses of people and their common destiny; large business concerns; mass meetings; and exercising influence upon the public. I would add, powerful connections and associations.

Transit Jupiter will 'catch up' with Pluto/NN in Dec 2008, so we have then as now...

Pluto/NN = Jupiter: the desire to obtain position and power by force through the help of other people; the attainment of great gains through others; forcing oneself into a power position; self-promotion; attaining success through others (November elections esp the presidential election?)

And you know the Pluto/Chiron midpoint signifies plutocracy, oppression; corporatism; fascism, racism, primal violence, etc.

Time grows short and I must mosey...hope to complete this post later on...

Jul 15, 2008

IndyMac Bank run of July 14, 2008

A previous post The Fed's Jupiter Return Dec 2008 has been updated concerning Monday's run on the IndyMac Bank of California and I thought you might be interested esp since there's been a major triggering by Saturn to the chart of Black Tuesday, Oct 29, 1929.