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Nov 3, 2021

In America: Progressive Populism or Fascist Populism?

What's It To Be, America?

by Jude Cowell

In his recent op-ed, Thom Hartmann provides a comprehensive overview of the current political and societal stand-off between "progressive populism" and "fascist populism" in a way that no one else can. The first is inspired by such notables as Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Bernie Sanders, and yes! Joe Biden. The other is a Charles Lindburgh-Hitler-Trump glob of a mass movement to turn America into a dystopian authoritarian nightmare that voters who fall for its lies will wish with all their hearts they hadn't.

It's as if the power bestowed simultaneouly upon FDR in America and Hitler in Germany back in 1932/33 is being restaged all over again and the power bestowed upon the two men was of a completely different quality, as you know, and results were radically different.

Yet through the decades since the late 1970s and ramped up in the 1980s decade under Reagan and 'Reaganomics', we Americans have had Neo-Liberalism foisted upon us resulting in the bad social and economic conditions we now face. In fact, it's the Neo-Liberalist system now dying under the ongoing US Pluto Return. It's a complex situation that most Americans are too busy with their problems to give much attention to. However, Thom Hartmann's op-ed linked above clears up many such issues if only folks will read!

As Above, So Below

Now astrologically, we know that the Solar Eclipses of 1932 and 1933 which heralded the 'Nazis Rise to Power' and 'Fascism Rising' will repeat in 2022 and 2023 so the themes and influences of the two eclipses will 'run in the background' of society once again along with other cosmic and earthly factors, some aiding, some mitigating. And perhaps you've read my recent grump over a certain cosmic synchronicity that worries yours truly November 2022 Eclipse Hits Austrian Psychopath's Chart on election day, a circumstance which may do no more than add insult to injury politically, may with Uranian cussedness amount to nothing, or, may time a distressing set of conditions that we already pretty much know to expect for it's marked on the fascist power-grabbing calendar of figurehead Tr*mp's ongoing coup d'etat.

Below is a bi-wheel of my concern; please follow the above link for details:

So even though down-ballot elections such as in Vriginia yesterday may or may not be telling for 2022 and 2024 outcomes, what we do know for certain is that Midterms 2022 is the first major test of whether Americans will choose Progressive Populism over Fascist Populism in spite of fascists rigging the ballots and other cheating tactics. And that, with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse conjunct progressive planet Uranus on November 8, 2022 which may either aid or hinder the progressive cause. Still, motivation is everything so the outcome in 2022 can be swayed by a massive turnout of progressive voters overwhelming draconian politicians of the fascist persuasion as Americans (with the support of our better angels!) choose Progressive Populism.