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May 11, 2012

FDR on "economic demoralization" plus, Morgan Chase revelations

A revealing quote from *Uranian President Franklin Delano Roosevelt seems applicable to current conditions in America as inner and outer forces continue undermining and destructuring our government and transforming the very lives of the American people:

"Here in America we are waging a great and successful war. It is not alone a war against want and destitution and economic demoralization. It is more than that; it is a war for the survival of democracy."

FDR June 27, 1936

Eclipses Reveal, Pluto in Capricorn Destructures, and Venus Shows Her Face

by Jude Cowell

As you know, June 24, 2012 brings earthlings the first of seven exact squares of frustration and unrest between upstart Uranus and Pluto the powerful (from Aries to Capricorn, a difficult Mars-Saturn, stop-go vibration.) These two generational planets' current cycle began with three Great Conjunctions in the mid-1960s in mid-Virgo, discriminating sign of The Critic, and of Work, Health, and Service. Virgo's 'The Virgin' archetype appears often in the iconography of America and is usually shown holding a sheaf of wheat. Ceres, Columbia, Mary, and Isis are a few of Virgo's many faces as well and the constellation's stars link our nation with Egyptian myths and goddesses along with an older goddess, Innana whose planet is Venus, now implicated in the Mayan Calendar long count which ends December 21, 2012 at Winter Solstice's alignment with Galactic Center. Plus, busy Venus is about to perform her rare transit of the Sun on June 5-6, 2012--while in mid-Gemini!

Then there's the soon-arriving May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse in Gemini (communications; trade and commerce; travel; duplicity) which conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone, keyphrase: something to cry about.) This may be of interest to you especially if you've heard CEO Jamie Dimon's sour news about the $2 billion-dollar trading loss riskily finagled by (the House of) JP Morgan Chase.

Astoundingly JPMC managed to effect their "flawed" strategy in only six weeks! Apparently fraudulent Neptune now in early degrees of its own murky sign of Pisces has helped lift London trader The Whale up from the depths and into the consciousness of the collective and into our bank accounts.

Are Globalists aiming for a World Economic Collapse? It seems so to me. The ongoing opposition between transiting Mars (males) and Neptune (loss and crime) is now separating but has been squaring the Nodal axis (direction)--lots of naughty, criminal, and misguided actions have resulted. Let's watch closely the next G-20 Summit in June in Mexico, home of The Maya, a Summit timed with Venus Transit 2012--as was the 2004 Summit on Sea Island, Georgia! Sea Island is, of course, very near Jekyll Island where the secretive meeting ('summit') of banksters planned in late 1910 the creation of the Federal Reserve System which The City of London (aka, 'the Square Mile'), backed by a certain European banking House, directs.

Predictably the announced losses by Morgan Chase are very unpromising for the US and global financial markets 'going forward'--and possibly for the re-election prospects of President Obama since financial revelations by other banks (ex: CitiGroup, weak banks in Spain, etc) will mount as Uranian "shock waves" are suddenly dragging things downward across the globe as the Geminian news spreads. Well, today is May 11 but solar eclipses astrologically can influence conditions for up to two weeks prior to eclipse manifestion and they often bring The Hidden to light, as you know--plus, keywords for the current Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37 include "A peculiar turn of events." To add complexity to current conditions, these two Solar Eclipse degrees are opposite one another (00Gem21 v 2Sag37) thus yoking their indications.

Mittens Romney, Hairstylist

Even candidate Mitt Romney's bullying ways in high school are now uncovered in the Washington Post (yet he seems so mild!) His forcefully cutting another student's long hair, strapping the family dog to the top of the family car for a twelve-hour a pattern of arrogance at best, cruelty at worst, being revealed? 'Funny' how both Romney and Dimon have used the word "stupid" to describe their questionable actions. We have entered the May Eclipse season and there may very well be more of such awkward and unfortunate revelations in the news, sorry to many culprits and only a 24/7 news cycle!

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do," said J. P. Morgan, client and student of the great astrologer Evangeline Adams.

And speaking of Morgan Chase, you may wish to check out a previous post on old wheeler-dealer financier and astrologer J.P. Morgan Sr himself which cites April 2008 transits to his natal chart (shown.)


*FDR is 'Uranian' because his natal chart shows quirky genius Uranus rising and the sign of Uranus describes the behavior of each 7 1/2-year generation, the approximate length of time that Uranus remains in each of the twelve signs--here, in Gemini. Yes, communication, acting, juggling, quick decision-making, trading, equality, and duplicity were some of his specialties!


On a lighter note:

Calling all Fine Art Lovers who find themselves in the Canton, GA area the weekend of May 19-20: the Canton Fine Arts Festival will delight--plus there will be a writer's workshop led by Terry Kay, author of To Dance with the White Dog so do drop in and bring the kids for art activities, a Serenity Garden, and more!

Nov 9, 2010

G-20 Summit South Korea opens 11.11.10 = Pluto/NN

The two-day G-20 Summit being held in Seoul, South Korea, to which President Obama will wing soon as part of his Asian trip, will open on Thursday, Nov 11, and is obviously a signature of today's transiting Pluto/North Node conjunction @ 3Cap38.

Since Sunday, there have been clashes between protesters and police in Seoul and more protests are planned each day until Thursday. Signs have appeared with slogans such as: "We oppose the G-20" due to its world leaders' lack of focus on jobs creation and their failure to protect social programs.

In fact, various governments' current 'austerity cuts' tell the sorry, cold-hearted tale, don't they?

Now I've mentioned this in a previous post but doubt its importance was made obvious: the current Pluto/NN (powerful connections; destiny of a large mass of people) conjunction falls upon the Great Conjunction degree of the illuminated, 'new social order' pair, Uranus and Neptune (3Cap01), on March 21, 1821. You'll note from the date that the Sun was @ Aries Point (00Ari00; a World Point of Manifestation) but also on that day, the midpoint of the oppressive, disenfranchising, primally violent, plutocratic pair of Pluto/Chiron = AP = Sun.

Yes, the power elites' long-term New World Order agenda at its base includes a 'new economic order' which the G-20 forum, founded in 1999, says is what it seeks: 'to reform the world economy', a goal which they pretend issues from the current global financial meltdown and which obviously does not include jobs creation or protecting social programs for the people of any nation.

As part of the process, Financial Collapse 2008 was engineered to facilitate the job so the world would cry, please save us from chaos by establishing a new global economic order - oh, please! Global revolution which 'justifies' total control of the masses is what the brigands and usurpers seek.

Yes, the NWO is letting its mask slip more and more each day since the New Millennium began, and any so-called 'world leader' is suspect, for whether you voted for him/her or not, he/she has you and your family in the creepy cross hairs of a much-touted, long-propagandized totalitarian social order - as do his opponents, so there's no aid for the people coming from any politician America, we waste our time expecting improvement from them. Even the few who might wish to stop the madness can't - look at the crooks and spooks they have to work with!

Well, that describes Pluto/Chiron's method of working: class warfare. And don't imagine yourself to be one of Them. You are not.

To paraphrase the Scriptures about Earth's fate, "No one will be able to buy or sell unless he has the mark of the beast on his hand or forehead." You don't know how sorry I am to remind you of this, but that's how things are shaping up to be - and right under our too-busy-to-care noses.

So here again is a mishmash of midpoint pictures combining 1821 with 2010 (any, all, or none may apply and can be triggered by progressions and transits - as now, with Pluto and NN):

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise; inspiring ideas which can change the world; rebellion.

Uran/Nep = NN: meeting with people who care about the future; close ties with leaders who introduce change through turmoil or revolt; contact with important religious leaders. ('Religious' leaders, the traitors!)

Pluto/NN = Uranus: unusual meetings on morbid subjects; meetings with powerful people in the sciences or engineering, including Astrology; crush the opposition; publicity; an intense need for recognition.

Pluto/NN = Nep: increased potential to be deceived or to deceive; seeing that people are not always what they appear to be; added doubts about the effectiveness of others; the power of the half-truth (they use that one all the time); deception as a tool; win at any cost (with the cost always placed on the backs of the people they are in process of beggaring even more.)

The above midpoint pictures brought to you by Noel Tyl and Michael Munkasey.

The financial breakdown and austerity cuts brought to you by 'world leaders' stealthily meeting in Seoul, South Korea this Thursday and Friday as tasked by their global power elite backers and bosses.