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May 12, 2016

The "Unsurprising Surprises" of a "Man Who Believes in Nothing"

"...the man who believes in nothing, and therefore has space for everything, has a terrible advantage over us. What passes as a kindly tolerance in him is in reality a craven acceptance of the world's worst crimes. He's an immobilist, an apathist, and a militant passivist...And of course he's a dear sweet man."

- John le Carre

People who know Donald Trump describe him by such words as "warm and generous," as House Speaker Paul Ryan flattered him after their much-touted 'Unity Meeting' this morning (see link, below). And naturally the boastful Mr. Trump always believes that he resembles such favorable opinions with his brash Mars rising in proud Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun (ego). And as you know, his Gemini planets denote him as an actor, juggler, chameleon, and something of a magician--two sides has his nibs via dualistic Gemini and those would be of the light vs the dark variety. No, he is not as he seems on the campaign trail or when cameras are on, as he suggests. Watch for his pivot to being very "presidential," he promises. Dictatorial, too, is my suspicion, and with his tiny finger on The Button (mea culpa! I couldn't resist a small reference; oops! there's another one).

See the link to his natal chart, below.

So before anyone dares vote Trump's over-promising, nationalist way, she or he may wish to check out Mike Lofgren's article Donald Trump's Unsurprising Surprise. For any positives Mr. Trump may possess, there are a lot of negatives wrapped inside this surprise package!

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