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Apr 22, 2017

Summer Solstice 2017: Saturn at Midheaven

) With old man Saturn at the top of the chart, this partially describes the summer season of 2017 in America. Neptune in Pisces rises in the chart providing instability, discontent, and a cover-up atmosphere to the proceedings. And of course, the Saturn-Neptune pairing always conjures the ghost of America's invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn) or what is called today the *Deep State composed of a faction of global imperialists who never met a war they didn't promote and profit from. Add other Saturn-Neptune indicators such as cuts for social safety net programs and sanctuary cities and the guns vs butter struggle is on.

A Saturn Summer with More Saturn

In Astrology archetypal Saturn denotes conservative politicians, executives, administrators, lawmakers, organizers, and other ambitious people--here visible at the Public Reputation and Career Point (MC) of the chart. Of course, seniors are also signified by old man Saturn which hints of the social safety net programs that are on Washington's political menu and the restriction and denial that conservatives have been determined to enforce since the days that FDR's New Deal began.

(How dare tax monies paid by We The People be used to fund their own needs? What a notion!)

Now as you know, in transit Saturn now tarries via retrograde in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker, traveler, foreigner, refugee and/or emigrant, and will enter its own sign of Capricorn in mid-December 2017 once the planet passes one of the Cardinal World Points of manifestation (00Cap00). Correct me if memory isn't serving here, but Saturn in Capricorn is not a good placement for the markets. And in light of recent political events, it suggests even more use of strong-arm tactics against We the People through actions of the Trump administration, the Justice Department, the EPA, our nation's Legal System, loosening of protective regulations and laws, and those klannish good ole boy police departments.

Now Saturn conjunct MC is a negative indicator if other planets afflict the duo but other than separating oppositions from Sun and Mercury which cause frustration, this is not so much the case for here we have Saturn in a Fire Grand Trine if we use the 6th house North Node in Leo as one of the triangle's points. This suggests a Saturnian person with leadership ability but one who is totally self-absorbed and demanding that his wants and needs be met immediately--an egotist, we could say. Wonder who this could be shown in the chart at the pinnacle of his career (MC)? Attention, approval, appreciation, applause, and reward are musts for this Saturn! And ixnay on accountability please! Never mind that Saturn only rewards such things as diligence, maturity, authenticity, and honesty, all of which may be problems for most of the political class, both here and abroad.

Meanwhile, the summer's trines to Saturn from radical activist Uranus (3S42) and the North Node (1A45; public contact/publicity/ future direction) support conservative Saturn in what is perhaps a closed circuit of energy denoted by the Fire Grand Trine but if not, these are definitely three trines of beneficial energies. The fact that both trines are separating (waning) in this chart may or may not be especially significant (and are unconscious) since transit Saturn will turn Direct on August 25th, shifting energies in more ways than one.

While stationing, planets gain strength, and Saturn's Direct Station in August hits directly upon Mr. Trump's natal Moon (21Sag) and South Node while opposing his natal Sun-North Node conjunction which suggests that his approval rating continues to be lukewarm and his work (Saturn) may lack all the beneficial rewards he demands. Health issues, relationships, and family matters (natal Moon) remain in the Saturnian spotlight as well, plus, transit Saturn simultaneously triggers the 'sapphire star' Ras Alhague with its health-and-healing connotations and other less desirable implications.

In the Summer Solstice chart, Saturn-ruled Capricorn falls upon the 11th cusp affecting Groups, Associations, Hopes and Wishes. The planet's restrictive, delaying energies bounce across the Cancer-Capricorn polarity into the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Children, and other Creative Pursuits this summer so for those who follow the astrological effects upon the escapades and political notions of our groper-in-chief, the Summer Solstice 2017 Horoscope is a handy chart to watch especially since Gemini Mr. Trump in the Oval Office is playing the stand-in representative on the world stage (MC) for America herself.


*The term 'Deep State' was coined by Mike Lofgren, author of a very informative book by that title.

May 12, 2016

The "Unsurprising Surprises" of a "Man Who Believes in Nothing"

"...the man who believes in nothing, and therefore has space for everything, has a terrible advantage over us. What passes as a kindly tolerance in him is in reality a craven acceptance of the world's worst crimes. He's an immobilist, an apathist, and a militant passivist...And of course he's a dear sweet man."

- John le Carre

People who know Donald Trump describe him by such words as "warm and generous," as House Speaker Paul Ryan flattered him after their much-touted 'Unity Meeting' this morning (see link, below). And naturally the boastful Mr. Trump always believes that he resembles such favorable opinions with his brash Mars rising in proud Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun (ego). And as you know, his Gemini planets denote him as an actor, juggler, chameleon, and something of a magician--two sides has his nibs via dualistic Gemini and those would be of the light vs the dark variety. No, he is not as he seems on the campaign trail or when cameras are on, as he suggests. Watch for his pivot to being very "presidential," he promises. Dictatorial, too, is my suspicion, and with his tiny finger on The Button (mea culpa! I couldn't resist a small reference; oops! there's another one).

See the link to his natal chart, below.

So before anyone dares vote Trump's over-promising, nationalist way, she or he may wish to check out Mike Lofgren's article Donald Trump's Unsurprising Surprise. For any positives Mr. Trump may possess, there are a lot of negatives wrapped inside this surprise package!

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